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Breaking News: Pistons Get Gordon, Villanueva



Former Bulls guard Gordon will receive a five-year, $55 million deal,
while former Bucks forward Villanueva gets a five-year deal for $40
million, sources told's Chris Broussard.

Why am I thrilled? Because this means we don't have to worry about Villanueva playing for the Cavs.

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  • Jp

    What do you make of all the noise about Artest wanting to “sign with a contender”?

  • is it just me or is villanueva overrated? maybe its just me
    either way, i find it interesting these are the pistons coveted free agents, lol..they do now have 2 shooting guards from Uconn, and of course charlie v went there as well, with ben gordon actually

  • No beans about it, those are 2 quality players. Great signing for Detroit-puts them back in contention for the East. In my opinion anyway. Might sound ignorant, but Cleveland doesn’t scare me yet. If they pick up one more wing player who can score though, they will be tougher than they were in 2008-09…

  • FSantos33

    That would be our desperate move if we can’t get Sheed

  • FSantos33

    Word, overrated for real. Dumars lost his fucking mind. He’ll be the Lame Duck over weight GM getting fired by next year. Meet your New Uconn Pistons.

  • FSantos33

    Give Gordon and Charlie V some chips and dip they are done. Sitting on all that Paper… The only reason they had good seasons last year was because it was “Contract” year. Dumars just locked the pistons down in salary for years to come.
    Hey Chuck: Lock me in for this quote: Dumars lame duck GM be gone after next season.

  • Wow! We'll see. I have to disagree at least with BG-he is a great scorer and great ballplayer. CV I also think is a good player and will be a great player for Detroit if he can adjust to Detroit's system and stay healthy..

  • Nick

    Bottom line is that Detroit just improved themselves ALOT. The problem is the East is stacked now. They are 5th or 6th in the conference at best. But hey, they are deff better than last year but the heart of this team was Billups and to a lesser extent Sheed, losing them 2 guys has changed them 2 much. They will be probably 47-35 battling in 4-6th in the East with the Bulls and Hawks.

  • Detroit just got two guys that cant defend there position, how does that improve any team? especially when you overpay a guy that plays the exact same position as your best player
    i guess they are going to try to trade rip now, because there is no way they can keep him is there? i dont think they can play a lineup of ben and rip at the 2 and 3 positions and expect to be successful

  • Sal

    (raises nose)
    What’s that I smell? Smells like…desperation.
    Dumars lost his chance at Boozer. He should’ve put all that money into the bank and saved it for 2010. But he didn’t do that, and now he has an $11 mil a year SG who doesn’t play defense and hogs the ball to go with Stuckey (who isn’t much of a point, no matter how much Dumars wants him to be) and Hamilton (who just signed a long-term extension). Villanueva’s a decent signing, but still. If Dumars sent out a press release after trading Billups that said “No worries, fans! We’re getting Gordon and Villanueva,” he’d have been murdered.