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Eddie House is coming back!

Eddie House

Eddie House won't opt out of his deal.  He has chosen to come back to Boston for the last year of his deal.

"It was a tough decision," Bartelstein said. "We went back and forth
the last couple of weeks. But, when it was all said and done, Eddie
loved his time in Boston, he feels like he is on a championship
contender, he really enjoys playing with his teammates and playing for
Doc (Rivers), and the fans have been great to him."

Eddie's gonna make $2.86 million next year.  I, for one, am very happy to have Eddie back.

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  • Glad to have you back Eddie.

  • Good decision Eddie! Lookin’ forward to your three point bombs hittin’ nothing but net in 2009/2010!
    Glad to have ya’ back!

  • Yay
    Great news

  • FSantos33

    Good Choice EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!
    On the Business side of things… I think he and his agent probably came to a realization he won’t get much more than $2.86 if he opted out. This way when we win it all next year with a sniper specialist like Eddie would be very attractive in the 2010 free agent market.

  • zauer

    good move for both, eddie and organization

  • Haven’t posted in a while but im pumped to hear that news.
    Gooooo Eddie

  • Call me crazy…. but anybody think that Marbury came out yesterday and made those comments about wanting to return to Boston to try and make Eddie opt out of his contract today?
    Note: I do not think this was Marbury’s purpose… Im just sharing a thought just crossed my mind because of the timing.

  • I’m not sure why he’d do that. Are you saying Marbury might think he’s less likely to stay because the C’s are paying House?

  • Glad to have you back Eddie. The Garden crowd absolutely loves this guy-loves him.

  • No…. Steph will obviously get more minutes if Eddie is not here.
    That was the point I was trying to make. Not saying he did it for that reason though, just pointing out the possibility.

  • Welcome back Eddie Money, this is great news.

  • thetitleisours

    Read my mind

  • Lakerhater

    Finally some good news, E-casa back in the fold.