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Turkoglu bags Portland


Remember when we said Hedo Turkoglu signed with Portland?  Yeah… not so much.

Free agent Hedo Turkoglu has backed out of his commitment to the Portland Trail Blazers and plans to sign with the Toronto Raptors, a source close to the talks told Yahoo! Sports on Friday night.

Turkoglu had agreed on a five-year, $50 million deal with the
Blazers, but changed his mind and could be headed for a five-year, $56
million deal with the Raptors. Toronto would have to renounce three
free agents – Shawn Marion, Carlos Delfino and Anthony Parker – to create the cap space for Turkoglu.

I still think Anthony Parker can help the Celtics… so this is good news.  And I don't think Hedo is good enough to put Toronto into any sort of realistic championship contention… so this would be doubly good news.  Hedo's good… but not THAT good. 

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  • Boogaloo, Boogaloo, Boogaloo

  • Nick

    The East is better than the West for the first time in 11 years, which is major news to me. This Anthony Parker bullshit is starting to upset me. The guy is a solid shooter and THAT IS IT. he doesn’t defend well, he’s not tough, and he isn’t the type of guy you want to go into the trenches with. Y doesn’t everyone see that? Same for Grant Hill but he is still better than Parker. It appears that dumbassDanny Ainge however has no interest in Matt Barnes because I haven’t heard the kid’s name mentioned once. I keep hearing Parker Hill and other douchebags instead of Matt Beastly Barnes. All you Barnes haters will be sorry when he helps whomever he lands with in a big way. Another thing.. Y the fuck are we gona get Mcdyess as a consolation prize if Wallace goes elsewhere? Mannix said that was the case on Comcast, but does anyone think adding Mcdyess, is a fair response to are biggest rivals adding Carter,Shaq,Artest, and Richard Jefferson? Maybe last year we could have used Mcdyess but not anymore, we’ve got bigger fish to fry Also I was wondering whom we might look at to backup Rondo. Starbury says hes gone and as much as I think LesterHudson could be a steal, u cannot expect him to be your 2nd string pg. Alot of questions, I’de appreciate some feedback because this offseason is really stressing me out.

  • zippittyay

    So what about Marion or Delfino?

  • No Marion. He wants $10 mil. per anyway. too much.
    As for Delfino… are you thinking he might back up Rondo? I’m not sure I want him for that.

  • FSantos33

    I don’t blame Turk for backing out from the deal because he has more international homies on T. Raps at the same time he gets paid a bit more….. Whatever right… Still a D-Bag for not keeping to his word with Portland.

  • Nick

    what is te fucking deal with the Raptors wanting foreign players?? Calderon, Bargnani, Turkgoglu, They used to have Garbajosa a few years ago, now they are trying to bring in Linas Kleiza and bring back Carlos Delfina. Do the foreigners like something about Toronto? There’s gota be something to this right? Fucking weird. The Raps can now be clumped in with Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago in that middle of the pack range in the East. Turk,Bosh,Calderon,Bargnani is a solid top 4, offensively anyways. The only teams I see right now having NO SHOT at playoffs in the East in New York, New Jersey, Milwaukee, and Indiana. I don’t expect Philly or Miama to return either.