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Hudson impresses Coach Rondo

Rajon Rondo is in Orlando helping with some of the coaching of the guards.  One guard in particular… Lester Hudson… has already impressed Coach Rondo.

Rondo has already formed a definite impression about some of the
newcomers, including Lester Hudson. The point guard was impressed by
the rookie’s ability to get down the floor on time to disrupt a
home-run pass intended for Bill Walker.

“That was a hell of a collision,” Rondo said. “That kind of showed
Danny and the others that he deserves a spot on the team. He is very
talented – very gifted.”

He's also impressed with free-agent guard Bryan Mullins.

“I have my offensive and defensive teams with this group, and he’d be
my point guard on the offensive team,” said Rondo. “It shows on the
court. . . . He never stops. He just keeps going out there.”

As for how Rondo is doing as a coach.  Doc says it's good for Rondo to experience what he goes through.

“It’s good for him to see all of the workings of the league – not just
as a player,” said Rivers. “Yesterday he drew up a play, the guys went
out and turned it over, and I said, ‘There you go. Now you know how it
feels.’ ”

I think this will be good for Rondo.  Nice for him to see the game from both sides.

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  • maybe it will help with his shitty attitude lol,
    but in all seriousness if it is a competition between lester and gabe for a roster spot how difficult is it going to be for lester to make the team?
    i mean gabe thrives in all things summer league/d league/training camp, for some reason he is totally comfortable out there while in a game that actually matters, he is tentative and a step slow
    it is gonna take some effort for lester to make the team, he’ll have to show something special

  • thetitleisours

    Hudson will be our Gilbert Arenas, who can actually pass

  • Rondo being the summer league coach huh? another example of this 23 yr olds maturity

  • gotta know ToTheRuins… Where was that profile picture taken and who’s the chick licking KG’s nipple?

  • TD Banknorth. My Girl.

  • Thomas

    What would you know bout rondo’s attitude? I don’t blame him for having a bad attitude if he did heck when other players are coming in and making more than he is when he’s been there since being traded to boston by phoenix and has been contributing to the team and helping the team when the so called “big three” can’t score more than 30 points put together. I admit i’m a big fan of the celtics and i really like how the team is but i don’t like how rondo is being trashed just because the coaches want to get mad because he wants to be paid what he’s worth. I realize its just business for the celtics to have supposedly dangeled him out there for trades just to avoid having to pay him what hes worth but it also has to be realized that its just business for him to ask for more money than what hes making.

  • i was just joking because of all the negativity towards him before the draft; i didnt mean it at all, im one of rondo’s biggest fans
    i dont think he has any faults, except maybe that jumpshot of his