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The Courtship of Rasheed Wallace


Gary Tanguay has all the details about the Celtics trip to Michigan and their meeting with Rasheed Wallace:

I spoke with Bill Stickland, the agent for Rasheed Wallace moments ago . He told me…

Danny Ainge wanted to show up on Rasheed’s doorstep
Wed. Night at midnight…which is when the free agent signing period
began. Wallace told Danny that was not necessary so team green flew out
Thursday instead.

Danny, Coach Doc Rivers, managing partner Wyc
Grousbeck along with KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce were in the meeting
with Strickland, Rasheed and his wife Fatima. Without question the
Celtics increased their chances of obtaining Rasheed by making this
trip. The effort put forth by the Celtics impressed Rasheed, Fatima and

The fact that Rasheed has never played on a team with the likes of KG, Paul and Ray works in favor of the Celtics.

Fatima and Rasheed will make this decision together.
She is very important in this process. Civil activities are very
important to her. Ray Allen, because of his work with juvenile
diabetes, was able to connect with her on this matter.

The way Doc handled the three egos of the big three
has not gone unnoticed by Rasheed. Doc is well respected by players
throughout the NBA.

Despite his reputation in Boston Rasheed is an unselfish teammate and would fit great with the big three.

Rasheed would be visiting other clubs today but
wanted to spend time with his family. He will travel next week. Other
teams in play are Orlando, San Antonio and Dallas. It is not just about
the money. The team has to have a realistic chance at a championship.
The Lakers were in the hunt until they signed Ron Artest. He did visit
Dallas last week but it was not regarding a basketball matter.

He's coming to Boston. He has to….

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  • I want Red’s Army championship belts

  • G4L

    He’s coming to Boston.. No doubt about it.

  • Well… if we cant get him to come, can we at least get his wife?

  • FSantos33

    Do you know where his wife is from? Obviously his wife will play an important role during this period. If the contracts offered up by Boston, SA and Dall are identical then his wife may say “It would be nice to be closer to my hometown, closer to family…” wherever that may be. Just saying you know….

  • Tim – We need to be on our best behavior during the courting process.
    Once he’s here, I’m sure we’ll do a complete background check on Mrs. Wallace.

  • nick

    Yeah Rasheed’s wife is deff hott, but Lets just say we don’t get him. WTF are we gona do then? with Artest in L.A we gota trump that move. The days of saying “If the Big 3 are healthy we are the best team” are dead. We gota stack up now, its NBA war going on.. we’ve gota stack this squad up evryone must be able 2 see that.

  • we need rasheed bad.and we need to get marbury back and sign 1 more person.this probly will not happen cause were offering practically all our money to sheed.

  • Celts4lyfe

    ummm….I dont think Paul Pierce was there…kinda dissapointed really. He was in vegas…check this out from ball dont lie. Man…wtf…thats not cool,174648#comments

  • Uncle Leo

    How terrible, what a non factor free agent pick up this will be. Pretty disappointing to be honest.

  • Hrvoje

    34 year old, doesn’t have that hunger for rings, drama queen, plays more and more away from basket… hmm he is not an answer