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Introducing… The 8th Seed Podcast

8th seed

I'm beyond excited to introduce The 8th Seed… a new, 8-man podcast that was born from the big "Blogs with Balls" weekend. 

I joined Michael De Leon and Jeff Garcia from, Rey Moralde from The No Look Pass, Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard, Adam Best of Fansided and Glenn Moore of the Dugout Sports Show for the podcast.  Zach Harper from Talk Hoops will also be a member of the show… but for some reason wasn't around.  In fact, the show opens with the 7 of us leaving him a voicemail to give him crap about not being there.

The show is up on this month.  We've also created as a one-stop shopping site for all of our shows.

This an hour-plus of NBA goodness.  I should also mention that the language is NSFW.  In this show, we run through the draft, make fun of Brandon Jennings, and we ran through some of the big trades so far…. including a big debate between me and Glenn Moore about what the Shaq trade means in the East.

I hope you guys enjoy it.  I'm really excited about this.  I think this could be the start of something big. 

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  • looks like tanguay wasnt too far off base
    ric buchor tweeted today- looks like kg’s pleas have worked, boston is now on sheeds list

  • Danno
  • Nick

    Bad news..House is coming back. Its not that I don’t like House, I do like him, But my problem is if he left then we would have more room to bring in more pressing needs such as a BIG a PG to back up Rondo and another Big Man off the bench. Maybe we can package him in a trade for someone.

  • Jp

    Podcast? Awesome! Are you gonna list it on Itunes so I can be as lazy as possible listening? That would be great, thanks!
    House staying is bad news? Are you serious Nick? House had a great season last year (for a role player) and, in my opinion, Doc did not do a lot in terms of helping him. Imagine if we could teach our guys to set proper picks. What about getting him the ball when he is open more? Maybe I am still hurting from all the years when we didn’t have a guy close to being the spot up shooter House is, but Him staying is a big win to me!!

  • Yeah… it’ll be on ITunes. That’s partly why we started

  • Good luck with this guys. I’m sure it will be a huge success.

  • oop

    this looks really awesome, can’t wait to hear some real hoops talk.