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Dahntay Jones wants 4 years?

Dahntay jones


Dahntay Jones is apparently a big-time target for the Celtics this season.  Yes, we drafted him and traded his rights away.  And yes we signed and waived him within a month a couple years ago.  But now… if you believe Stephen A. Smith… The Celtics are willing to pay him $4 million over a couple of years.  But that's not enough.

@KWAPT Dahntay Jones is looking for a multi-year deal. The Celts are willing to surrender $8 mil over 2 years. He wants 4 years.

Yes, that's our KWAPT asking Screamin' Stephen A. about the C's plans.  Thanks for that. 

I know Dahntay made a name for himself by playing D on Kobe.  But… uhhhh…. Kobe scored 34 ppg in the conference finals… his highest average of any round in the playoffs.  He shot 48% from the field… his highest fg% of any round in the playoffs.  Denver lost.  Jones has never averaged more than 7.5 ppg in a season. 

Is Dahntay Jones REALLY worth $4 mil. per year?  He made less than $1 mil. year.  I don't know if he should make much more than that. I'm wondering just how plugged in Stephen A. really is.

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  • he made a name for himself defending kobe bryant??
    he did a terrible job on kobe bryant…terrible, terrible job…
    he did however make a name for himself defending multiple positions and shutting down chris paul in the first round

  • FSantos33

    NOT for that kind of Money… He did tripped up Kobe pretty good in the playoffs maybe U.S. soccer team can use him tomorrow against Brazil.
    Good job KWAPT – What is Stephen A. doing on twitter – Oh yea, lots of free time after ESPN demoted him I think.
    Play Smart Danny don’t play dumb and desperate.

  • he would be alright, but why after not giving up four years for the guy that was a perfect fit on your team would you give it up for a guy that would be decent, not great off it

  • also if we pay him four mil a year, where does that leave us with other free agents? with 1 mil left in the MLE and only the LLE to use not a position i want the C’s to be in

  • I’d give him the four years….at no more than $3 million per.

  • larry

    actually, he did make a name for himself..he’s the guy that tripped kobe cutting to the hoop.!!

  • Saw Stephen A. at a Celts home game last year-he was really cool and talked with fans as well as posing for alot of pics with people.

  • FSantos33

    What ever happened to Stephen A? His show got cancelled a while back, don’t see him much on ESPN anymore, didn’t see him during the draft and even lost the job interviewing draftees. I am not a big fan of his but I bet he burned some bridges at ESPN. Dude probably got too cocky and arrogant when he got his own show.

  • Atlas Shruggs

    Jones had 5 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist per game last season. He is a poor man’s Eddie House.

  • Anon

    Stephen A. got replaced in ESPN. He was never at fault, people blame him for being a loudmouth that never shuts up, but guess what, PEOPLE DO LISTEN TO HIM THE MOST BECAUSE HE DOES THIS. It was simply his job to be loud and obnoxious, don’t judge someone from how they are on TV.

  • FSantos33

    I didn’t judge him.. ESPN did.

  • He said on Twitter last week: “they (ESPN) wanted to move in a different direction..”

  • Actually hes nothing at all like house
    when is a defensive player one is an offensive player