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The Celtics will be the talkin-est team around

The Celtics are already notorious on-court talkers.  Now Sheed will take things to a new level.  I think Doc's gonna need earplugs at practice.

Just a tip, C's fans… the Celtics are going to lead the world in technical fouls.  Don't get upset about it.  Just accept it as part of the deal.

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  • G4L

    Can you imagine a line up of Perk, KG, Sheed, Pierce & Rondo… what a bunch of talkers on the floor.. poor refs.
    By the way, I would actually like to see that lineup on the floor.. it could work.

  • Do you think with this signing it’s guaranSHEED that the Celtics will make the finals next year? I love that word….you should use it in the title of one of your post’s once he actually signs on the 8th.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    If everyone stays healthy…?

  • i feel a whole lot better now. just to here sheed sign.all we need now is grant hill and maybe (might be a longshot)try to get powe back.
    then it would be GUARANFUCKINSHEED!

  • DRJ

    I had my doubts about Sheed at first, thought he wasn’t enough of an inside banger and didn’t have the fire. But changed my mind… I think it was the team he was on last year that made his fire dim. I think with KG he’ll be great. Agree that this is a great addition… and his personality is so off the wall, it’ll make watching the Cs SO much more fun… who’s gonna be nuttier tonight, KG or Sheed?
    Not worried about Perk’s techs… they went way down in the 2nd half of last season. Sheed… well, let’s hope he can control himself in that department for the good of the team.
    Btw, Lester H to me seems like another Rondo, but with a better shot. We’ll see… but I think the Cs got the steal of the draft with that kid. I just hope Doc let’s him fly a little… Doc’s notoriously bad at that, but maybe he’ll loose up now.

  • Leon Powe is not walking through that door. After watching that video, it reminded me how much crap Lindsay Hunter spewed during the Bulls series this year. Now there’s a clear case of someone who can’t back it up flapping their gums. Don’t forget everyone, you can get your Celtics fix here tomorrow night at 7pm:
    Celtics’ summer league game vs Jazz. Gnite..

  • FSantos33

    Just working on new winning headlines
    “He got SHEEEED’D”
    “AWWW-SHEEED’s Game winner”
    Any Ideas? LOL

  • bostonbleedsPURPLEandGOLD24/7THXS2REDSARMY.COM

    TrayCoop: I live in Detroit and saw Rasheed skills decline each season, Lakers get our revenge from 08 (Boston) and 04(Pistons) in 2010.
    {HA, HA, HA, 4 SHO}


    Sheed is getting old….Celtics looks like an AARP all-star team! – haha! so true, they sign a 35 yr old, we (LAKERS) sign a 29!

  • DRJ

    Uh, your 29 will be 30 by the time the season gets going. And more important is the fact that he absolutely SUCKED on offense in the playoffs, and worst of all, he is a true nutjob. To lose a great (and getting greater) 24-year-old like Ariza and get Artest instead is a clear net loss for the Lakers.
    The key will be health. Whichever team stays healthy wins. If both are healthy, the Lakers are the inferior team.

  • thetitleisours

    It was obvious we never got role players that took the place of PJ Brown and Posey and, er… uh.. Cassell. We are 1/3 of the wat there and probably the hardest of the three to find so that is a great sign

  • woo, if we lose baby this move isnt as good as it seems, we will still need another big
    and baby will have a break out year next season, book it

  • thetitleisours

    I wonder if we lose Baby they will try and rethink the Powe move. It will be interesting to see if Swift and/or Fazekas have anything to offer.
    Matching the offer the SA would really be an indication that the Celtics fron office is going for broke

  • Jp

    OK I’m an idiot. Who is this “Swift” you all keep referring to?

  • thetitleisours

    On second thought pay Big Baby, he is our future and Veal and RA will be off the bank next year making Baby look like a bargain

  • thetitleisours

    A “very ugly lol” 7 foot center who DA has been wanting for years. He was taken before Al Jefferson which turned out to be a huge blessing. He is young and they hope he can provide height. Probably drafted to young and was immature, plus battled injuries

  • thetitleisours

    PJ Brown was older than that when he helped kick your lowly a$$es

  • the white patrick o bryant

  • Nick

    shut the fuck up u clown…Artest ain’t any better than Ariza, especially on offense. Are u kidden me dude? The guy’s field goal percentage against the Fakers was wretched. U must be one of those fools who just loves big names, Y don’t u go on A lakers website with other flamers who cheer for a rapist(Kobe) a pussy(Gasol) an overated wimp (Bynum) and two fucking overated weirdos from N.Y.C who nobody else want on their team (Odom&Artest). The fakers wil get punked just like they did last year. Beating Orlando is like kissing your sister. There’s no joy in that shit. u took a short cut last year, now your gona have to go through the storm which is The Garden. The lakers ain’t tough enough to do it.

  • Nora

    And Artest ruins every team he has been on he is the biggest basketcase in the league. Enjoy it. LA is going down. LOL