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Now that we got Sheed, C’s turn attention to Hill

Let's say you're planning a long drive.  There are two ways to plan making sure you've enough gas to make it.

1:  Fill 'er up and go.  The full tank will get you there and back with gas to spare… and in case you get lost on the way, you have enough get you out of trouble.

2: Put just enough in the thank to get you exactly where you're going.  You've been there before, so getting lost is no worry.  If there's an accident and you get diverted, then you risk running out of gas… but you know if you can avoid something major, you'll get to where you're going and you can fill up again when you get there.

The C's have spent the past two years going with option 2.  Two years ago, they got to their final destination.  Last year, they ran out.  This year, with the addition of Rasheed Wallace, they're adding a little extra gas for the "just in case."  And now that he was on point with the Rasheed Wallace talk… Gary Tanguay says he thinks Grant Hill will be a Celtic by the end of the week:

It is also my belief that Grant Hill will sign with Boston after
meeting face-to-face with Doc Rivers by the end of the week. Glen Davis
could be gone to San Antonio, as they are prepared to offer their
mid-level slot, which it is my understanding that Boston will not
match. Davis is a restricted free-agent and any offer he receives can
be matched by the Celtics within 7 days

I'd still love to have Baby back, but he'd clearly be on the second unit and he's not worth $5-mil plus for 20-something minutes a game. 

And the Celtics are going year-to-year with veterans who have a little extra motivation.  Wallace is trying to prove he hasn't lost it… and he wants more rings.  Grant Hill just wants to taste what any postseason victory is like. 

So its experience over youth for the Celtics.  You might not like the plan, but I don't see why it matters.  If you get to where you're going… who cares if you have to find a gas station every time you get there?  I'm happy… as long as we keep getting there.

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  • G4L

    Never thought I’de say this but, big props to Gary Tanguay for having the inside scoop on all the Sheed story.

  • FSantos33

    Now we got Sheed and may be even Hill by end of this week but at the same time we will probably lose Big Baby. What’s Plan B to fill BIg Baby’s spot? Who’s on that list?

  • thetitleisours

    I think they should pay Baby. Going to be very expensive, but the next two years we will drop some heavy salaries and we will be glad we have him

  • JD

    I don’t think its a big deal if we lose Big Baby; a three man rotation of KG-Perk-Sheed is very, very good, easily one of the best in the league. If KG comes back healthy and Sheed plays to his potential, than it is the best frontcourt rotation in the league. You fill in the fourth big man with someone like Robert Swift, or Ike Diougu and see if that works out. If it doesn’t, hopefully Danny will be smart enough to sign Leon Powe to a minimum contract (assuming nobody else breaks the bank on him), so that when Leon gets healthy mid-season, he can complete the best big man rotation in the league.

  • Nick

    This is a big fucking mistake, this guy isn’t built for a long playoff run. He cannot shoot 3’s. Honestly I like the guy and he’s better than what we had, but why the fuck don’t we sign Bares or even Marquis Daniels? seems like we’re going out of our way to get old, w.e though nothing I can do about it, I just think it is dumb.

  • G4L

    You do realize that 8 of the 14 Celtics (including BBD & Wallace) are 25 and younger.