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Big Baby the Big Consolation Prize?

Whichever team loses out on Rasheed Wallace will set its sights on Glen Davis. At least that's the theory one league source floated to the Herald's Mark Murphy:

A league source said the Celtics’ pursuit of Wallace actually may
affect the team’s ability to sign its own restricted free agent – not
because of the Celtics’ ability to pay, but because of the increased
chance one of the jilted Wallace suitors might then make an increased
offer to Davis.

Orlando and San Antonio – both expected to meet with Wallace during
the next week – are said to be interested in offering Davis most, if
not all, of their midlevel exceptions as a contingency plan. The
Grizzlies are also thinking about getting into the Big Baby sweepstakes.

The full MLE ($5.6 – $5.8 million) for BBD? That number is too rich for my blood. But that's what happens when teams feel pressured to make a move.

Last week,'s Chris Mannix referred to Antonio McDyess as the consolation prize for either the Celtics or Spurs. If Baby bolts for the big dollars, I'll gladly take McDyess for much less.

The Celtics asked Rajon Rondo to work with their guards at the Orlando Summer Camp. Despite all the recent criticisms leveled by Danny Ainge, Rondo agreed (classy move). But he's getting a taste of his own medicine:

“It’s frustrating when you call for something and the guys go out and turn the ball over,” Rondo said.

“But it’s only two days, and the guys are coming from different teams
and systems, so it’s hard. But I’m cool. I get to look at things and
learn the coach’s perspective.”

Speaking of summer camp, Ainge says Bill Walker is competing against J.R. Giddens for a roster spot. The same can be said for Gabe Pruitt and Lester Hudson.

The NY Post has Marbury headed to Washington:

According to sources, Washington looks like the favorite for Stephon
Marbury's next gig after Boston came up with an initial offer of $1.2
million, the veteran's minimum. Flip Saunders and Marbury are intrigued
about reuniting. Sacramento also has inquired about the guard.

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  • D

    why would teams want big baby? hes underrated in his second year already, we have worked wonders with the kid…
    hes all about helping his team win
    hes a versatile defender, can guard much bigger and taller players
    can play pick and pop, hes great at setting screens and knocking down the jumper…
    if he doesnt re-sign here, id hope to see him play for another contender like the spurs alongside a tim duncan so he can continue to grow instead of rot on some no name expansion franchise that doesnt make the playoffs

  • D

    why wouldnt teams want baby* drrr

  • Credz22

    I can’t see Davis on another team

  • none

    There’s no way the baby rumor has any merit. The full MLE? What can you say, bhaha!