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Random thoughts: Would Artest make up for losing Ariza AND Odom?

There are a lot of little things going on… but nothing gigantic.  So I'm resorting to random, bulleted points with brief thoughts.  Hey… if it's a good enough cop out for guys like Dan Shaughnessy… it's good enough for me.

  • Word is… there's no movement between the Lakers and Lamar Odom in their contract talks.  If Odom walks… where does that put the Lakers?  Second in the West?  Worse?  (via Lex Nihil Novi)
  • What's Marc Cuban smoking and where can I get some of it?  $8 million a year for 3 years to lock up Jason Kidd?  Marcin Gortat at the FULL mid level?  And now the rumors that he's looking for Shawn Marion in a sign and trade deal?  I'm sorry… even if you make that happen, Kidd, Gortat and Marion aren't enough to put you past the Spurs or Lakers… or maybe even Houston and Portland.
  • I hope LeBron James is telling the truth about staying with Cleveland after 2010.  I want to see the mad scramble by every team that has positioned itself for the LeBron sweepstakes suddenly get desperate.  If nothing else, it will highlight why the Celtics going for it now makes the most sense.  How many teams are screwed by sacrificing now for later?  Maybe if they approached things with more urgency, their fans wouldn't be treated to perennial suckiness.
  • Congrats to Ray Allen and wife Shannon on the birth of their son Wynn Ryder Allen.  Wynn was born June 26th.
  • Boston continues to express its giddiness about the Sheed signing.  I've got nothing to add other to say LET'S START THE SEASON RIGHT NOW!
  • The Knicks are offering Grant Hill a 1 year deal for a portion of their Mid-Level Exception.  I don't know why Grant would want to spend the year in NY, when they're barely going to be a playoff team.  I like the Knicks going for some veteran stability.  It shows that the organization is actually turning itself around.  But this is the wrong time for Grant to sign with them.  I can see if he chooses Boston, Cleveland or Orlando… but not NY at this stage of his career.
  • The Celtics are apparently interested in CJ Miles.  But for what… as a back up to Grant HIll?  Or are they looking to clear some roster space?  They can probably find some combination of players that includes Tony Allen that would work.  Then they can open up a slot to sign someone down the road if someone gets hurt.

If you plan on checking out the C's summer league game at 3… listen closely.  I've gotten Red's Army plugged during 2 games yesterday.  I'm going to see if I can make it on again today.

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  • FSantos33

    Lakers got Shannon Brown back for 4.2 million for 2 years.

  • G4L

    I think the C’s are going to be contenders for FA in 2010. With Ray Allen, Scal, TA, & Eddy House coming off the books the C’s will have around 28 Million to play with. I don’t think It’s to crazy to say the C’s wont go after a guy like D-Wade. The C’s can even pick up a guy like mike miller to step in for Ray Ray. The C’s will be in a good spot.

  • JD

    What do you mean “plugged?”

  • JD

    And it would be pretty awesome if the Lakers lost both Ariza and Odom. All the Laker fans are talking mad smack across the web because they are going to suddenly be unbeatable with Artest. If they lose out on Odom, it will be the equivalent of the Celtics losing James Posey and PJ Brown, or maybe even worse. Posey was great, but Odom was the third best player in the Laker’s championship run. I think it will be just hilarious.

  • nick

    I would love to get C.J Miles he is 17 times better than Tony Fucking Allen. Miles has a very skilled game offensively and he’s athletic enough to turn into a better defender. Tony Allens’ ship has sailed. If u can get Miles do it, I’de even take him over Grant Hill.

  • thetitleisours

    Speaking of random thoughts RED, where was Fazekas last year? He could always score and rebound but had Greg Kite type athleticism
    Also Red, Who is this Kevin Rogers? Seemed to have decent stats

  • Fazekas was drafted by the mavs a couple of slots in front of big baby in that draft, i believe he was cut in relation to the kidd trade, im not sure the specific reason though, he had some back problems early on in the year last year and i believe ended up finishing out the year in europe posting some pretty decent stats
    he was the anchor on that nevada team that pulled a huge upset in the tourny a couple of years back

  • Lex

    Thanks for the hat tip, RA. I’ll be sure to return the favor. Lex.

  • John… Hill is intereseted in New York because his wife really wants to go to New York because she is a singer. Also… he played for D’antoni in Phoenix.
    That is why the C’s are looking into CJ Miles… not as a back-up for Grant, but as another option if Hill doesn’t work out.
    Also… what are you smoking if you think Houston will be better than Dallas next year if they acquire Marion. Marion would be a great fit in Dallas, similar to the way he fit the system in Phoenix. Dirk, Marion, Howard, Kidd, Jason Terry, and Gortat/Dampier…. I’d really like that team if they can get Marion. That would immediately make them a serious contender again.

  • thetitleisours

    To me all this says is winning is not a priority. I am opposed to him now

  • thetitleisours

    Thanks. After signing Wallace I still would not mind another big like Swift or Faz providing additional backup if injuries plague us later in the year

  • They mentioned the site a couple of times.

  • FSantos33

    Did anyone see Kobe on stage paying tribute to M.J.? Magic Johnson I get but not Kobe. Just another opportunity to get some TV time K24 D-Bag!
    RIP M.J.

  • Atlas Shruggs

    Odom thinks he is worth $10M, the Lakers and everyone else thinks he is worth $8M. He will sign with the Lakers for $9M and everyone will be happy in LA-LA.
    I also think they will tell Odom he can run the point at times when Artest is on the floor. Artest can guard the PG’s as well as any of the Lakers guards. Although the Lakers rotations are much better with Odom coming off the bench to play 30 minutes.
    BTW, they signed Artest for 3 reasons. Pierce, Lebron and Carmelo. Ariza is a very good team defender, but not good on isolations against the leagues best swing men.

  • greenMONSTER

    umm i got it? i think you’re trying a bit TO hard to hate on kobe man, seriously, you’re try to use his speech on michael jackson? The fact that the season is over, and yet you still want to talk more shit about a player shows that you have no life.. stay classy boston fans.

  • haha

    You my friend is an idiot. How can you say that about someone when they are paying tribute to M.J.? Take your head out of your ass you douche

  • FSantos33

    I deserved that. Ok, I crossed the line by mixing sports with reality of life. Anyone should be able to pay tribute to MJ if they want to.

  • Nick

    Pierce does just fine against Artest. Artest always resorts to dirty tactics against Pierce. Artest is on record as saying Pierce and Brandon Roy are his 2 most difficult obstacles to stop as a defender. He admits he cannot handle the truth.