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5 teams want Big Baby

Gary Tanguay says Dallas is now the 5th team to court Glen Davis.

Dallas has become the 5th team interested in Glen "Big Baby" Davis,
along with Memphis, New York, San Antonio and Detroit. He wants to stay
in Boston but the money may be to good to turn down. Leon Powe is an
example of what can happen. Leon was going to make a lot of money until
he blew out his knee. If Baby gets more money elsewhere, he has to take
it. Furthermore, if he becomes a starter elsewhere, especially NY, the
endorsement deals will roll in.

In a related note, Jose Cuervo is the 5th liquor brand to court me this 4th of July. 

I won't blame Baby if he leaves.  I can't sit here and defend Danny's decision to no offer Leon a contract and turn around and bash Baby for going for a payday.  He's busted his ass… he's earned the money.  If the situation is right for him to make a few extra million… then go for it, Glen.  I think we'll all thank you for your service and wish you well. 

After the jump, I wish all of YOU well… by showing you pictures of hot chicks in American flag swimsuits.

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  • Nick

    Y the fuck don’t we just spend some SERIOUS DOUGH and sign Lamar Odom to a big contract. Listen carefully readers to my logic. Letting L.A assemble a core of ARTEST,KOBE,ODOM,GASOL,BYNUM would make it EXTREMELY hard to win a title because they are a younger squad than us. The only way we will beat that nucleus is if we get a serious improvment on Rondo’s Jumper and he starts putting up 18ppg. So even if Odom isn’t a perfect fit for our team, lets do this to keep L.A from establishing a dynasty out West. Does this not make sense? Also who’s gona be are backup Pointguard?

  • John still on that down hill track of boozing awful!!!!!!!on a side note i would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer

  • Didn’t they tell you about this thing called “salary cap”?…