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Thibodeau Passed Over Again?

Update: Mannix says this is a done deal. Kuester will coach Detroit.

The Detroit Pistons have passed on Avery Johnson and are learning towards hiring Cavaliers assitant John Kuester as their next head coach, according to

Kuester's growing reputation as an offensive guru seemed to give him
the edge over Thibodeau, who is widely regarded as one of the top
defensive assistants in the league. The Pistons teams that advanced to
six consecutive conference finals were built on defense, but it could
be time for a change. It is not clear whether Dumars had reservations
about Thibodeau's fairly rigid rotation system of defense, which is
similar in style to the approach that wound up dooming the Cavaliers
against Orlando in the conference finals. Thibodeau received credit —
and deservedly so — for the
Celtics' championship run in 2007-08, but his system benefited from having outstanding defenders like Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins.

The give-the-ball-to-LeBron-and-everyone-else-get-out-the-way system makes Kuester an offensive guru? Someone please explain to me how you fault Thibodeau for having KG, yet fail to do the same to Kuester for having LBJ.

I feel for Thibs but this is good news for Celtics fans. This also hurts the Cavs since the hapless Mike Brown is losing a crutch.

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  • Scott

    How is Sheed a big gamble? I could MAYBE see the argument for it being a minor gamble, but given our veteran presence on the team it’s not really a gamble at all. Stupid NESN advertisements…they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • patrick o bryant was a big gamble lol you pretty much know exactly what you are getting with sheed

  • Feel free to post your comment on their site.

  • Jon

    keeping Thibs is great news. Hopefully Detroit is the last team looking for a coach. I thought the same thing about the “offensive guru” comment. Does Cleveland even run set plays?

  • david b. thorpe twittered that, he believes coby karl will make the C’s, and that he is definitely an nba player
    giddens is a monster athlete who does not have enough skill
    pruitt is finishing better at the rim, still only showing flashes
    fazekas, can shoot and rebound, but cant play a lick of d
    swift is slow footed and both he and fazekas are bad in defensive rotations, although swift got some blocks purely because of his length
    lester had some trouble when being pressured at point