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More Mistakes in the Rasheed Wallace Story

We're doing our best to keep you updated on the Celtics and Rasheed Wallace, but it seems like every story that breaks…is wrong.

Gary Tanguay told us late last night that Rasheed would be coming to Boston today, but it turns out that is not true. Here's the latest from his blog:

We do know that KG, Danny, Doc and Wyc are all making the trip to Michigan.

I guess all of these travel details really don't matter.

(Hat tip to Jess Camerato of WEEI)

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  • Oberto got bought out, i bet he goes back to SA, but he wouldnt be bad as a backup center if we cant get sheed

  • Jon

    That’s not that cool. My level of excitement just went down a little. The C’s sending a recruiting army out to his house isn’t the same as ‘Sheed taking the time to actually come here himself on the 1st day of free agency. If he was coming to Boston then I would believe that we were the front runners to get him. Now, it’s back to just hoping.

  • FSantos33

    Should we send Sheed some flowers and chocolates too… As much as I want Sheed on the Celtics this recruiting orgy is stunning. All this new Twitting for tweakers is laughable. I am not going to believe any of the reports until they have video on YouTube showing Sheed or another player inking his John Hancock on a contract.

  • wow, that be dissapointing…thinking youre getting sheed and settling for oberto, a guy with heart problems

  • Great article that Celticsblog just linked to on Rasheed:
    Really good read…

  • FSantos33

    Good read indeed. Maybe Dumars should hire Sheed as the new Player Coach. Why not?

  • FSantos33

    Per Boston Herald:
    “According to the source, the Celtics are willing to offer Wallace the full $5.8 million mid-level exception, but were only planning on offering the 35-year-old a two-year contract.”
    I can’t see Sheed taking this deal. Other teams like Cavs, Magic, Spurs and Lakers may have better offers.