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Counting Roster Spots

Chuck - Red's Army July 3, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Counting Roster Spots

This is a guest column submitted by Gant

As you know every team can have up to 15 roster positions. Right now the Celtics have 10 players under contract for the coming season:

Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo and Perkins; then House, Walker, Giddens, Scalabrine and Tony Allen.

That leaves 5 more potential spots.

(Please do not imagine that the team will cut a player under contract. This won't happen. They would lose a valuable tradeable expiring slot and still pay the luxury tax.)

Barring a trade 10 spots are currently taken and 5 are open.

Potential Returning Free Agents:

The Celtics have one slot potentially earmarked for Big Baby. (The Glen Davis situation could stretch out for a while). Until he signs elsewhere it's always possible Leon Powe could re-sign. Also Stephon Marbury could return. For the sake of this discussion, pencil in one spot taken for these three guys. That's 11.

(Though Baby and Marbury could both be back making it 12.)

New Free Agents:

Barring a surprise (a disappointing one) the Celtics will pick up at least two new free agents, one big man and one wing back up. Maybe it will be Rasheed Wallace and say Grant Hill or Anthony Parker or Jamario Moon or someone else. That's 13.

Summer Leaguers:

That leaves two spots for summer leaguers. This includes Gabe Pruitt who is not guaranteed for the coming season.

Looking at the summer players here are the guys who (just taking a wild guess) have a decent chance: Little guys: Pruitt or Hudson; Big guys: Swift and maybe possibly perhaps Sweetney (??). One or two will
make it, filling the roster.

Let's review: 10 spots already filled. Returnees: 1 or 2. Newbies: 2, maybe even 3. Summer Leaguers: 1 or 2.

Adding it all up you can see why Danny was unwilling to automatically bring back Leon. Also I believe if Hudson looks good, Pruitt is in grave danger of not making the squad.

You can also see why Danny has been trying to make trades that involve moving multiple guys like Scalabrine, Giddens and Tony Allen. If a trade like that happens it would open up more flexibility.

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  • nick

    How bout this for the 5 open spots.. Robert Swift, Rasheed Wallace, Matt Barnes, Ike Diogu, Rashad McCants,…A few other guys I would like the C’s to possibly sign is Gerald Green, Chris Wilcox, Joey Graham, Von Wafer and Dahntay Jones. If we get Rasheed we can’t afford Dahntay, or Von Wafer, so we can then look at the Gerald Green Rashad McCants types who can light it up and be the 12th or 13th man on the roster.


    add sheed and this team is dangerous. fat baby will get matched and dynasty whispers will echo like the patriots did. should starbury realize the celts generous hand out, this thing could be over before it started.