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Marion to Mavs nearly a done deal

Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

The Dallas Mavericks are close to acquiring Shawn Marion in a sign-and-trade deal with the Toronto Raptors, league sources said Wednesday.

Jerry Stackhouse will be dealt to the Raptors, who will ship his contract to another team for considerations.

The Memphis Grizzlies or Oklahoma City Thunder are believed to be
the possible third team involved because they can absorb contracts
without having to give any salary back to Toronto.

I'm not sure I like the team Dallas has assembled.  Giving up Stack for Marion is a decent move talent-wise… but I'm not sure he fits. I'm not a fan of what they're doing.

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  • FSantos33

    I am amazed how Marion gets the ball in the basket with his shooting form. It has to be the ugliest shooting style in the world. Leaving the Suns was his biggest mistake. He was a perfect fit there during their nice playoff runs. Who knows he might be a nice fit in Dallas. Kidd, Terry, Dirk, Marion, and the Polish Hammer (If they sign him) they might get past the first round.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Mcdyess is signing with the Spurs so this means that Detroit is most likely going to push for Big Baby. If he goes I have my worries about this season big time

  • Nick

    I actually love what Dalas is doing. Just look at their rotation… Dirk,Terry,Kidd,Gortat,Howard,Marion,Dampier,Wright,Bass if they resign him. I think they will battle with Portland for the 3rd seed in the West behind L.A and the Spurs. Very talented across the board now after bringing in Gortat and Marion. Whats not to like?

  • mavs
    pg kidd
    sg howard
    sf marion
    pf dirk
    c gortat
    pg JJ Barea
    sg Terry
    sf/sg ross
    sf/ sg wright
    pf bass
    c dampier
    as of now they could be pretty solid, at least they are making a move to be competitive

  • janero pargo signed with the bulls

  • OUT OF ALL THE TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE…. DALLAS IS JUST ABOUT THE BEST FIT FOR MARION. Maybe Golden State, maybe Phoenix, but Dallas is a perfect fit.
    Respectfully, I think you are 100% wrong about this.
    Do you remember how Dallas gave San Antonio a beat down in this year’s playoffs? Now they have Marion, and Gortat. There a contender next year.

  • How about Josh Howard??…. Their second best player.

  • I don’t think Howard should be playing the two.
    I know Terry had great success coming off the bench last year, but I’d start him at the two. Howard at the three. Marion off the bench.
    But at times they could go with Kidd, Terry, Howard, Marion, and Dirk….. and be a nightmare to opposing defenses.

  • FSantos33

    I left him out because he didn’t want to sing the national anthem… ha… yea, Howard is included.