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Report: Doc Meeting with Grant Hill

Via FanHouse:

Rivers, now coach of the Boston Celtics, and Hill, an unrestricted free agent who played last season for the Phoenix Suns, will meet Sunday in Orlando to discuss the possibility of working together again. Both make their offseason homes here.

"I don't have to go very far to meet with him this time,'' Hill said
Saturday night before watching his wife Tamia perform at a Summer Soul
Series concert in Orlando.

Rivers believes that Hill could be a key veteran to help the Celtics
get past Cleveland and Orlando and reach the NBA Finals again next
season. Hill, whose teams never have won a playoff series, is intrigued
by the possibility.

Never won a playoff series? Wow…that's one helluva stat. Guess what Grant, that will change if you come to Boston. Hill is worth the $1.3 or $1.9 million contract slots the Celtics have available.

Hill is also reportedly traveling to New York to meet with the Knicks on Monday. Maybe he wants to keep alive the streak of never winning a playoff series.

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  • TY
  • Jp

    please please please please
    Hill is not a superstar. He’s not even an all star any more. But I will declare this now…if we get Hill we will win the Championship! He can rest both the 2 and the three spot. He can push the ball on fast breaks (or just up the floor) which means he can keep the game moving when Rondo sits. He is a world class guy. He can hit the jumper decently, he can finish at the basket still, and contrary to what I have read in the comments here, he has been known to hit the three occasionally.

  • Nick

    He’ll be broke down by the All-Star break..Sign Matt Barnes a guy who is tough and will throw down at the drop of a dime. Hill will run if Artest goes near him..Fucking unbelievable!!

  • Jp

    In April last year he averaged
    16.75 ppg
    55% FG
    84% FT
    4.7 RPG
    1.75 AST
    1.5 STL
    30 MPG
    I’ll take that kind of broken down in April thank you very kindly.

  • Your matt barnes fascination is bordering on the unhealthy..

  • Tommy Hoosier

    nick must have smoke a bowl with barnes once. Matt barnes is a not good. He was not good in college not that good in the pros and probably not good at life so get over it nick.
    Go c’s

  • Jp

    Whoa now, Barnes is a fine player. I don’t think he is a game changer, but he is solid, with very solid numbers. I wouldn’t mind having him on the team.

  • Nick

    All u Matt Barnes haters are starting 2 make me sick.. Did anyone see what he did against Dallas a few years ago when they upset them in the 1st round?? The fucking guy is TOUGH! he covered Dirk in that series and he has covered Kobe well in short spurts. I like Grant Hill’s game, but I feel Matt Barnes gives us EXACTLY what we got from Posey 2 years ago but he is just a little bit better at 3 point shooting and he is also better at covering stronger players such as Dirk,Kobe,Lebron,JoeJohnson. You guys all act like we didn’t miss Posey last year. Yeah obviously K.G being hurt was the most important thing and we obviously would have throttled Orlando if we had K.G, but Cleveland would have been very,very,very,very tough to beat because who would have covered Lebron when Paul Pierce was resting? Last year it was Posey but who would have done it this past season? Nobody thats who. You can’t expect Hill to do it either, the guy has had so many injuries he’s just waiting to break down, and he doesn’t have the foot speed to cover the stars in this league, he also cannot I repeat CANNOT shott 3 pointers. Barnes shoots 3’s and plays very tough defense. What the fuck don’t u guys get about this? Is it because Grant Hill is a sexier name? Barnes does all the things that Posey did but he does them better, he would be cheaper than Hill, he is tougher than Hill. If you really want Hill then you don’t want whats best for the C’s. I went into this offseason dying to sign Matt Barnes and now it appears that Danny Ainge is ignorant and doesn’t know the game so this won’t happen.