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Free agent bargain hunting

We are about to enter a flurry of free agent action.  On Wednesday morning, we'll know how the restricted/unrestricted free agent pool shakes out and the offers will start rolling.  By the time our next call in show comes around (Wednesday, July 8 at 9pm with Jeff Clark of players will start to sign with their new teams.

So it's gonna get busy.  And the Celtics will certainly be in that mix… albeit with a few more limitations than other teams.  We're working on a budget for the third straight year.  Today, has a good list of what it calls the best basement bargains of the summer.  There are some intriguing names.  A few in particular caught my eye:


Ike Diogu. One of only two
current players born on September 11, the 25-year-old Diogu made $2.9
million last season, when he barely played for Portland but showed
another of his intermittent flashes with Sacramento, averaging 9.2
points and 3.9 rebounds in 10 games. He has deliberate moves and slow
feet but can score in the post if you throw him the ball. A team
needing an extra big could have him for the five-year veteran minimum
of $959,111.


Shannon Brown.
Considered a throw-in when the Lakers dumped Vladimir Radmanovic for
Adam Morrison, Brown used the postseason to make himself desirable on
the free agent market. He averaged nearly 13 minutes and five points
per game in the playoffs for the champions, manning both guard spots
and sparking the Lakers with his athleticism. Brown is a restricted
free agent, which means the Lakers can match any offer he receives from
another team — which should be more than the $797,000 he made last
season. Given how poorly Sasha Vujacic played in the postseason, the
Lakers may want to keep him. But if another team offers Brown a
multi-year contract — say, $4 million over two years — the Lakers may
not match, based on their desire to keep both Lamar Odom and Trevor
Ariza and the fact they are above the luxury tax. 

Desmond Mason. In his first seven seasons, Mason
missed just 34 games. But he has missed 66 over the last two, will turn
32 in training camp and does not appear to part of Oklahoma City's
long-term plan, especially with the selection of shooting guard James
Harden in the draft. Mason still has the ability to defend two
positions and score a little bit, too. He still can be a rotation
player for a good team. He may warrant a multi-year deal but not
anywhere near the $5.3 million he made last season.

If you're willing to bring in McDyess… I think you should be willing to bring in Diogu… especially if he'll come in for less than $1 million.

I think Shannon Brown's name has been tossed around this site more than a few times.  And if he signs for $2 mil/year, then you've got a little flexibility to either bring in another guy with the rest of the mid-level… or just pocket that money for when you might need it down the road. 

Mason is also interesting.  A few years ago, he was a very good side-kick to Michael Redd in Milwaukee.  He knows how to score and he's a decent defender.  If he can stay healthy, the Celtics might be able to get a decent player with half their mid-level money.

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  • Nick

    Shannon Brown would be a great backup for Rondo assuming Marbury is gone. He’s very athletic, he can get to the rack and he improved his shooting by leaps and bounds last year. I’de love to sign him for 2 or 3 years and stick it to the Lakers. I also love Ike Diogo and he reminds me of a miniature Al Jefferson..Dez Mason, hmm he’s tough and solid but he’s had a lot of injury problems, but if Barnes and a few other guys don’t work out I wouldn’t mind seeing him come to Boston on a 1 year deal.

  • what about Wally Szczerbiak???

  • FSantos33


  • FSantos33

    Ainge had an awful season first he let Posey go and signed worthless Marbury and Miki Moore. He didn’t do anything on Draft night and on top of that he digs himself a hole by publicly criticizing Rondo and war of words with with RR’s agent. Big Baby, Powe, House, and Rondo are priority here. If he can bring everybody back and sign one strong free agent then we are back in business.
    The biggest piece of the puzzle is obviously KG. Can’t wait to see him back. I still feel Rasheed Wallace and Grant Hill should be on top of Ainge’s free agent list. I am not sure if the Celtics can afford both of them. We’ll wait and see. If not Grant Hill then Matt Barnes will be a good addition as well. (That one was for you Nick)

  • FSantos33

    Time to redeem yourself Mr. Ainge! Lets GO!

  • Diogu is another short post, i guess he would be a good option if we didnt bring back big baby or powe, but as of now we need height at the post positions, we already have enough small posts on our roster

  • Lakerhater

    Watched D. Mason as a sonic, a fun dunker but not much else. Look elsewhere Danny.