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Summer League basketball sucks

Summer league

I was originally upset that I missed the first half of the first Celtics summer league game.  Then I realized that the camera angle you see in that screen grab is the only camera angle in the web broadcast.  From what I could gather… Gabe Pruitt did some good things… Mike Sweetney was pretty decent early… and JR Giddens/Bill Walker flashed some athleticism.  It's hard to really tell, because it was easier to tell who the players were on NBA Live 95 than it is on this camera angle. 

They won 87-56… which is nice.  But we'll wait to see what the coaches have to say about what they saw.  They had a better view than we did. 

In other… ahem… "news"…  Gary Tanguay says Doc Rivers had his meeting with Grant Hill

update. Doc Rivers has dinner with Grant last night. Tonight Grant is
in New York. Chris Mannix of told us on Sports Tonight

So there it is.  The best update we can find.

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  • If i ran NBA TV I would have a crew at every game and air the footage of each game at different times of the day, rather than replaying playoff footage and draft coverage,
    during the time that the majority games are going on, i would get there crew of smith, snow, aldrige, and the white guy and have lookins and highlights of each game
    am i the only one that this makes sense to?

  • FSantos33

    Indeed, NBATV is airing reruns of the draft and playoff games, what a joke. Like you said it would be nice if they aired some summer games. Just the “My Wolves” announcer will do. You know the other guys are on vaca.

  • No, I agree also. They actually do alot more for the Las Vegas league-that starts next week I believe. Last year, NBA TV covered all the Las Vegas games. It appears that the Orlando league is kind of the red-headed stepchild for some reason. At least the announcers were funny.

  • Paul

    Yeah I gave up on the game in the 2nd half. I couldn’t tell who was who except for Sweetney. Good lord is that guy huge

  • Ummm..yeah! He is monstrous. Usually it can be hard to tell with all the players together, but he just dwarfed everyone.

  • Here’s more of what I mean. The Vegas league has 21 teams to the Orlando’s 6…

  • Matt

    Here’s an update, Otis Smith GM of the Magic has just deniued that the Magic had any interest in Big Baby.
    And from what I have seen from the Spurs, they don’t really want Big Baby. The fans REALLY don’t want him.

  • FSantos33

    I know, a friend of mine is a die hard Spurs fan. His opinion was they already drafted Big Baby’s clone (D. Blair) and I don’t think they want another one. Hopefully, the deals don’t work out with other teams and Baby will walk through the Celtics door. And try to get Powe back by All Star break then we will have one of the best front-lines in the NBA.

  • Nick

    MATT BARNES Grant Hill is weak, he cant get it done. We got enough guys who are scorers. I can see signing them both but not Hill over Barnes.

  • FSantos33

    Okay, we get it. Matt Barnes! If I had Danny’s Cell Number I would call him for you Bro. I wouldn’t mind either Hill or Barnes on our team but…. I haven’t heard one thing about Barnes. Maybe if the Hill recruiting fails then we might hear Matt’s name.
    Just Curious: Why/When are you such a huge Matt Barnes fan?

  • none

    i’m thinking these new pieces (including gh) attract a deep obscure diamond in the ruff. folks there’s still plenty of time left in free agency!

  • Nick

    do you really want 2 know Y FSantos? Do u feel compelled to understand my love for Matt Barnes? I’ll tell u why. This guy gives us all the things James Posey gave us that were instrumental to us beating Cleveland&L.Abut he’s even better and more athletic. Say whatever u want about the Pheonix Suns last year and how he played for them. They were a mess from start to finish. Look at how brave and fearless he played for the Warriors 2 and 3 years ago, He played a HUGE role in upsetting the Mavericks in the playoffs. He covered Dirk in the series as well as Josh Howard and Devin Harris. Did u see that series? If you did then you know how awesome he played. I just feel that with the roster we have, Barnes is the FINAL PIECE to the championship puzzle. He’ll cover Lebron,Kobe,and Rashard Lewis. Richard Jefferson,Ginobli. The guy is a glue player in every sense of the word. All these people on this site who dog him every time I bring his name up just dont know hoops. If he goes to another contender, we will be very sorry. Barnes is the last piece of the puzzle u heard it here first. The only way I’de sign Hill is if it was to backup Rondo, we can afford to get Hill and Barnes.

  • FSantos33

    Nick, I live in the Bay Area and I watched all the past W’s vs. Mavs playoff games. I have to deal with Warriors Fans over here. Barnes is tougher than Hill in my opinion (Doug Christie like). I also know the Warriors fucked him over by not giving him a contract and had to deal with his mom’s death the year after. He had a bad season with all the distraction but the Suns signed him on. He had an ok season in PHO and now we wait and see what happens…. Thanks for explaining. I know what you are talking about. Like I said before I am cool with Barnes or Hill on or maybe even both would be great. I am rooting for Barnes now because you are so passionate about his game.

  • its gonna be really hard to get barnes without having any of are MLE left, right now we pretty much are going to have to sit and wait to see how everyone else wants to use there MLE, and then pick from the leftovers, much like we did when we lucked out and got posey and house
    i would be extremely happy if barnes fell to us but it doesnt look likely, mostly because of the reasons you said, it just takes one team to offer him more than 2 mil and we lose out
    im really hoping danny pulls off a trade where we send the expiring contracts of allen and scal (who would of course get bought out and come back) and walker or pruitt or both to get small forward that can be that guy, say andres nocioni, maybe bringing back posey, stephen jackson, james jones, ryan gomes, anyone of portland’s wings, or matt harpring if he doesnt retire,
    another option i would look at is wait for portland to fill there desire to acquire a small forward, and then be right there for a sign and trade with big baby for travis outlaw to fill there need for a backup power forward and ours for a backup small forward, then of course rush out and sign powe

  • Nick

    Thank u for at least trying 2 understand my love of Matt Barnes..There are just some guys that I feel play the right way and would be a perfect fit on this team. Matt Barnes is the ideal defensive minded backup to Pierce and Allen..Doug Christie was an EXCELLENT comparison, very quick defender and good 3point shooters they both are, and they are both strong enough to cover bigger guys. I also would have loved to get Shannon Brown from L.A to be Rondo’s bitch, I mean backup but i think he’s going back to LA. I also appreciate you joining in my wish to have Matt Barnes brought to Beantown, when its all said and done in the words of Ron Burgondy, I think me and Matt Barnes should get an apartment together lol.. But really I am just shocked that we haven’t even heard this dude’s name yet, WOW danny must just be a fucking asshole.

  • Nick

    Ya i hear ya I love Nocioni and Outlaw ESPECIALLY, that guy has 20ppg potential, I’de like Brandon Bass but i think that ship has sailed. Anyone who takes Scal and T.A off our roster I will fucking buy them a bouqet of flowers and a huge case of beer..Both of them guys suck!

  • thetitleisours

    If GH picks NY then I am glad he didn’t pick us. Shows he could care less about winning

  • thetitleisours

    How about Fazekas from downtown 3 of 6 plus steady rebounding
    Who is this Kevin Rogers?