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There’s Nothing Like Old Bird Stories


Despite the flurry of free-agent news and rumors, we're taking some time to share some great Larry Bird stories, courtesy of his high-school basketball coach (via Golf Digest):

He told us Bird liked to play basketball in jeans because he was so
self-conscious about his skinny legs. He said he had to warn the other
kids on the team to keep their hands in front of their face at all
times or they risked a broken nose from one of Bird's now-famous
no-look passes.

Even after Holland ended practice, Bird and his
teammates would stay and keep shooting. And if he forced the kids out
of the gym, they would hide outside and wait for Holland to leave
before they would sneak back in to shoot some more. "I would see their
little faces in the windows trying to see if I had left yet."

averaged 30 points per game his senior year, and that was before there
was a three-point line. He scored 55 in one game–and came out with
three minutes left in the fourth quarter.

The part about the jeans reminds of when John would shower in his uniform after games at Emerson College.

In other news, somehow I missed Paul Pierce's interview on WEEI yesterday (via NESN):

“[GM] Danny [Ainge] told me and told Kevin [Garnett],” Pierce told WEEI. “We knew he wasn’t going to be traded.”

“[Rondo's] biggest weakness is also his biggest strength,” he said. “He’s so competitive, sometimes he blocks everything out.”

Pierce also commented on the Cavs and Magic:

You see Cleveland get Shaq [O’Neal] and Orlando get Vince [Carter] and
you say, ‘Wow. We’ve got to do something,’” Pierce said to WEEI. “But
we didn’t expect to do anything. It was a disappointing season, but we
were injured. We just need to get healthy. We like our starting five.”

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  • Credz22

    I love pierce

  • FSantos33

    “Cover your face when you guard me or else my no look passes could break your nose”… Gotta love Bird!
    Developments: ESPN – Cavs met with Ron Artest, they are tailing Ron Ron. Hmm, Ron Ron, Shaq, and Lebron. Scary? or No?

  • Credz22

    Do they have enough cash?

  • FSantos33

    I don’t think they do. According to reports they can offer Ron mid-level. Shaq and Lebron are both doing their sales pitch. I bet if they can’t get Ron then they will go hard at Arisa.