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Charlie Villanueva will be available

The Milwaukee Bucks are not going to make a qualifying offer to Charlie Villanueva.  That means that a 6-11 guy who averaged 16 points and almost 7 boards will be available. 

I think it's a no brainer to pursue him… and hopefully we can afford him.  But I think this is one of those deals where we can make a concerted effort to show him he's wanted.

So I want everyone to go on Twitter… and send a message to him that we want him in Boston.  He's @CV31.  Let's make this happen.

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  • Nick

    Excellent skill level posessed by Charlie V, he’s from New York City and went to UCONN so maybe the close proximity will help. I think he is awful on D, but with K.G lighting the fire under him and being surrounded by Hall of Famers, he may just develop into a 20 and 10 type of guy off the bench. If I had to choose between him and BIG BABY it would be CharlieV and it wouldn’t take me long to decide on him… I just wana throw this out there.. Boston has never been attractive to free agents no matter how good we are.. that being said, fuck 2010 and fuck the idea of getting either Lebron or Bosh or Wade to replace Ray’s money. It just aint happening. We need to be agressive and I LOVE the thought of getting Cory Maggette in a trade from G.S. the warriors do not want his contract so we should go after him, dude is a scoring machine and he’s as offensively gifted as pierce or ray, just like Villanueva he’s never played much D but he CAN play D esp with K.G and Perk and Thibs screaming at him..Get Cory Maggette no?

  • FSantos33

    Charlie V, YES! Cory, NO! I live in the Bay so I watch quite a bit of Warriors games. Cory is selfish, no D’, and gets hurt frequently off a broken nail. Cory is making 10 mill per year has three or four years left on it. No way! Wyc – Show us the money!!

  • Hate to rain on the parade but there is no way in hell he’s coming here. Other teams will throw him big money.

  • Im not sure its all about the money, he has been dropping hints on twitter all offseason that he wants to play for the cavs, i think he feels like he can go start on that team at power forward alongside shaq and bron
    i dont think he is the perfect fit for this team, i would rather have a true post guy, but he wouldnt be a bad option for us

  • I wonder if danny is searching for some guys that could be acquired for are expiring contracts
    There are a bunch of guys that we could feasibly get because of other teams financial troubles and wanting to unload some players
    i would at least call and ask about guys like nocioni, posey, gomes, matt harpring, stephen jackson and some other guys with bad contracts that could possibly help us

  • Gary Tanguay said that sheed is gonna sign in boston, is he reliable?
    this would be a fantastic present to wake up to july 1st

  • no gary tanguay is not reliable…at all
    and if I have to listen to him blame the entire orlando series on rondo when ray allen shot under 30%, PP was invisible in game 7, the bench was non existent, KG and Powe were injured, im gonna hunt him down and punch him in the face (well not literally)
    no blame whatsoever should be placed on the guy, if it wasnt for him, we dont get by chicago or get swept by orlando….theres plenty of blame to go around, the least being to rondo imo
    but how a guy who covers every game all year is so damn clueless is pretty flustering

  • Tanguay and Dickerson are both pretty privy to Celts info. I would take it with a grain of salt like anything the media says, but the FSNE people get alot of Celts’ news 1st. Would be a great present. We know ‘Sheed is gonna be ‘Sheed, but hopefully Doc and company could keep it to a minimum.

  • I’ve been blowing up CV’s Twitter as have Cavs’ fans. Keep it up. Imagine this lineup on the floor: Eddie, Ray, P-Dub, KG, CV31. Who you gonna leave open? Just one of many possibilities. Also, CV is a great guy-does alot of things for the community and is just one of the real NBA good guys.

  • Yeah, well tanguay has just sounded like a moron lately, even if sheed does come, the guy has gotten ripped here in recent years…
    and I am so soooo sick and tired of hearing people say Kevin garnett will set him straight, he will play hard all the time with kevin garnett…
    since when does KG have this power…people from boston just seemingly made it up, because the guy didnt changed anyones attitude in Minny for 13 years – he always played with babys, quitters and inconsistent terrible defenders…
    for example, ricky davis had his best days in boston with doc rivers and then when traded to minny to the tranformational KG he was terrible and fell of the face of the planet….overrated aspect…it would be up to sheed

  • Nickels

    I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now: Do you hate everyone on Boston not named Rondo?

  • he wont be 31 in boston

  • channing frye didnt get a qualifying offer either

  • Michael

    I joined twitter just for this purpose!

  • nick

    The great thing about the CharlieV situation is that he can help us sOO much but he can’t hurt us nearly as much. Lets say he goes to the Cavs and replaces Varejao, does that make them any better? It actually hurts them against us because that guy ain’t covering KG no way no how. That being said, is he winds us in Green which isn’t very likely then he could be an explosive player off of the bench and be a perfect complement to KG and Perk’s beastliness. He is more of a finesse guy and thats fine with me because he is special at what he does which is scoring and creating match up problems against second unit players.

  • Yeah, Cornbread would not like him wearing it. I just hope the Cavs don’t get him. That would really make them much better.

  • hmmm, no not really at all
    Im a huge fan of everyone on the team actually
    I just dont think playing with KG transfroms people effort or attitude…sorry it didnt for 13 yrs in minnesotta, and when he came to the celtics ray and paul were just as ready to do whatever it took

  • I don’t get that sense at all. They never “break” any stories.
    They’re like NESN. They are in bed with one of the pro teams in this town, but don’t fully take advantage of it.

  • No? I know the Sox own NESN. Does the Celts organization own FSNE?

  • No…they don't own FSNE. But considering the network airs all their games and handles all post and pre-game shows, they have an extremely close relationship. If the Celtics want to release information, it will likely go through Comcast.

  • Lakerhater

    I think your on to something here. NO is going broke and is not in a position to contend without spending more money. Danny should at least check if they have buyers remorse on Posey.

  • Channing Frye-that’s a possibility. That kid got so much press and was all-set to blow up, then the Knicks shipped him to Portland where his minutes were cut in half. But he’s 6’11” 250-legitimate back-up for Perk…Still somewhat young @26…