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Celtics playing the pick 3

Pick 3

The Celtics essentially have 3 open roster spots to play with this summer.  They've got $5.6 million in mid-level money to play with… assuming they spend the whole thing.  So let's start looking at ways to get 3 guys in here who can fill the voids we have.  I'm trying to use realistic salary expectations.

Stephon Marbury: $2.5 milion
Matt Barnes: $1.5 million
Ike Diogu: $1 million

This scenario keeps Marbury in town to back up Rondo, gives us a back up for Pierce, and gives us a serviceable power forward.  Barnes would be able to score a little… and if both are running with Steph… maybe he'll opening things up for both to perform slightly above their averages.

Charlie Villanueva: $4 million
Royal Ivey: 884,881 (minimum)
James Singleton: 884,881 (minimum)

This is called "desperately trying to get 3 guys while signing Villanueva".  It is admittedly trying to stretch things.  But Ivey could be a decent back up option at the point and Singleton could at least spell Pierce for a few minutes a game.  They'd definitely have to pony up some dough and sign Big Baby in this scenario.

Marcin Gortat: $3 million
Stephon Marbury: 2 million
Leo Lyons (undrafted rookie/Missouri): 457,588 (rookie minimum)

I'm afraid someone is going to overpay Gortat… but I think $3 mil. is a fair price to pay for what he brings to the table.  I'm hoping Steph will stick around for something between $2 or $2.5 million.  In this scenario, we take a flyer on Leo Lyons out of Missouri and hope he can be one of those undrafted rookies that surprises people.

Those are just a few scenarios that I think are possible as the Celtics try to fill their stated needs (back up 3, back up big, back up point).  Go ahead and have some fun with this in the comments and present what you think some good combinations would be.

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  • Option 1 is the only one I’d like to see

  • thetitleisours

    What worries me is I thought that last year would have brought more Free Agent quality, but it didn’t.
    I hope one of your scenarios is right, but the pessimist in me is worried until I see the first signing

  • Evan

    Just talked to Chad Ford online:
    Evan (Boston)
    Speaking of the Pistons, where do you see Rasheed Wallace ending up? I’m hearing sheed could be wearing celtics green..
    Chad Ford
    That’s the rumor … Magic, Spurs and Cavs have also been rumored there. And don’t totally count out the Bobcats. Sheed and Larry Brown have a good relationship.

  • FSantos33

    It’s like shopping at an expensive department store with 20 bucks in your pocket and come out with two imported candy bars.
    Is Wyc on Twitter? Tell him to show us the Money. He said he would open his wallet up this summer.
    Sheed 4.5
    Barnes 1.5

  • Call me crazy, but I’d rather spend $4.5 million on someone other than Sheed. I’d rather spend it on Villanueva if we had to. He’s at least 25 years old and not a head case.
    I asked about that Sheed rumor and it’s probably the Gary Tanguay speculation that has taken a new life on Twitter. I don’t know if Sheed is coming here.

  • FSantos33

    Charlie is going to want more than 4.5 for sure. Sheeed is a rental for one year. We are trying to win right now. He will behave himself just like Marbury did. We can stop all the budget talk if someone can get hold of Wyc on twitter. Show us the money Wyc, we don’t want to eat the MickyD’s dollar menu anymore. He has to spend more to get a good bench.

  • Stephon vets min to 1 mil
    Gortat 4.5 mil
    Grant Hill vets min
    Zaza 3mil
    steph vets min to 1 mil
    matt barnes 1.5 mil
    rasheed 4.5 mil
    grant hill vet min
    von wafer/rondney carney/or ronnie price whoever would sign for 1 mil

  • Stephon Marbury: $2 million
    Marcin Gortat: $3 million
    Kleenex Supply for John when Gortat is a Celtic: $460k

  • Nick

    MAT BARNES…he is our number 1 focus right now, he is vital to beating Orlando,Cleveland,Atlanta,Washington, and Chicago in a 7 game series. Whether its Diogu,BigBaby,Villanueva,Sheed or someone else who is the 1st Big off the bench, they will play well. Y don’t people realize that (WE DIDN’T HAVE A FUCKING BACKUP FOR PIERCE AND RAY LAST YEAR!!!)Playing a backcourt of Steph and House got us killed, House has gotta go and we need to ring in Barnes, and if we aren’t gona play Giddens and Walker then we need to bring in 2 guys…Marquis Daniels anyone? I’de love to see Cory Maggette in green, he would be one of the greatest 6th men in Celtics history with his scoring ability. As for Villanueva, something tells me he’s already committed to playing with the Cavs. If that’s the case I have no problem facing their front court with the 2 Cement footed Centers and Villanueva. If they sign hhim that means they likely can’t afford Varejao whom I would also like to see in Green he is very tough and hustles on every play.

  • Danno

    Why don’t any of these scenarios involve Sheed, since he seems more likely to end up in green than Barnes or Gortat?

  • Danno

    House has gotta go – Nick.
    Whoa, there. WTF are you smoking? Eddie was HUGE off the bench for us last year.

  • I’m hoping to get a sponsorship deal with them if that happens

  • I agree that Barnes should be our #1 priority. He shoots the 3 and can defend (at least) 3 positions. We really didn’t have a true backup at the 2/3 last year and I wished to God that we had signed him. Depending on what happens with House / Baby, I’d love to see them go after both Sheed and Steph as well. Another decent option would be Jamario Moon. Scal’s expiring contract should bring back another solid piece at the trading deadline next year as well.

  • nick

    Finally someone in the world knows how important Matt Barnes is to this squad. Hallelujah. Get him signed and then everything else will fall into place. If we get Parker or Moon and let Cleveland or another rival sign Barnes, we just may be fucked!

  • Nick

    Ya Eddie showed up big against Orlando right? Courtney Lee is a rookie and he shut him down.. House does 1thing well and thats it! We need more diverse and athletic players. If you remeber House was so bad in the 1st round against the Hawks 2 years ago that we had to play fuckin Sam Cassell. He is too small and can’t play no D! I love how we fall in love with our own players here in Boston. House,Scal,Bruschi,KevinMillar,Wakefield. The goal is to improve. We can do better at the 2 than Eddie House. If Marquis Daniels or another bigger 2 commands less or equal cash than house, than its BYE-BYE Eddie, matter of fact if he opts out than its good bye 2 h im. He’s done a fair job but lets move on.

  • Ed Teach

    Not sure if it is realistic salary wise.
    But my 3 are
    I am not sure we can get both Sheed and Barnes, but I would love that bench.

  • zaza or gooden at 3 to 3.5mil
    barnes for 1.5 to 2 mil
    steph for vets min to 1 mil
    and a low risk high potential guy for cheap like Robert Swift or Rodney Carney