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Grant Hill Doesn’t Give a Damn About a Title


Grant Hill really doesn't care about winning a championship. That's how I interpret the latest news surrounding the free-agent forward (via Mark Murphy – Boston Herald):

The Celtics’ obvious edge over the Knicks and Suns – their chances
of winning another NBA title – may not play a deciding factor in the
chase for Hill, who professed a strong affinity for the Knicks and New
York during an interview with the media.

The source added that Hill, however, may simply be attempting to leverage a better deal in Phoenix.

“Grant is a very complex individual,” the source said.

The Celtics can only offer Hill their $1.9 million biannual exception. According to the Arizona Republic, the Knicks have offered the option of a one-year, $5 million contract or a three-year, $10 million deal.

I have one thing to say to Hill: Go to NY. Enjoy the "mecca." It will be great for your wife's career. But you won't win crap. Your legacy will remain that of an oft-injured Dukie who never sniffed playoff success in the NBA.

The Hornets are reportedly interested in BBD, but there's still not a lot of buzz around the league for Glen Davis. According to one report, the Spurs are offering Antonio McDyess a three-year contract starting at the full mid-level exception ($5.854 million). Can you say "overpaid?" The Nuggets are giving the Birdman a 5 yr, $26 million deal. Bad news for the Matt Barnes fan club, a handful of teams are interested in the forward but the Celtics aren't one of them.

For those salary capologists out there:

The NBA salary cap for the 2009-’10 season dropped to $57.7 million,
and the luxury tax threshold to $69.2 million, the league told its
teams Tuesday night.

The mid-level exception is set at $5.854 million.

In the private memo to teams, the NBA reported what the seven
franchises paying luxury tax had to give up to the rest of the league.
The list included: The Knicks ($23.7 million), Mavericks ($23.6 million), Cavs ($13.7 million), Celtics ($8.29 million), Lakers ($7.1 million), Blazers ($5.8 million) and Suns ($4.9 million).

I cannot thank this ownership group enough for their willingness to spend money.

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  • you mean too bad for the one individual in the matt barnes fan club?
    a few teams are interested in him as there last possible option, the celtics have no intetrest, the suns say good riddance, the cavs are begging ariza not to sign with the rockets and a couple other teams are looking at him as there last option.
    why? the guy is a total bum…is he your dad or something nick? what is with you and matt barnes?

  • as far as grant hill…guy has never been out of the first round and since college has been a career loser….dont want him…I might actually take the 0 basketball IQ, terrible shot selectection a matador matt barnes defense

  • thetitleisours

    I agree, there may be a reason the teams he plays on do not win. Himself.

  • Shankapotamus

    What happened to the J. Moon talk? He’s a good defender, long and cheap. Seems like a good backup for PP.

  • I’d much rather have Barnes at the veteran minimum than Hill. Granted, his shot selection and defense need work, but part of that was due to the fact that the entire Suns team threw up shots with wreckless abandon and employed the matador “ole'” defense mentioned above.
    I just think we need more size at the wings coming off the bench and Barnes’ faults could be improved by playing with the guys the C’s have. I’d much rather see Barnes on the floor than Tony Allen. If Walker and Giddens show something during the Summer League / preseason, I’m fine giving them a shot as well.

  • Yeah… I was about to say, I don’t think Matt Barnes has a fan club.
    It’s just that one guy who continuously comes here and praises him. He probably went to high school with him or something.

  • thetitleisours

    Giddens is looking good. He was behind last year, but the tortoise may beat out the hare

  • Nick

    Ya I am the fucking Matt Barnes fanclub…and my buddy FSantos also knows how good he is. Look at this BIG PUSSy Hill that everyone on this site loves so much. His wife is dragging him to new york by his cock because she’s a singer. Listen Grant, grow a set and go where YOU wish to go! If u like New York which you probably do because your a fag who doesn’t give a crap about a ring, than by all means go! But don’t use your wifes’ singing career as a cop out. It don’t matter where your from. Plenty of people from Boston, Philly, New York, New Jersey and everywhere else are popular entertainers. New York is 4 hours by car so just shut the fuck up with all this Nonsense. Bottom line, hes getting more cash elsewhere, and hes a little bitch who can’t handle wearing Green. Now Danny needs do do right by the fans and bring in the missing piece to the puzzle, Matt Barnes. Do the right thing Ainge, the 18th title depends on it.

  • FSantos33

    Hill wants to be “fairly compensated”. Which means he is not coming to Boston. NY is offering a lot more dough than Boston. Granted he has made over $100 mill during his career but on a one year deal NY is offering three million dollars more so which one do you think he will take.
    Oh man, Nick is going to through a temper tantrum after he reads the Barnes update. Calm down bro – lol

  • JD

    Every single one of those luxury tax teams is a contender for this year, or has been a contender in the last few years, except for the Knicks. Thats just plain sad that a perrennial loser is paying that much extra to play like crap season in and season out.

  • Nick

    I didn’t go to high-school with Matt Barnes…I am only 20 years old, I know hoops though and I feel he is the last piece to the championship puzzle. I see how close we are and the lack of Celtic interest in him just blows my mind, it baffles me, thats all Tim

  • Nick

    Im actually happy FSantos. The lakers got artest, Parker’s on his way to the cavs. The Magic already have Pietrus,Carter,& Lewis, so unless we are gona give Gidden/Walker/TAllen a shot, we’ll have no choice but to do the right thing and bring in the Beast Barnes. Its all coming together FSantos, completely off topic, are there a lot of Portugese in the Bay? Im from Fall River Ma and like 80% of this city is portuguese including

  • You can thank Mr. Thomas for that.
    Good luck to Florida International.

  • Lakerhater

    I’ve sat back and watched quitely, but I’m totally on board with Barnes. Loved him when he played for the warriors, and if you check some old posts from when we lost Posey, I was advocating for him then. He’s not Posey but he does bring similar skills- a tough defender with a nice three ball to spread the floor. I hope Danny gets his head out his ass- I wouldn’t trade barnes for 2 grant the orthopedic wonder hills.

  • Nick

    THANK GOD finally someone relaizes the importance of Matt Barnes. U said everything that I have been agreeing with. My only difference is that I think Barnes is better than Posey. WTF do we need Hill for? the guy is washed up and he cannot shoot 3’ is so fucking obvious already cmon now. MATT BARNES….MATT BARNES. Stop hating everyone, ive now gotten Laker Hater and Fsantos on bored…More will follow and realize the greatness of Barnes. I will not stop till he wears green.

  • Why would the Celtics express interest in Matt Barnes? they cant outbid any other team for him, so why would they want all of there competitors knowing that there main target is barnes, at this point if thats who they really want all they pretty much can do is sit back and hope he falls through the cracks
    that being said, i doubt he does fall through the cracks because it is rare to find a guy thats around 6’8 can defend the 2 and 3 positions and shoot threes, and a team could get him for a portion of the MLE for fairly cheap
    so im guessing danny is going to have to start looking for the guys that are going to fall through the cracks, guys like quinton ross, kareem rush, and rodney carney-needless to say im hoping for a trade
    sign and trade big baby to portland for travis outlaw is what im for

  • FSantos33

    That’s cool man, I am part Portuguese myself. My Great grandfather was from Portugal, Grandparents (My late dad’s side of the family) are from Macau. If you don’t know where that is look it up. It used to be a Portuguese Colony until 1999 then was handed over back to China. I think the biggest Portuguese community in in the bay is probably in San Jose.

  • michael

    hmm. i like the Travis Outlaw idea, but still dont’ like the idea of losing BB. We can’t afford losing another big, and at this point he’s the best proven big left out there for us to get. I hear you about Ainge not leaking interest in Barnes, that’s the only explanation I could think of, but then I thought I was paranoid.
    Don’t worry Nick, you are clearly not alone. I posted almost verbatim on yesterday about him being the final piece, IF we sign Big Baby and Giddens/Pruitt/(Coby Karl??) can step up and backup Rondo. Then again, Rondo doesn’t need much of a backup. I honestly feel Baby and Barnes are the top priorities. Yes there are other options if we give up Baby, but then we need to add a big and I dont want it to be Nick Fazekas.