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Lester Hudson broke his finger

Lester broke his finger in today's summer league game.

He broke the finger after attempting to brace himself during a fall
in the first half of the Celtics’ 94-82 loss to Oklahoma City’s summer
league team.

“It’s very tough because I want to show Danny (Ainge) and the
coaches what I can do,” said Hudson. “But I won’t be out there to do it
now. I think I can still play right now, but I have to sit back.”

Lance Young, Hudson’s agent, said he was told that the 6-1 guard may need surgery, and have a pin put in the finger.

There’s a danger in that for Hudson, who has not signed a contract.

I hope this doesn't hurt his chances of making the team. 

In other news, Antonio McDyess is headed to the Spurs.  That's another PF down.  That means the interest in Glen Davis might intensify.  Marc Spears says Detroit will make a run at Baby.  We'll have to ask Natalie about that on our show tonight.

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  • FSantos33

    I hope Ainge doesn’t pull a “Powe” on Hudson

  • nick

    Just called into the show…Thank GOd i got everything off my chest. Thanks alot bro. lets get this 18th banner.

  • Yep I’m sober, I am protesting Vin Baker being a drunk. So I will remain sober until Tip off of the NBA season. Only bad news Anheuser Busch wrote me a letter saying they had to layoff 3 workers and sell a truck.

  • forgot to ask her her favorite drink darn

  • that would suck to see baby play for detroit

  • what? hes the one who gave powe his chance, and on a championship caliber team…hes also the one who drafted lester hudson when noone else was going too…..this clearly will effect his chances to make the team…poor kid

  • FSantos33

    I know but the whole Powe thing didn’t sit well with me that’s all. It’s a bad PR move by Ainge. I am sure Wyc would of paid Powe for one more year if Ainge tried hard enough.

  • FSantos33

    Do you know how much we offered BBD? They just said a “Qualified offer” but no numbers were revealed. What does that mean.. 2.5 per year or 3.0? How much will Dumars try to offer BBD. I have a feeling BBD is coming back to us. He isn’t going to get an overwhelming offer. I want him back.