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Rockets get Ariza

RedsArmyAdmin July 2, 2009 Uncategorized 25 Comments on Rockets get Ariza

According to Marc J. Spears

The Boston Globe reports that a source close to the situation says
Lakers forward Trevor Ariza has agreed in principle to sign with
Houston in a five-year deal worth $33 million

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  • Anon

    And Lakers get Ron Artest for an 18 mil contract for 3 years lol.

  • Nick

    I am a Celtics fan and truthfully..Are the Lakers any better swapping Artest for Ariza? Maybe a tiny bit but not enough to warrant the buzz this deal is getting. My concern is we are no longer the CLEAR number 1 team in the league. All of the top 6 teams are just stacking up like some sort of nuclear arms race with no regard for past issues, team chemistry, or anything else. So many former All-Stars are joining Eastern Conference powers it is borderline insane! I am thinking we should make a run at Allen Iverson, If he’s a douche then we can just release him. A bench with Sheed,Iverson,Matt Barnes and all of their tatoos would be formidable.

  • Leo_77

    As a Lakers fan, I’m extremely sad to see him go, and am not thrilled about Ron Artest – we’ll just have to see how he plays and fits in.

  • srm90

    Wow David Lee is an idiot. He bluffed and tried to force the Lakers to overpay and got burned. His big money deals he spoke of were non-existent. Ariza should fire him.

  • Nick

    If we are gona pay the Luxury Tax regardless, and L.A and Cleveland are upping the ante, let’s assume Sheed goes to the Spurs, Y not sign Odom and stick it to them Laker Douchebags. I would rather get Sheed to help against Shaq and D-12 but picture a lineup in short spurts of Rondo,Ray,Pierce,Odom and K.G, Holy shit..Kobe and Artest can get their diapers changed at that point.

  • srm90

    the celts wouldhave to offer Odom a LOT more money to pull him away from the Lakers now. Money they don’t have.

  • Ariza just got a contract worth $33 million. He should be freakin’ grateful.

  • Artest yea that’s going to leave a mark.

  • DRJ

    Good deal for the Rockets, bad deal for LA. Ariza is great and going to be greater. Artest is nuts and going to get nuttier. And older.

  • you know what we have to do now, sign sheed and trade our expiring contracts for stephen jackson, we will not be out crazied by the likes of the lakers

  • srm90

    We’ll see. At this point in time Artest is the better overall player than Ariza hands down. Ariza can’t even create his own shot. A majority of his made 3’s were wide open off of kobe double teams. Ariza is a high energy player like James Posey, except he’s not even as good as Posey yet.

  • srm90

    The celts should then sign iverson for the v ets min as well. That would really out-crazy them.

  • Doesint matter.Niether Artest or Ariza impress me.

  • i am beginning to think not resigning posey was a huge mistake,
    also now that the rockets have all that money invested in ariza will battier be available? i would offer them expiring contracts for him quick because it looks like they are going to try and build around ariza, scola, brooks, and trying to sign the texas boy chris bosh, and maybe even having yao play a couple games somewhere along the line

  • I hate odom, and I dont want any of last years lakers core…no thanks…and no getting odom wouldnt make us any kind of favorite…that guy is a bum

  • Thats absurd….
    Ariza isnt great and isnt gonna get any better as far as im concerned, hes a young guy whos getting overpaid using the MLE…what does that say?
    Artest is bordering on elite and is twice the player ariza is

  • ugh, are people really dumb enough to want to sign iverson? please, we would be lucky to make the playoffs after signing him
    i would like stephen jacskon, he woulkd be great

  • lol, yeah keep telling yourself that…

  • just now starting to think not re-signing posey was a mistake? not when we were forced to play brian scalabrine on rashard lewis? but now?
    hmm okay… when will people stop mentioning this guy?

  • first of all scal was filling in for injured players, you cant change injuries
    but going into this next year the celtics need to add a big man and a wing player who can d up and shoot threes; there would be nothing stopping them from giving sheed the full MLE for 2 years if they had brought back posey last year for the contract he wanted
    bottom line is that i was always kind of on danny’s side, with not bringing him back, that is until teams have started to gear up, and we are left trying to piece a bench together

  • Not that impressed with Ariza. Sure, he made some big plays this past postseason, but a career average of 6.9 PPG just doesn’t justify $33 million to me. He’s still 24 and could turn out to be TMac to Kobe’s Vince Carter.(following that?)

  • Uncle Leo

    when did you feel the celts were the clear number one team in the league?

  • Sal

    Great signing for Houston. Ariza will be a solid core guy. However, I don’t think he’s going to get them anywhere in the near future, considering Yao’s injury.

  • jonny

    lamar odom is one of the best combo forwards in the league. if we got him then we would definately be the clear favorite in the east…he can rebound, score in the post, shoot an excellent midrange jumper, run the floor, and even play some point forward.

  • Hes as inconsistent as they come, his midrange jumper isnt excellent, he lacks a high basketball IQ and and his point forward abilities are overrated…all finesse