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Does the Artest deal help the C’s?

Interesting theory explained on The CMSB.  Here's one of the 4 reasons:

How bad does Sheed look if he signs with another team for more money? Currently it sounds like the Spurs, Mavs, and Magic are in play (hat tip to Gary Tanguay's Twitter page).
If he signs with San Antonio, it looks alright. If he signs with the
other two for more money (or slightly more money), it looks like a
money grab. If crazy Ron didn't go for the bigger pile of cash, why
would '
Sheed? Also, he has played with Vince Carter before in college, do you really think he wants to do that again?

Interesting thought. 

Also interesting is the open letter to Danny Ainge on LOSCY regarding Leon Powe

What is so risky about this? If you were willing to keep on Sam
Cassell and Patrick O’Bryant at the start of the season, why not keep
Leon? Get rid of Gabe Pruitt and give his roster spot to Leon.

There is nothing that risky about this at all. For $800,000 you take
a chance on a guy that helped you win the franchise’s 17th championship
and would resign for the future TO BE your bench. He wants to be in
Boston and Boston wants him here.

And you know, Danny, you know that Leon would have taken your 1-year contract at the league minimum.

He speaks for a large segment of Celtics fans.  Leon was certainly loved here.  I hope he knows that.  Maybe they'll find a way to bring him back

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  • thetitleisours

    Sometimes loyalty, and especially loyalty on the cheap, can be a good business decision. It has many intangibles. Can be a positive influence on the players themselves toward an organization and also create goodwill in the future. Signing Leon Powe was a no brainer to me. I read his rehad is already ahead of schedule and you know he will give his all when he returns. Maybe if we lose Big Baby, they will rethink this. As the author said, it should not cause any shortages on a 15 man roster. More than enough room for other FA

  • FSantos33

    Hopefully it’s not too late for AInge to change his mind and bring Leon back. Obviously letting Leon walk is causing bad PR for the Celtics. Ainge should really consider making a U-Turn and just admit it was a bad move and bring Leon back NOW. No question about it! Leon will make a comeback and play well. If he signs with one of our East rivals that will definitely haunt us down the line. Leon is a competitor and a Warrior I know he has revenge on his mind already.

  • Nickels

    Sheed never played with Vince- he played with Stackhouse, Vince played with Jameson, Ed Cota, Haywood, et. al

  • FSantos33

    Off Topic:
    Steve Mcnair was shot dead and was found in an Nashville apartment. What a tragedy my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • FSantos33

    Allen Iverson is the question not the answer. This is the player the Celtics were willing to ship out half the team for his rights to become a Celtic. That was three years ago and now Iverson has played on different teams with no success. Now, unwanted and only a shadow to his own hall of fame career. Where is he going to be playing next? His stock is dropping daily, he even said he would play in Memphis… Is he crazy? Maybe he is just not willing to be a “Team” player, the world has to revolve around AI. Is he still willing to change to be that “Team” guy? or He won’t change. Pistons learned the hard way when they brought him off the bench. Will the Celtics give AI a shot if Marbury walks? If Marbury can change why can’t AI right! Just saying…

  • Nick

    Love the though of bringing in A.I, my concern is that he just doesn’t want to be a backup no matter what. If he’s interested in the Grizzlies he must feel he’s got a shot at starting there. But I will say 1 thing about A.I..He has played hard and given it his all ALWAYS never takes a play off, for him to be cast out as some awful team-killer at this stage of his career may be somewhat accurate but it is wrong. He couldn’t kill our team, he could take Eddie Houses’s role if we could trade House outta here. LOVE the idea. We struggled scoring off the bench, we didn’t have a backup who could create his own shot off the dribble, A.I can do that to a fault.