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Sheed’s signing with Boston!

Sheed watch
Ladies and Gentlemen… get ready to welcome your newest member of the Boston Celtics… Rasheed Wallace!

An NBA source said tonight that Detroit free agent forward Rasheed
Wallace has committed to sign with the Celtics on July 8 when free
agents are able to sign. Wallace is expected to get a two-year deal
using the mid-level exception (expected to be about $5.6 million to
$5.8 million).

Oh baby… things just got very interesting around here. 

Update:  Jess Camerato has 2 other sources confirming the same news

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  • haha i was just posting this in the comment section, very nicely done boys
    and I think i speak for everyone when i say, FUCK YEA!!!

  • thetitleisours

    Wow, it will be interesting with him and Perk challenging the ref’s lol
    Now I hope we can get some decent players to put around him. He will be this years PJ Brown. Keep Swift and I will feel secure about the frontcoart

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    YES! Hope he doesn’t back out like Hedo. This is exactly what we needed. Hill should sign on now too. Does this mean we’re losing BBD? If so, I hope we can get Leon back. This just made my (our) summer.
    Perk and KG can get some rest during the season now, Paul too if we get Hill. We’re back on top again!

  • G4L

    I agree about swift. He plays good D plus he can at the very least eat up 5 minutes & 6 fouls a game.

  • srm90

    Good signing for Boston. Now LO just needs to come back home and let the rivalry commence!

  • none

    Few that eased my summer knowing banner 18 is locked up. LBJ has no choice but to bleed green in 2010

  • Kendrick Perkins: ” All I know is, before the season, Rasheed Wallace said the Celtics don’t have a point guard or a center…. WE GOT A RING THO”
    My favorite quote ever by Perkins.
    Well Kendrick, now we’ve got Rasheed too. I think he’s going to be great here.

  • Jp

    If it’s official, I’ll get on board with it. I know ‘Sheed is a great talent, his attitude gives me pause though. With his head in the game for 98 games next year, there is little doubt we will be enjoying number 18. So it’s a fresh start for him, and let’s make it a hell of a ride!

  • Credz22

    In that quiz I got Kobe too damn it

  • Uncle Leo

    How is this a good signing in any possible way? Worst offseason pick up by any team so far. They throw away Powe and pick up this dumpster.
    Put up a poll; if you had to choose between either outcome would you prefer the celtics keep Leon and not sign Rasheed or Sign him and get rid of Powe?

  • nick

    Hell fucking yeah baby… Perk,Kg,Sheed,Swift, and either Powe or Ike Diogu as the last big and we are ready to rock out with our cocks out. Green 18 is on the way. Lotta T’s next year with our crazy frontcourt thats ok though its worth it

  • Taking the emotion out of this…
    I’d rather take a 6-11 power forward who can score from anywhere on the floor over a 6-8 power forward that won’t be ready to play until February because of a knee injury.
    Look… I get the emotion against the Powe decision. And I get that you might not be a fan of Sheed and all his talk. But from a strictly on the court standpoint, this is a good move.

  • Nick

    Can everyone fuck off with the Leon Powe shit? Y don’t we bring poor Chris Herren back too the poor guy has been battling drug addiction, lets give him a roster spot, please 🙁 C’mon u guys Rasheed is better than Powe on his worst day. We are going to WAR WITH THE lAKERS!! Everyone should be able to see that. Cleveland and San Antonio are solid teams. I can’t stress this enough, You cannot waist roster spots on guys who can’t play. Say what you want about Giddens and Swift and Walker, but if an injury occurs they can step in and give us a body. If we bring in Powe to be the 5th big man, lets say KG gets hurt, the guy can’t help us for months. Smarten up everyone. We got the best out of Leon, he’s all done. All them surgeries on both knees have taken their toll, he’ll be lucky to ever be in a rotation again.

  • Danno

    You’re kidding right?
    A perennial All Star 6’11” LEGIT Power Forward who can rebound AND shoot from ANYWHERE on the floor,
    An undersized 6’8″ Power Forward with perennial knee problems and won’t be back unitl February, if ever, who can’t jump and can’t shoot outside of 6 feet from the hoop, who’s only real NBA asset is that he’s a “Nice Guy”?
    Like I said, you gotta be kidding me.
    This is like comparing Kevin McHale to Greg Kite and saying Kite was better.
    LOL. Get out of here with this stupidity.

  • Danno

    Bring Back Vin Baker!

  • JD

    Your comparing drug addiction to a guy who works his ass off and just gets unlucky with injuries? Thats just plain stupid. Leon WILL make a difference somewhere next year, I guarantee it. He works too hard and is too talented to give up. Quit being stupid.

  • I don’t know if we won the lottery or sold our soul to the Devil. It should be one crazy season and I’m up for it!!!!

  • YOU DO!

  • Bring on the kelly green Air Force Ones baby.

  • Nick

    The point is, that neither one is useful 4 an unfortunate reason. Whether it’s knees or needles if you can’t battle against Kobe, Lebron, Gasol, Shaq and Duncan we can’t use u.

  • i think our last big should be BIG as in big baby

  • Uncle Leo

    Perenial all star who can rebound and shoot from anywhere? I’m guessing you’ve haven’t been watching basketball for the past 4 years.
    Wallace had 12 points and 7 rebounds in 32 minutes
    Powe is at 8 points 5 rebounds at 17 minutes.
    Wallace is 34 years old and 9 years older than powe, plays no defense in the second half and takes the dumbest shots you’ve ever seen. (41% fg percentage compared to Powe’s 52%)
    Stop deluding yourself.

  • Uncle Leo

    I guess what I’m trying to figure out is how can you be so excited about picking up a 34 year old power forward who will go 3 for 11 on a good day and thats if he gets to play 30+ minutes.

  • JD

    Like I said, Powe will make a difference later in the year for some team. This knee injury is not going to end his effectiveness. We most certainly could use Powe in the second half of the season and in the playoffs. A frontcourt of KG-Perk-Sheed-Powe is extremely formitable. I see that your assumming that Powe will never be close to the same player that he was before the injury; thats a dumb assumption. Leon Powe is no Tony Allen; half the reason Leon’s in this league is because he outworks everyone. Its unfortunate that Danny seems to have burned the bridge with him.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    AWRIGHT! Sheed looks good in green. Time to change the color of his head band 🙂

  • JD

    Uncle Leo, your extremly delusional about Wallace. He was on a crappy team last year going through a transition that included a cancer named A.I. and a young, rookie head coach. Wallace will be effective because he will be playing with the Big 3 plus Rondo, all of whom will free him up for wide open shots. The second unit can run the offense through him, because he has been an extremely good post player his entire career. And he is a very good defender as well. And he’s the capable seven footer off the bench the Celtics spent all of last year looking for. Imagine Mikki Moore with hands, a post game, shooting touch and a brain, and you have Rasheed Wallace. Actually, scratch that, don’t imagine Mikkie Moore at all; just thinking of him makes me sick

  • Uncle Leo

    if only the celts would just make a few more moves to get the ultimate line up of marbury, iverson, hill, rasheed, and jermaine o’neal.

  • Danno

    Sheed’s FG PCT between 6ft – 3pt line: 42%
    Leon’s FG PCT between 6ft – 3pt line: 0.0%
    That’s the difference.
    Any guy who is 6’8″ or taller should be able to put up 7 pts on putbacks like Leon did.
    Very few 6’11” guys can shoot 35% from 3 point land.
    Leon is a nice guy, but he’s one dimensional, even on his best day.
    Sheed brings the whole package.

  • Danno

    You’re making a big assumption here. Ive read in a few places that his NBA career may well be over.

  • Danno

    Someone get Uncle leo a tissue.
    Jermaine – stop teasing.

  • i like the move, but the Lakers are still better.
    LAMAR ODOM coming off the bench..yikes.

  • Matt

    Isn’t Odom a free agent?

  • thetitleisours

    I would have still kept Powe (even as a non-playing position), but Wallace brings a physicality that this team was lacking on the bench last year. No matter what, height does play a role. Baby and Powe are undersized. They make the best of what they have but at times we need different matchups. Wallace will be this years PJ Brown and we saw how important that was. We now need a real backup PG, and a Posey clone to round things out

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    GASOL-KG? KG!!!

  • JD

    I think with Leon’s work ethic, its a safe assumption. The guy has that “never give up” mindset. I think he will be back next year, and I think he will be effective. A bench with Powe and Wallace on the frontline would be great. It will be like with Powe and Big Baby, because one’s a banger and one’s an outside shooter, except for one huge difference: Wallace is 7 feet tall, not undersized.

  • umm, that lakers team is still better. period. it’s easy to compare a starting lineup and say our guys is better. i’m just being real.

  • Nora

    Artest the basket case who ruins every team he has been on. nuff said

  • Nora

    Actually I think I bleed green LA broke it down nicely

  • then ur an idiot. they have better talent. period.