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C’s to Powe: “‘Good luck with another team”

I still say that when it comes to pure business… not offering Powe a qualifying offer was the right move.  But man… it's getting really hard to defend anything besides that.  Today… Leon gave his side of the story to the Herald:

“Of course I was disappointed, because I want to come back,” Powe
said today. “I love the fans. It was just a wonderful place to play.”

Powe walked away from his conversation believing that his time as a Celtic was finished.

“I wasn’t feeling a vibe like that,” he said of whether he got the
sense the Celtics might be interested in re-signing him later in the
summer. “I knew they wouldn’t (offer a qualifying offer), so I just
have to move on.

“That’s what they told me,” Powe said of whether his connection with
the Celtics was finished. They told me, ‘Good luck with another team.’
Doc (Rivers) told me that he wanted me there, and he would do whatever
he could to make sure I came back, but Danny came to me yesterday
saying that they only have a two-year window, and I would be taking up
a roster spot for someone else.”


Jess Camerato made things even worse by emailing me this about Leon still being a super awesome guy.

Powe says he could be back by February.  I'm still holding out hope that we can bring him back.  Maybe I'm being overly sentimental. 

Around the L:  Ben Gordon might sign with Detroit for $50 mil… the Blazers are pursuing Hedo Turkoglu… The Mavs might offer Jason Kidd 3 years… and OKC is trying to get Paul Milsap

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  • Nick

    All of you cry babies give it a rest already. Its not fair Leon is the heart and soul of the team. Leon is classy. Leon plays hurt. Leon is a true celtic! Fuck that nonsense. The bottom line is that we HAD to choose between Powe and Big Baby this summer. There was no way we were keeping two guys who do EXACTLY the same thing. I was always A powe guy over Davis, but with Big Baby developing a jump shot and Powe not doing so..That ended the debate in Ainge’s mind..simple as that, If BigBaby and Sheed are the 2 biggest fontcourt priorities for this team then there is NO NEED for all the sentimental stories. He wasn’t gona be here good knee or bad knee. Sign Barnes not Parker please for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD

    And Nick officially declares that he has no heart.

  • Joe

    I don’t see why the Celtics can’t sign Powe to the league minimum for a 1 year deal. They had Scott Pollard on their championship team for Christ’s sakes, why can’t Leon be a 12th man.We need to start a petition.

  • Nick

    Because Joe..Look at the landscape..Shaq,Vince Carter,Mike Miller,Randy Foye,BenGordon, Jamal Crawford, all kinds of new teams are emerging in the East, It is a jungle out here and we have no room 4 the weak.

  • thetitleisours

    One needs to know that sometimes loyalty can also be a good business decision. Not saying they should have signed him, but at least made some lip service that he can always be part of the organization. Modern players and future players will hear that stuff and it could be the edge needed in signing future free agents or keeping our own

  • John (Lakersland really really laughing at your GM)

    LOL. You guys rather have Glenn Krispy Kreme Davis over Leon Powe? Either Danny Ainge knows something about Powe’s knees that nobody else knows, or he really really really is the worst GM since anyone other than a Clippers’ GM.
    ARE YOU F-ING SERIOUS? You think a 6′5″ 429lbs. Davis makes a better backup forward than 6′8″ in-shape bruiser PF Powe?
    As a Lakers fan, I saw Powe shred the Lakers last year. I also saw Glen Davis eat a cheesecake while KG was taking a freethrow. I swear. Youtube it.
    Unless Powe’s knee is completely messed up, Ainge is proving that even when he does something right (drafting a bargain Powe in the 2nd round), he’ll screw it up (not re-signing Powe in a down market).
    Hilariously unbelievable