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C’s pursuing ‘Sheed, Anthony Parker

So says Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

Sources say Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge and assistant director of basketball operations Leo Papile showed up on Rasheed Wallace’s doorstep just after midnight Wednesday to make their recruiting push.

“I know he is definitely considering playing for them,” one league source said.

The Celtics also have expressed interest in Toronto Raptors guard Anthony Parker..

They must really want Sheed.  I think Parker would work too.  That same link mentions Marcin Gortat is telling teams he already has a full mid-level offer… which would mean some GM is doing what everyone thought he would do: overpay a big man.  There's also some chatter about Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon meeting with Detroit.   

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  • G4L

    A guy I would like to see in a Green uniform is Zaza. I think he could be a big help in the front court, giving perk some rest, especially since shaq is back in the eastern conf.

  • G4L

    I also think Wilcox would be a good fit.. but Zaza has more offense

  • Alex

    Man, he looks so weird in a Celtics shirt. Haha.
    Most likely the Photoshop work makin it look weird.

  • Nick

    I keep hearing and I heard it again on yahoo today that the C’s are going after Anthony Parker. WTF are we doing this for? Parker is 34 and he can’t hold Maruis Daniels or Matt Barnes jockstrap. Give me a fucking break. I didn’t get 2 pissed last year when we didn’t resign Posey and didn’t replace him. But 2 straight years without someone filling Posey’s role is a fucking joke. Anthony Parker is awful. I’de rather have any of these guys over him…Ariza,Barnes,Posey,MarquisDaniels,BruceBowen,GrantHill,JamarioMoon, Ide rather play Giddens,Walker and T.Allen over him. What a fucking Joke! I Hope this shit ain’t true.

  • Nick

    ZAZA is awful..The guy just goes out there and bangs and gets in foul trouble. No offensive game whatsoever and he would be of no use. Assuming we get Sheed and Big Baby which is a HUGE assumption but I think we have a good chance of doing that, then for our 5th bg man role which is actually VERY important if you look at this past season. I’de rather bring in Shelden Williams or Robert Swift guys with some good upside. ZAZA couldn’t get much burn behing KG Perk, Sheed, and Baby so lets just leave him alone. Plus K.G might fuck him up anyways so

  • Credz22

    Kg and zaza hate each other

  • G4L

    You’re not giving Parker the credit he deserves, I think he would be a good fit. Granted he’s not going to set the world on fire but he can play 10-15 SOLID offensive & deffensive minutes a game.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I really hope we get Sheed. He will give us that extra big we’ve been looking for since the Big 3 were put together. PJ Brown was a nice fit, but Pollard and Moore were BUSTS. Sheed will spread the floor nicely for KG in the post and Paul driving to the lane, and gives us another big shot option. KG, Ray, Paul, House (thanks for staying) and Sheed can all hit the clutch shot-imagine Doc’s final shot plays with this lineup on the floor?
    Then get a defensive minded wing player that can be used like PoZ was-Barnes, Hill, Moon, Artest-and the duck boats will roll again. If we can’t resign BBD, that should free up some money to get one of these guys AND maybe resign Powe. Leon fits this team so well with his toughness and defense and hard work, he really is great off our bench.