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Reminder: Call in Show tomorrow at 9pm

Just reminder… we're doing a call in show tomorrow.  And this promises to be another good one.

First of all… we've officially named the show… because all cool internet shows need a cool name.  So our show is now called "The Two Man Game."  We're recording an open and everything.  Next step will be to design a logo.  Baby steps.

Secondly, we've got a cool guest:  Natalie Sitto.. creator of  Since the Celtics are signing Rasheed Wallace, we figured it would only be appropriate to talk Sheed with one of the people that knows the most about being a fan of his. 

Need 4 sheed

The Sheed-tastic Show starts at 9pm and streams live for an hour.  Then at 10pm, if we're still yapping… we head into "Red's Army After Dark" and we keep recording podcast-style.  You can get all the call-in details by visiting our show page

Hope you're there.

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  • Looking forward to it, we have alot to be excited about this year>

  • Nick

    Dude I am fucking str8 pumped! Count on me calling and I wanna get a serious conversation going about my hero Matt Barnes. Still no interest in him wow. Im surprised Cleveland hasn’t gotten him yet, they would have won the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP LAST YEAR had he been on their roster while KG was injured. another thing, whos are backup PG next year?

  • matt barnes is the best player in the league

  • diggin’ the name..and just a thought: a contest for readers to design the logo..???

  • not a bad idea.