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Oh yeah… Lester Hudson was in town today

So we've been going nuts today with the Rasheed Wallace/Leon Powe stories… we almost overlooked the fact that Lester Hudson was in town today.

He did the whole 'hold up the jersey' thing (he'll wear #26)… he took (and made) a lot of jumpers in a few shooting drills… and he said all the right things.

"I'm fortunate to be drafted by the Boston Celtics," says Hudson. "I have a great opportunity."

"I'm gonna go out and play as hard as I can everyday," says Hudson.

"I'm a winner. I love to win," says Hudson

NECN has a lot more.

Meanwhile, the Celtics announced their full Orlando Summer League squad… which includes Mike Sweetney.. who ate his way out of the league:

“Mike’s trying to make a comeback,” said Danny Ainge. “He’s trying
to overcome some things happened in his personal life. He’s been
working out very hard, the last six or eight months for sure, and maybe
longer. He’s certainly a talented player, and proven he belongs in the
NBA. We’ll see if he can make a comeback.”

The rest of the roster includes Hudson, JR Giddens, Bill Walker, Gabe Pruitt, Nick Fazekas, Coby Karl, Chris Lofton, Bryan Mullins, Kevin Rogers, Bryce Taylor, Robert Swift and Darius Washington

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  • Nick

    Robert Swift..Hell fuckin yeah baby. I’ve been a fan of this guy’s skill set for a long time. He is very skilled and a legit 7footer. Put me on record as saying Swift will have a more productive career than Leon Powe. Playing with 5 (Big3Perk&Rasheed) All-Star players will bring out the best in this guy. I think he will be a Celtic for a few years…Great signing by Danny Ainge. we have some underated young guys on our roster..Great move By D.A now just get Barnes instead of Grant Hill.

  • he is not on the team yet, just the summer league team, he is definitely going to have to do something special to make the roster

  • Nick

    PAPA IRISH…Swift is making this squad. He will be taking Powe’s spot. As long as Swift is healthy, his offensive repitoure is AWESOME. I remember wanting this guy in the 2004 draft and not Big Al. Thankfully I was a stupid asshole and Ainge wasn’t. That being said though, this guy has gota be young still because he came outta High School so he must be 25 tops. I like giving Sweetney a look as well, he was very talented also but WAYY overweight.

  • Nick

    I know this ain’t Celtics talk but does anyone think that’s a good trade for Memphis getting ZachRandolph for QRichardson? Memphis starting 5 is now
    They probably won’t make the playoffs but they won’t win 18 games anymore with that kind of roster. As of right now I see them as being ahead of the Kings,Wolves,and Warriors. With MarcGasol and Sam Young off the bench they could possibly challenge Dallas and Pheonix for the 8th seed. I see the Grizz as rising where as the Hornets and Suns and Rockets look like they will be taking a step backwards. I think this could finally be the year where the Mavs, Suns, and Rockets struggle to make the Playoffs. My only sure fire West playoff teams are the Lakers,Spurs,Blazers,Nuggets, and Jazz . The Kings,Clippers,Wolves and Warriors won’t make it. That leaves The Grizz,Mavs,Suns,Hornets,Rockets, and Thunder battling for 3 spots. Just a thought.

  • Getting Zach Randolph is never a good move.

  • thetitleisours

    Lester will be our Gilbert Arenas 😉

  • thetitleisours

    Having “Gay” and “Mayo” on the same team is just wrong

  • Nick

    How is Gay and Mayo a bad thing? 2 young potential 20 ppg players who can play D doesn’t seem like a problem to me, I think they are one of the better sg sf combos in the league and I think most experts would concur with that