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Source: Celtics to Offer Sheed 2 yrs, $11.6 Million

Via Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald:

According to the source, the Celtics are willing to offer Wallace the
full $5.8 million mid-level exception, but were only planning on
offering the 35-year-old a two-year contract.

Murphy also reports the meeting between the Celtics and Wallace is one of several meetings the big man's camp is organzing with potential suitors, i.e. the Cavs and Spurs. The question is, will either of those other teams be willing to offer Rasheed a third year?

For those on the fence about Wallace,'s Paul Flannery makes a case for 'Sheed.'s John Hollinger doesn't see big dollars in Big Baby's immediate future. Here's a line for his live chat this afternoon.

Is Big Baby Davis
going to see any real money? He had a good, not great playoffs and is
still a small yet overweight 4? Or am I underrating him?

real money? No. doubt he even gets mid-level. More like three years, $10 mil.

Now that's a contract the Celtics can match.

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  • Yeesh… 2 years at the full MLE? I guess they’re looking at veteran min. guys to fill the void.
    I’m not sure I’m too thrilled about the full MLE offer. I thought we were looking for better options to split that money up.
    If this really is the offer… and if this Sheed really does take it…. then we’re still going to need to make another move before I’m happy with how the C’s are shaping up.
    What about the Pierce back up? What about the back up point? Are they hoping the addition of Sheed is enough to get decent guys to take less for 1 year?

  • Wyc said he’s willing to spend. Sounds like they don’t give a shit about the luxury tax this year.

  • I’m not so worried about luxury tax. That’s wyc’s money. I’m worried about cap space and being able to bring in other players.

  • ????

  • DRJ

    While I have not been a big fan of Rasheed’s lately, because of his apparently lazy attitude, this piece of news makes me change my mind. Gotta love a guy who was so right about at least one ref (Mr. Felon Donaghy):

  • What?

  • Nick

    Hopefully now we can bring in MattBarnes for the 1.9mil vets minumum, I’de think there would be a few contenders who would pay hill over 2 mill effectively putting him out of our price range..Hill likes warm weather cities anyways, and he could sign with Spurs, Lakers or a few other warm weather contenders, Good riddance.

  • I don’t understand you’re comment whatsoever.

  • I’m saying I don’t care about the Luxury Tax. If Wyc’s willing to pay it… it’s his money.
    I’m more concern with the salary cap limitations involved with giving Sheed the full MLE.