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Detroit pursuing Thibodeau

All I've been hearing is how much Joe Dumars wants an experienced head coach candidate.  But suddenly,  assistant coaches are being thrown into the mix.

With Avery Johnson no longer considered the inevitable choice, the candidacy of Cleveland Cavaliers assistant John Kuester has gained momentum in the Detroit Pistons coaching search, league sources said Friday.

Johnson, the ex-Dallas Mavericks coach, is still in consideration, but Kuester and Boston Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau have graded out favorably in GM Joe Dumars’ research, sources say.

Kuester has a history with the organization as a Larry Brown
assistant. Dumars will meet with Johnson this weekend. Sources say that
Dumars had a lengthy telephone conversation with Thibodeau on Friday
and is expected to speak with him again.

Just when I thought we were done with the Thibodeau stuff… here comes Detroit screwing things up. 

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  • Credz22

    I hate Detroit so much

  • NineSevenEight

    Is this payback for “wooing” Sheed?

  • FSantos33

    No Payback brothers. This is dreadful memories of this…. Shemale tried to block DJ’s shot but.. LOL… Nice draft pick on Darko and trading away Billups. Joe D’ Bring it! Ohhh memories.. Ohhh memories… Joe where you at? Bring your weak GM moves. LOL

  • FSantos33

    So close on the block shot JOE D


    Tibs aint selling out for MoTown

  • I think this is what all of us have been thinking about Leon Powe:

  • Credz22sucks

    The feeling is mutual beantowner. And I hope Sheed spreads like a cancer among those in the nasty green uniforms.