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I’m Trying to Stop Hating, But Kobe Makes It So Easy


Via Deadspin:

Kobe Bryant thinks he's bigger than the mayor of Los Angeles. And you know what? He's right. Divas don't share the spotlight with anyone.

somehow scraped together enough cash for a victory parade this week,
but it started an hour late. Whence the delay? A catfight between Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (best known for nailing not one, but two local reporters) and Kobe over who would receiver the undiluted hosannas of Angelenos.

The cause of the hold-up was occurring adjacent to the locker room,
where Kobe was refusing to ride on the City Council bus because the
mayor was to ride on it. At the same time, the mayor, the consummate
spotlight thief, was refusing to get on the City Council bus unless he
got on with Kobe. Kobe loudly denounced the mayor in phrases that
started with "I don't like the …" and ended with "I'm not going to let
him pimp my popularity!"

Thousands of fans take the day out of work/school so they can celebrate the Lakers championship but are forced to wait around an extra hour because the egomaniacal Bryant is having a pissing match with the mayor of LA?

Way to treat your fans – douchebag.

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  • Oh man I can’t wait for the 57 page reply on your stalker’s blog.

  • larry

    do you have a picture of the other reporter.?

  • Is that still going? Great. He’s probably the reason why our traffic has grown so much over the past couple of weeks.

  • Nick

    Kobe ain’t any better than Paul Pierce. Yup thats right I said it. I think I am the last person in the world who recalls Pierce taking a dump on Kobe’s head in the finals last year, and stuffing the ball in his face in the most important game in the series, game 4. Ya Kobe has more ability, but he takes WAY more shots than Pierce and is a straight up fucking PIG in big situations and he simply refuses to pass the rock. He was a major detriment to them in the 2007 finals because with Kobe you can just look at his face and u just KNOW that he is shooting that ball. The Lakers won it this year and there aint shit any of us can do about it, but much like the steelers winning the Super Bowl while Brady was out and Plaxico Burress was out, their NBA title was against an inferior opponent who under normal circumstances wouldn’t have been there.

  • a

    Paul Pierce wore a truth shirt to the parade. Didn’t whine about that did you.

  • a

    Kobe led his team to a title. Pierce led his team to a second round playoff exit against ORLANDO.
    Give me a break.lol

  • Your retorts are completely irrelevant to the post.
    The guy held up the parade for one hour because he’s an arrogant jerk.
    Why can’t you just admit that?

  • Nick

    Dude your a fuckin HATER and puppet for the ESPN’s of the world… Kobe’s the best, lets all get on our knees and blow em while he walks by. C’mon bro get serious. Where did he lead the Lakers last year when the Green were healthy? He led them to the fucking slaughterhouse, also known as the GAHDEN also known as Paul Pierce’s fuckin house. No fancy shit no show boating, just pure heart and effort is what u will be getting from the Truth..All heart and determination. He can play with Kobe or Lebron or Wade any day. Show a little respect.

  • David Wrighteous

    Weird and anti-Kobe post on a Celtics blog. In case you haven’t noticed Villarigoso is a huge scumbag.
    I wish KG was healthy and we could have seen the beatdown the Lakers would’ve given them this year.
    Ok start murdering me riiiiight now.

  • Boston2010!

    It is true man, Hate to say it.

  • Boston2010!

    Do a big boy article. Enough on Kobe Bryant.

  • CFH

    This was a post about Kobe holding up the parade for an hour because he wouldn’t share the spotlight.
    This was not a post about what Kobe was wearing at the time.
    Paul didn’t hold up the Celtics’ parade for an hour– if I had, I wouldn’t have been able to get away from work long enough to see it.
    Thanks for being grown-ups, Paul, KG, and Ray.

  • GMAC11890

    Well actually guys, this whole article is bs. I was at the parade on scheduled time and everything went as planned. I don’t know who your sources are on this article but its complete BS. The parade was NOT held up an hour, everything was right on time as they said it would be. You are probably losing plenty of traffic now that the season is over so you decided to make up BS lies against kobe because you know that these laker articles or kobe articles generate the most traffic. Nice try, its a shame you guys have a pretty legit site, but when you guys put BS like this up, its really not worth looking at anymore.

  • User

    Get a watch.
    I was there as well. It WAS held up although no one really noticed or seemed to care.

  • GMAC11890

    As a matter of fact, my cell phone tells the time. everything was right on schedule, give me more solid evidence to back your claim up, because now I really am interested. Lol i dont know how you are trying to prove that it was held up. thats even more BS than pierce saying hes better than kobe. lol

  • Pierce over Kobe? Yeah right. How many rings does he have? You’re blaming this year on injuries? Well if thats the case then Bynum was out cause of injuries last year. And had he been playing in the finals the Lakers would’ve made it a good series. That would’ve ended in a game 7 win for the Lakers!

  • Boston2010

    Come on Nick

  • Nick, I couldn’t agree with you more. Kobe gets way more hype and takes way more shots than Pierce does. And I remember the 2007 Finals when Pierce kicked Kobe’s ass up and down the court, both on offense and defense. I hope that the Celtics are healthy next year so that we can kick the Fakers ass again and become 10-2 against the Fakers in the NBA Finals, that is if Artest doesn’t explode and beat Kobe up during the regular season.

  • Kobe didn’t lead anything. The Fakers didn’t beat one quality team en route to the championship. Wake up and get your head out of Kobe’s ass.

  • lol…no need to reply to that nonsense.

  • The parade was over an hour late. My friends, who were at the parade, told me that it was delayed.

  • Give Pierce Shaq and see how many rings he would have had. Give Kobe a bunch of high school kids to play with and he would have killed someone, if not himself.