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C’s dispatch Big 3 to woo Sheed

If it's not obvious by now who offseason target #1 is for the Celtics… it should be now.  The Celtics are going to send Doc Rivers and the Big 3 to try to convince Rasheed Wallace to come to Boston.

Coach Doc Rivers and the Big Three were planning a recruiting trip
to woo him, possibly as early as Wednesday afternoon, league sources

The Celtics are targeting Wallace with the midlevel exception and
sources say the team – which could be willing to pay a steep luxury tax
– is also pursuing Phoenix’s Grant Hill.
Sources say that Celtics management met with Wallace late last night,
and that they would be followed with a visit from the coach, as well Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Garnett and Wallace have a close relationship.

Boston officials are convinced that these next 24 to 48 hours are critical in overtaking the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference, and eventually, the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

Damn.  The C's are going hard after Sheed. 

What do you think… would Sheed and Grant Hill be enough to fill the C's needs?

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  • BigMck

    Hell yeah!

  • FSantos33

    F*** YEAH – FSantos has been preaching Sheed and Hill party for three weeks now. Get it done Ainge and Wyn SHOW ME THE MONEY!

  • I’d like to let everyone know that categorically, positively, unequivocally, undeniably, we are going to kick everyone butt if that happens!!!!!!!!!!

  • FSantos33


  • raichu

    Sheed + Hill + Starburry
    +Backup Center & Retaining baby would be the right equation for # 18 IMO

  • Atlas Shruggs

    Maybe they should go after Brett Favre too. This would be the oldest roster in the history of pro sports.

  • nick

    Sheed and Matt Barnes! C’mon dude wtf! Hill will be broken down by x-mas he always gets hurt except for last year. Plus GHIll cannot hit 3’s and Barnes can..Hill ain’t as good as Barnes on D either. Y is Danny doing this? Barnes, Sheed, Hudson, Diogu, RobertSwift,Marquis Daniels those guys should replace…Scal,T.A,Pruitt,Moore,Powe, and Davis.

  • Sal

    I don’t know that this team needs a Rasheed Wallace who’s spent the last two years 20 feet from the basket.

  • Yeah someone already said it…. Sheed + Hill + Marbury…. we’ll be all set.
    Let Baby go if all that happens.

  • and scal for when we are up 30

  • Sheed would solve alot of our problems.

  • Paul WIzzay

    *Sits and waits for “ball dont lie!”*

  • DRJ

    Rasheed is way overrated, and has no apparent fire in his belly. Unless you’re counting the number of arguments he gets into with the refs… and the number of techs he gets. He is not a banger, not an inside player, not the big this team needs. Fool’s gold is what they’re chasing.
    Personally, I’d rather have a healthy Leon Powe. Oh wait, I forgot… they threw him away. Assholes.

  • I dont think the celtics have enough cash to spread the MLE between sheed and barnes, but Hill, has a good relationship with Doc and presumingly wants to win a ring before his career is over so he would probably be MUCH cheaper
    So im thinking the idea is right now that you start the year with hill and sheed as your main acquisitions, add some minor ones like steph and robert swift and keep big baby
    that way you have the beginning of next year to see how hill fits in with your team, and somewhat evaluate the further growth of giddens and walker
    if something doesnt work out, you have a backup plan in smoe of your expiring contracts- tony allen, brian scalabrine, and rookie contracts of giddens, walker and pruitt can be used to net a guy from a team that is out of the race and in financial trouble; say new orleans, sacramento, pheonix or some other team

  • CREDZ22

    Elk right now there’s no such thing as a healthy leon powe he has no knee I love leon so much but sheed has more experience

  • what is with you and matt barnes? you overrate the guy to no end… he isnt that good, he isnt a good defender, yes he has the size and length to be one, thats about it…he doesnt do anything particulary well, hes lost his competiveness and will to bring it every night, has bad shot selcection and low basketball IQ
    hell, hill and barnes played on the same team last season, hill had the better stats and played in all 82 games…jus sayin

  • nick

    Im going to pretend you did not speak that way about Matt Barnes. The guys is a hustler. He will get bloody elbows for your team every night. He would be a perennial Tommy Award winner. Overrated? R u fucking kidding me. Did U watch Barnes play last year? The guy has never been hurt in his career. He is better than Ariza or Posey..2 guys who filled the role of hustling unsung hero for each of the last 2 NBA Champions. Its people like u that are only concerned with the big names and don’t see this guys heart. He has struggled to survive in the league and now is the right time to pick him up as he has found his niche. Blasphemy to speak of Matt Barnes that way!

  • tommy hoosier

    We would definitely lead the league in technical fouls if we got sheed. i love that we can get grant hill for cheap as for sheed i guess i am ok with it but the c’s r testing my fanhood with signing starbury kicking powe the the curb and now going after sheed but of course I will love seeing him in green. I just wonder what this will do to perk’s head, he will no doubt have to come off the bench and let’s be honest he is not the most mentally stable guy in the league that would be my only worry.
    Btw why don’t we just go after artest and re sign steph we would definitely be david stern’s least favorite team

  • lol…. if hes as good as you say he would be worth more money in the league?
    better then ariza and posey? no hes absolutely not even close to as good as either of those guys, sorry.
    Im not concerned with big names either, I actually know suns fans, and they hated what matt barned brought to them last season, chucking and lackadaisical defense…go ask one for yourself
    I dont care if he shoots 3s better then grant hill, because thats all he does better (and not even at that good of a clip)
    grant hill shoots 52% from the field, and actually defends better then a guy you say has never been seriously injured?
    cmon now, ill take what you just said with a grain of salt, because its way over the top my man…..the question should really be, did YOU watch matt barnes play last season

  • why not? we were better with james posey…rasheed could be a big man version of him…
    I think most people who have watched sheed know, when motivated hes as good as anyone in the league down on the block and hes a good 3 point shooter who can defend players like tim duncan, shq, and dwight howard as good as perkins
    I think his character issues are overblown…his teammates love him, and he would fit in well here with our guys i believe….its just the refs and getting along with coaches that are his problem

  • why, could we not sign baby too at that point? i think we need baby….people take him for granted big time, when guys like gabe pruitt, billy walker and jr giddens cant do anything for us, baby has turned into a legit NBA player who is going to continue to improve, especially after dropping more weeight and playing in the team usa summer camps… bring back davis!!!!

  • lol…
    Sheed being overrrated is overrated…first of all, no…hes probably one of the more underrated players of the generation and when motivated one of the best bigs in the entire league
    as far as powe, its too bad because this guy didnt have to come back and play in the playoffs, but he sacrificed his body, unlike KG, rushed back to play and tore his ACL again, and played on it for minutes to try and help us win playoff games…great heart right there..
    BUT, leon powe did not have a good year last year, i thought he had regressed even when healthy, he then had a good couple of weeks before getting injured and everyone forgot about his terrible season..
    that being said, having powe and davis was a weakpoint and would be again, so who do take, the healthy guy who continues to improve and started for us during the playoffs, and while noone talk about it is just as good a kid as leon and had just as tough as a childhood? or the guy with thew torn acl who cant help a team that needs to win now????
    pretty simple decision drj, this is a buissness brotha

  • the celtics didnt kick leon to the curb at all…his contract ran out and the celtics made the best decision for the team…i guarantee you it wasnt easy for any of them…but cmon man….right move…sorry leon

  • Check the depth chart homie.. Sheed is coming off the bench when Perk/KG need a breather or get in foul trouble. I think it will be a welcomed addition all around.
    also perk is a beast both mentally and physically

  • dave

    pretty much