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Baby gets offer, Powe doesn’t, & Sheed news

Scott Souza has the scoop.

While the Celtics did retain the right to match any contract offer
to Glen Davis through the qualifying offer, Ainge said the injury
status of Leon Powe – who had reconstructive left knee surgery after
tearing his ACL in the playoff series vs. the Bulls – was a determining
factor in the decision.

Ainge said Powe has been rehabbing with the team’s medical staff and
will continue to have access to the staff, if he chooses, despite no
longer being with the team. Ainge said he believed Powe was planning to
continue his rehab in California.

The qualifying offer for Baby was expected.  The lack of one for Powe, sadly, is also not a huge surprise.  I was hoping the C's would offer him one, but that was based on pure emotion.  Danny can't be bound by that and… business wise… it's a decision the C's had to make.  Maybe they'll bring him back when he's healthy down the road.  But for now… Leon Powe is no longer a member of the Boston Celtics.

Man… it makes me sad just type that.

Meanwhile, Gary Tanguay said tonight on the air that Rasheed Wallace would be visiting Boston this week.  Tanguay's been on the 'Sheed train since the beginning.  Let's see how it turns out.   

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  • right move, but i feel really bad for leon, i hope he gets healthy and can continue his nba career

  • thebleeptruth

    Getting sheed should be a priority. He’s old. But he can contribute a lot for the Celtics.
    Too bad for Powe. Hope he can return some day.

  • Godspeed Leon. Dude’s been through too much already to quit now. He’ll be back in the L with the C’s or someone else. The possibility of Starbury and ‘Sheed both on the Celtics next season is surreal.

  • Nick

    lets just get this bench stacked..I have a question for all of U guys. What do we do with Tony Allen? Bench him trade him release him?? I just don’t know if we should let him take up a roster spot. Sheed will be a nice pickup assuming he comes here but we need the backups for Pierce and Ray so we can rest them, but Fuck off with the Tony Allen experiment already haven’t we all seen enough? I just wonder if Ainge has.

  • I think that the C’s keep tony and see if his contract proves valuable at the trade deadline for a team out of the race looking to shed salary
    doc needs to improve his ability to handle the rotation next year, get pierce and allen rest no matter who is behind them

  • Joe

    I’m sorry, but that fucking sucks. I hate that Leon is not with the team anymore. I understand it deep inside but I just can’t accept it. It’s just not right. I hope we get Leon back when he recovers. He’s a Celtic for life in my book!
    Go Leon!!!

  • Sal

    In an era where the Pats and Sox are praised for being all business, I can’t help but respond in the following manner to a good business decision:

  • DRJ

    On the surface, this does SEEM like a “good” business decision. But, although it’s a minor issue… we’re talking about less than $1m… it’s a TERRIBLE PR move, and on balance, not as good a business decision as it seems. Because it proves to us fans, once again, that this team to which we give our hearts and passion is in fact: just a business. It’s just a business to the owners, and to Danny, and to all the decision-makers. Yes, and they just proved it again, by heartlessly throwing Leon out on his butt. And why? Because he was injured. What assholes.
    Tell me again why we should care about this team. About these people who are so willing to eat their own for a few dollars.

  • Joe

    I feel you, DRJ. But the Celtics are bigger than Danny, Wyc, Steve and whoever else that had a hand in letting Leon go, so my personal loyalty remains. But you’re right. This was a terrible PR move. Leon is a true hero, a champion in basketball and life. To kick him to the curb while he’s down…Man, Leon deserves better.

  • Yeah, this is just awful. I really wanted Leon back, he’s just a great guy and a great player. He earned an extension. I think considering the low salary they really should have given him a chance. I hope he returns but understands if he doesn’t, considering how he’s been treated. He is a fan favorite and has a bright future once he becomes healthy again.

  • CFH

    I’d hoped that the Celtics would be willing to treat Leon like a project… it’s never the case that everyone who has a roster spot contributes. Some are there because they’re expected to contribute in the future, and it’s not like Leon would have been expensive.
    At least the medical staff is still at his disposal. They’re being so businesslike it’s cold, but they aren’t being vicious.

  • Orb

    Damn. That’s sad, sad news. I hope Leon gets healthy and he gets back in a Celtics uni real soon. Hey KG, you’re pulling for ‘Sheed? How about working some back-stage magic for the fan favorite? Honestly, if they just wheeled Leon out to midcourt at halftime, the fans in Boston would go nuts. And that’s EVERY home game. That’s got to be worth something. He could be the new Gino.

  • agreed to an extent…
    but i think most fans know this is a buisness, and if not realized it last week when both rajon rondo and ray allen seemed on the block.
    i dont think its a bad PR hit, now if they trade rondo, i think that would be a devastating PR hit, because even though theres some dereanged rondo haters out there, its becoming clear hes alot of peoples fan favorite

  • Horseshit. Powe is universally loved in this league. It’s going to hurt seeing him in a different uniform soon.

  • Danno

    Two things about Leon Powe:
    1. He absolutely is one of my favorite Celtics ever, and he will be sorely missed. I really hope his recovery goes well and we re-sign him later this year.
    2. You guys need to stop saying this was “cold” or a bad Celtics PR move. The reality is, there’s probably a 75% chance Leon Powe will never play NBA Basketball again. And even if he does, it won’t be until at least next February/March at the earliest. Nobody got kicked to the curb. His contract is up. Had Leon and his agent tried to do something about re-signing or getting an extension last year when he was still healhty – that would be a different story. They didn’t. Instead they gambled on him getting big money in free agnecy because of his play last year, and they lost because he got injured this year.
    Business is Business. If you want to succeed, you need to know when NOT to gamble.

  • thetitleisours

    Leon played with that injury and risk to himself for the team.
    I am counting on Boston to do something for him. If he cannot land back on his playing feet he deserves a job on this team. People like him a a rare breed indeed, and in any capacity would be an asset to the franchise. He could be a great influence on many a young player for years to come

  • thetitleisours

    But Powe did not treat his playing as a business when he sacrificed himself by playing with that injury. Maybe they needed to not offer him a playing contract, but I hope they offer him some position on this team. Coach, scout, PR, anything.
    What will future Celtics think if we do not do the right thing for him? They may hesitate when playing injured, as they know the team will not stand by them
    Loyalty needs to be bidirectional
    The fact that they will offer him the staff and facilities to me is a good sign

  • Danno

    He played with that injury for less than 5 minutes of one game. Stop exaggerating like he played the whole season on a broken leg.

  • 11rings

    Good luck with your recovery Leon!

  • 11rings

    Man, I hope the Celtics offer Powe a contract once he’s healthy again, and he doesn’t hold this against them.