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Just how much interest is Big Baby generating?

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Glen Davis earned himself a lot of money with his playoff performances… or so we thought.  After a lot of talk about Big Baby generating big interest, there's word that the Spurs would rather have Antonio McDyess… and the Magic don't like him much either.

“Not today,’’ Smith said. “I think we like who we like. You can’t make
us like who we don’t like. There’s been a lot written about who we like
and most of it is not true. We have a tendency to like who we like –
most franchises do – so, right now, he’s just not on our radar.’’

I'm surprised by the reaction by some fans when it comes to Baby.  A Spurs fan friend of mine told me flat out… he doesn't want Glen Davis.  I think he'd be a fine addition to most teams.  Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie likes the idea of Baby on the Spurs

Personally… I like the idea of lower interest in Davis.  That drives his price down and makes it more likely the C's will be able to match an offer.  However, if they don't want to pay Baby… but they want to keep the "pudgy" quotient high… they can probably sign Mike Sweetney.

Also in that first Globe link… Lester Hudson was pretty good yesterday.

“His quickness and speed are really good and I thought he did a good job in transition,’’ assistant coach Mike Longabardi said.

day he plays, more and more he’s going to get accustomed to what to
expect in an NBA game. For a first Summer League game, he was pretty

The next summer league game is today at 3pm.  I'm going to assume Celtics.com will have a link for the live stream up… but you can definitely find one on the Magic site.  Just fair warning…  you've got one camera angle that makes it hard to see everyone or get a feel for the game at all.  But the announcers are kinda funny so it'll make for good goofing off at work.

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  • brain dead

    with the addition of sheed to the team i would prefer signing leon over baby. leon would come for less money and less years, plus he wouldn’t mind playing 10 – 12 min for game if asked to. i don’t think baby would accept this role after last years playoffs. i rather have a good soldier on the bench over a unhappy baby.

  • prefer singing leon over BBD is indeed brain dead…maybe if leon was healthy id feel ya, but no thanks..
    kinda random but can anyong explain to me the intrigue over this guy brandon bass…wtf has this guy ever done everytime i hear about him i wanna pull hair out…noone should even know this scrubs names, hes like a powe, davis, maxiell, millsap kinda guy but nowhere near as good, why hes being viewed as better makes me laugh

  • Baby has come in since his rookie year dieing to help contribute, playing some nights ,not at all other nights, and has said THIS OFFSEASON he still wants to come off the bench for a winning team, so get your facts straight and stop gloifying leon over glen

  • CFH

    I understand the Leon love– I wish he could stay, too– but I have to agree that it’s unfair to imply that Baby would pull a bad attitude if he had to play behind KG/Perk/Sheed. He’s never been a bad locker room personality.
    With KG’s knee still a question mark, Perk’s shoulder a constant concern, and Sheed new to the system and up there in years, keeping Baby to contribute RIGHT AWAY (which Leon can’t do) would make me very happy. There’s room for 4 talented bigs, the top 3 of whom will be limited in minutes from game to game due to age, injuries, technicals, whatever.

  • To be honest… I don’t want to sign Big Baby either. Never have. I’m with the Spurs fan on this one.

  • thetitleisours

    I want to sign BB. His size tends to wear the opponent out. The toughness of Leon and BB can break the other team down.
    This team needs to get back to the total physical game thatwe had in the championship year

  • FSantos33

    Magic’s GM Otis Smith:
    Not today,’’ Smith said. “I think we like who we like. You can’t make us like who we don’t like. There’s been a lot written about who we like and most of it is not true. We have a tendency to like who we like – most franchises do – so, right now, he’s just not on our radar.’’
    What’s wrong Smith? Why are you taking shots at Big Baby? “You can’t make us like who we don’t like.” Okay, nobody is making you. A little upset because you lost the TITLE, TURK, SHEED-LESS, Polish Hammer, and a stupid trade for VC. I don’t think Baby wants to sign with the Magic so the feeling is mutual.

  • I agree brain dead. Think about it like this. Say KG plays just 30 mpg. Perk 30 mpg. And Sheed 28 mpg. That’s 88 of the 98 minutes at that position. That leaves just 10 minutes between Baby and Scal. I’d rather have Scal plays those minutes because I think he would be able to step into the game for just a few minutes and already understand the flow of the game.
    Also, on most nights when the game is competitve… KG will end up around 36 minutes, and Perk and Sheed just over 30 minutes…. Leaving no time for Baby.
    And also to the point of Baby always excepting his role… Remember the night when Davis started crying on the bench?? After the game Garnett was asked what was said to cause such a reaction and Garnett said “Glen is just having trouble figuring out his role on this team right now.”

  • Correction… 88 minutes would leave just 8 minutes to split between Scal and Baby. (96-88).

  • brain dead

    don’t get me wrong. i would love it if we get either one. i love big baby’s game, but since we won’t get both of them i think, at least consider leon over baby for much less $ is a move that would be good for the c’s and that’s the only thing matters.

  • thetitleisours

    They will not sign Powe until they see how his knee rehabs. But if he is coming along he probably will be snatched up by someone else. But if they are even considering it, maybe they will have only a 14 man roster to start

  • CFH

    I always interpreted his crying on the bench as being frustrated because he screwed up and got pulled on that occasion.
    He was fine immediately afterward. It’s not as if he went into the lockeroom and continued to cause trouble, or sulked or pouted or was problematic going forward.
    Your math presupposes that Perk/KG/Sheed are never on the floor together and Baby is never out there with two of them. (Possible, but I’ve seen a lot of posters gushing about the possibilities of a lineup including Perk/KG/Sheed together too.)
    Your math also assumes that Perk/KG/Sheed will all be available for every game. I just don’t see that happening.