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Stephon Marbury Really, Really Likes Us


Via the Boston Globe:

“I’m not trying to get a bunch of money,’’ Marbury said. “I know Boston
doesn’t have a bunch of money. I’m not seeking out teams with more
money. I want to play for a championship-contending team. I can’t play
for a young team that’s not in a position to compete for a championship.

“I want to play in Boston. I’m not going to say that I don’t. But I
know the way that business works. If I don’t come back it won’t be
because of me.’’

“They brought me in when I was going through some things,’’ Marbury
said. “They showed a lot of faith in me. They believed in me, even when
I wasn’t playing well. The fans and the organization were behind me
every day.’’

I've said it before and I will say it again; bring back Starbury. He did all the right things last season (except for the playing well part) and he's saying all the right things this summer. He wants to show us and the rest of the NBA he's still got something left.

CSN's Gary Tanguay offers this nugget:

As we told you last week on Sports Tonight the Celtics would love to
get Rasheed Wallace to come off the bench this year. As we grow closer
to the post July 1st NBA free agent signing period the chances of
Rasheed wearing green this coming season are very good.

He is good friends with Kevin Garnett and he has a great interest in coming here.

My gut tells me Rasheed  Wallace will be come a Celtic soon.

Is this reporting or guessing? If it's the latter, no offense to Tanguay, but John and I "guess" about guys all the time on this site.

Anyone else annoyed with all the media coverage given the Knicks? We're supposed to get excited every time the Knicks express interest in a free agent? It's been nearly ten years since the Knicks have won 40 games in a season. They are awful and no where near title contention.

Memo to the Globe and Herald, give your readers news when it happens. Both papers/web sites waited until today to reveal what Danny Ainge said about BBD, Eddie House and free agency in yesterday morning's conference call. We gave it to you yesterday afternoon. It may not be earth-shattering news, but it's news. Share it with your readers, please.

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  • thetitleisours

    Well if he doesn’t sign, we have Lester Hudson who will this years version of Gilbert Arenas who actually knows how to pass 😉

  • ‘Sheed could teach Perk to master his ability to pick up techs

  • thetitleisours

    Throw in Dahntey Jones and everyone will be afraid of us!

  • Ricky Davis

    Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge is prepared to make qualifying offers to retain the rights of restricted free agent forward Glen Davis, the Boston Globe reports.
    If another NBA team were to sign Davis to an offer sheet, Boston would have seven days to match the offer. Davis’ annual salary is $711,517, according to the paper.
    Since joining Boston as a second round pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, “Big Baby” has proven himself as valuable commodity for the Celtics.The LSU product was especially important last postseason, when he averaged 15.8 points in 14 games while starting for the injured Kevin Garnett.

  • Like I been screaming for weeks. Sheed is a perfect fit. All they need now is a decent backup wing for pierce (moon/parker/daniels- as you all have been sayin) and the C’s are golden for 2010. Steph is gonna be much improved as well.

  • thetitleisours

    I hope we sign him too, but I would not overpay for him or overpay for House. We do not know if they can repeat those performances, and as well as Davis played he does have some limitations. I think Ainge will make fair offer’s to both. I trust him

  • RandyAndicia

    Marbury’s time is up. All those years of drama in the NBA has taken it’s toll. His skills are gone and the younger players can do what he used to do. A player has to do the D-Wade thing and go to a gym and practice until things are automatic. Being gifted is not enough these days. Everybody is gifted. I would not have Wallace on my team. He destroys teams and gets coaches fired. And his sorry Be-Hind won’t play in the paint. He just shoots long shots. He is a cancer. Bringing in Miles was stupid also. He was never good ever. The Celtics were one and done. Now the coach can get fired like he should have prior to the championship.

  • AMP

    I think Wallace is a great fit, but he’s a little aged. Maybe I am looking too far ahead, but what will 2010-2011 look like?
    Despite that, I would love to have Marbury back. It is proven he can play, and I don’t think it is fair to judge him only the time in a C’s uniform. I think that after an off-season as a Celtic, he will be in shape, in time, and explosive. I am excited to watch!

  • Danno

    You’re a fucking idiot troll.

  • FSantos33

    That’s what I am talking about right there… Sheeeeeeeeed! Say what you want about him but he plays when he wants to play and in Boston he’ll be fired up once again surrounded by the big 3. Put the icing on the cake with Grant Hill, Moon, or Barnes… LETS GO AINGE!
    Chuck: Don’t trip about the Knicks – As long as Mike A is coaching they ain’t going nowhere. Also, didn’t they learn their lesson on last year’s draft pick (The Italian kid, forgot his name), this year they want to repeat it by going after Rubio. They are wasting their time for real. Run and Gun style is dated, try to play some defense NY.

  • FSantos33

    Troll radar in full affect

  • I cant blame starbury…the man has a point, boston accepted him with open arms in his most vunerable times, and supported him even when he played like crap, and he was treated well by his teammates and coach…why wouldnt he wanna be in boston

  • Danno

    except he didn’t really play like crap. At all.
    His shooting was off at the beginning, but anyone with any sense at all expected that after a year and a half away from the game.

  • Danno

    please explain why you have a KG avatar when all you’ve done is shit talk him in all the Rondo discussions, about how un-classy and cowardly you think he acts.
    what a freaking hypocrite you are, ruins.

  • SMarbury

    I hope the Curse of Marbury stays with the Suckdics. No team deserved it more.

  • Because im a fan of KGs game on both ends of the floor….I could do without his antics, I cant see why other celtics fans cant see it, noone else in the league could get away with his behavior….
    and yes, when being realistic, one observes how rondo acts, and how KG acts…who the hell is the immature one?

  • ah yes, marbury didnt play like crap but rondo did
    whos the hypocrite?
    Yes, rondo has supposed character issues, but lets make stephon marbury his back up, bwa ha ha!!!
    or the second fabrications and rumours come out about our starting PG who was won a championship, played in 4 game 7 and has won 128 regular season games in 2 seasons and is only 23 yrs of age…lets jump off that bandwagon , ah yes…to bad danny has been the one selling us on him all along and just doesnt want to pay him what rondo now deserves (look at the 2006 draft and name me 2 better players that came out of it)

  • Danno

    You’re worse than the laker trolls. Seriously.
    Just go die in an AIDS fire.

  • AMP

    Guys…come on! A little over the top. And stop using “noone”.

  • FSantos33

    Geez you two guys went at it LOL. You both have your own point now just Let it go.

  • nick

    Moon Parker Daniels? I would take Matt Barnes over any of them in about 1 second and I would also take Barnes over Ariza or James Posey. The dude is an animal, some people just haven’t seen him play enough I vouge for Matt Barnes helping bring banner 18. As for Sheed..I’de rather get Diogu,CharlieV,SheldenWilliams or any other big man..Sheed just ain’t a good fit he is 2 crazy and he has always started..Let him go join a warm weather city like that pussy Grant Hill, I don’t really want either in green

  • Stay classy danno

  • I actually did nothing, he asked a question and then i answered it, he cant handle it and tells me to die in aids

  • Apparently since im a fan of rondo, and want him to remain a celtic, I should go die in an AIDS fire..
    agreed, over the top

  • and if you noticed, its actually an avatar of my girlfriend

  • kendall1

    Sheed can play but like you said, he plays when he wants to. Celtics need a player who going to play all the time. Marbury, I kinda feel he’ll be better in the coming season but don’t break the bank. Matt barnes is a real good journeyman.People sleep on Barnes.

  • kendall1

    I agree about the Knicks. Defense would have won them about 20 more games LOL.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I agree with Danno, go die. You’re not a real Celtics fan period. I’m not calling you a Laker fan anymore, but you’re not a true fan of the Celtics. And you’re usually a blog hog, which I also can’t stand. Ugh!

  • Go die?
    really? a little harsh and quite immature, no?
    grow up, im a celtics fan, what doesnt make me one? im not the one who jumped of rondos bandwago at first hint of a trade…get a clue