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Shocker: Marbury Wants More Money

Via the Globe:

Celtics free agent guard Stephon Marbury said to The Globe early Friday
morning that he doesn't expect to be returning to Boston after
receiving a disappointing one-year contract paying $1.3 million using
the veteran's minimum.

"Thank you Boston for allowing the world to see me play again after all
that went on in N.Y.," said Marbury, via e-mail to The Globe. "The fans
treated me with open arms and that's all anyone can ask for."

If the Celtics were going to re-sign Stephon Marbury, I think it's safe
to say we all expected they would offer a contract close to the veteran
minimum. While Marbury played the role of good soldier last season, his
performance was average at best. Good luck with those other teams.

As for Rasheed Wallace, here's the latest from's Chris Mannix:

"Solid, thorough, cogent and very impressive," Wallace's agent, Bill Strickland, told about Boston's recruiting trip. "[They] definitely gave Rasheed and his wife something to think about."

…However, Boston and San Antonio stand as the strongest candidates. The
Celtics can offer Wallace a chance to stay in the Eastern Conference as
well as the opportunity to play with Garnett, who is a close friend.
San Antonio, which traded forwards
Fabricio Oberto and Kurt Thomas last month in the deal for Richard Jefferson, can offer Wallace a starters role. Boston's interest in Wallace is believed to be as a backup.

Last night on Sports Tonight, Mannix said he believes both the Celtics and Spurs will offer the MLE for two years (but there's no mention of that in his column). He gives the edge to the Spurs (51% to 49%) while predicting Wallace would make a decision by mid to late next week.

Will Rasheed be comfortable coming off the bench in Boston, when he'll be able to start in San Antonio? If he comes here, I think he'll play minutes similiar to what he average last year in Detroit – 32 mpg.

It's simple math. At the center and power forward positions, Doc has three guys to play 96 minutes. Works out to 32 minutes each. Throw BBD in the mix, and it gets harder but there's enough to go around.

To the Lakers fans who think Ron Artest all but clinches another title, I give you this blurb from Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle:

As for the Rockets, Artest will not be missed by the coaches or
players. There was just too much craziness, too many wild mood swings,
too much selfishness….

He screamed at the young point guards so much that he finally was told
to stop. He would agree he shouldn’t do it and would promise to stop.
Then a game or two later, he’d be back out there on the perimeter,
demanding the ball, then dribbling away the 24-second clock or bulling
his way into the lane.

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  • Credz22

    Boston needs so much more money we are sucking compared to other teams I still think we are the best team in the league

  • we are sucking compared to other teams, but you still think we are the best team? hmmm?
    why wouldnt marbury want more money? so would anyone else in the league

  • Of course, but at some point you have to be realistic. Wallace made $13 million last year and now he’s mulling offer half that.

  • Hrvoje

    that is embarrassing contract they offered.
    if they let go him our season won’t be much better that this last one.
    you have a guy who is so hungry for basketball, a starter who is willing to play bench role, who doesn’t demand star role; lot of shots… bonafide point guard with experience but yet explosive, makes no problems with his teammates unlike cocky rajon.
    but you know, world is full of injustice… so move on


    you’re on a tear with updates. got the inside 2010 word on lbj to bos..

  • is that a goodbye to boston message from marbury?

  • JD

    “if they let go him our season won’t be much better than this last one”
    Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Marbury hurt the C’s more than helped them this past year, and he is not going to be the difference for our team this year. The difference was KG not being there. Rondo can play 40 mpg for all I care, he’s young and he can handle it. I know that your a Rondo hater, but we don’t need Marbury at all. We need a true backup point guard like Anthony Johnson or Tyronn Lue.

  • Sal

    How much money could he want? In all seriousness, if he expected them to dip into the mid-level for him, he’s out of his mind. And I’m not usually one to harp on athletes for trying to make as much money as they can, but the guy made what, $20 mil last year? The difference between $1.3 and the maybe $3 he’ll get somewhere is that important to him?
    Bye Steph. You won’t really be missed.

  • Hrvoje

    “Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”
    I’ve heard that many times and that many times I was right at the end.

  • Sal

    No, that really was an extraordinarily dumb comment. Marbury’s impact will be negligible.

  • JD

    Congratulations, but your not right here. Marbury had a net negative impact this year, and he’s just not a great backup point guard, especially when the starter is a budding star who plays big minutes. I have a feeling that he would start complaining about a lack of minutes sooner or later. I think this is for the best.