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“We value Rondo more than anyone else in the league”

Rondo ainge
Danny Ainge was on WEEI… again.  And he was answering questions about Rajon Rondo… again.  This time, though, the tone was a little nicer.

“I think we value Rondo more than anybody else in the league values him
and we know everything about him — all the good and the bad that comes
with a 23-year-old kid who’s been put in a pressure kicker,” said
Ainge. ” I don’t know if we said he had a bad attitude. I think he
needs to mature, like we talked about. But I like Rondo’s attitude. I
like Rondo’s competitive spirit. I think the kid, he’s late for a
playoff game — we’re not going to condemn him for the rest of his life.
We took care of it and it’s over…I’m amazed at how people want to take
the little things and blow them out of proportion.”

And for those of you sick of all the Rondo talk… I'll just end on some very encouraging words from the same interview about Kevin Garnett.

Right after the surgery – I mean three days after the surgery – a smile
on his face, he can bend his knee all the way. He can straighten it out
all the way. He just went back to the West Coast the other day. Before
he left, I saw him doing full weight workouts. He was doing squats –
one-legged squats, two-legged squats – he was doing most of his whole
routine again. His spirit is returned: his enthusiasm for the upcoming
season, his hope.

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  • Ainge needs to stop talking…immediately.
    One day he’s critical, the next he’s complementary…I seriously think he lost his mind.

  • Alex

    Why didn’t KG get the damn surgery after he injured himself in the Jazz game… Three days later, he’s feeling all better?
    Seriously, I’m starting to think we had a chance this year but it went away because of a stupid decision.

  • I know that it’s easy to say now, but we couldn’t have know that back then. I think they really thought he’d be back without the surgery.
    I don’t think we should dwell on that.

  • nick

    You guys think i am over emphasizing Matt Barnes..Do the Lakers over emphasize Trevor Ariza? Did we do that with James Posey when we won # 17? We need a tough, rugged, 3point shooting backup for Pierce and Ray..One who can shoot 3 pointers and D up the otheer teams best wing player for 20 plus minutes per night. Thats Barnes! not Grant Hill not Anthony Parker not Jamario Moon! Theres one fuckin guy 4 the job and it is Matt Barnes. He is better than Ariza or Posey.. Simply put,Matt Barnes is the key to the 2009-10 bench. We can get him for cheap. And while i am talking about next year’s bench lets get either Shelden Williams or Robert Swift as a reclamation project, Joe Smith as a solid back up and he is KG’s boy..And re-sign Powe just in case he’s ready for next season later on.

  • Seriously
    The worst part is he HAD to bring up KG’s knee again!?!?!?!?!?!

  • who is the early leader to back up rondo next year steph, pruitt, or hudson?
    it would be great if hudson could be the guy and learn to play point

  • Just guessing here: Pruitt and Hudson will get a chance to fight for a spot at the summer league… but the C’s will try to find a vet. to back up Rondo.
    Of course, it’s possible Hudson won’t be on the summer league roster.

  • Exactly right, I dont know what hes doing, and all the talk about rondos immaturity…all the kid has said is he wants to be a celtic, he hasnt come out and revolted over any BS comments, which just about every player in the league would
    rondo = pure class

  • I dont even want Pruitt on the roster…. the kid has had 2 years to contribute, and hes done nothing… neither did JR or Billy last year (hopefully they will this upcoming season)
    I think my point is we all gotta give Big Baby A TON OF CREDIT!!!!! this kid was picked after Gabe pruitt, contributed his rookie season, and was a huge part os last seasons team, the highlist of the season, even though we lost the series is BBDs game winner…bad asss

  • oh and I dont think there has ever been another player who has come under this scrutiny for such petty reasons…the celtics are pushing rondo to become that max player he wants to be..
    I just dont understand the criticsm…ainge did what it took to get rondo, wouldnt involve him in the ray or KG trades, made him the starting PG of a championship team…and to the eyes of a fan, rondo is very level headed, very calm and seems to this eye very mature (yes hes inconsistent) and hes only 23 years old and continues to get better and better..
    dont sign marbury to be his backup mentor and then complain about his maturity…thats contradictive and doesnt make a bit of sense..
    rondo wants to be a celtic, rondo is a bargain and deserves a decent contract when it comes up and he will continue to be an integral part of us winning.
    noones perfect…not danny, not doc and not the big 3

  • the celts can make a decision whether to pick up pruitts option after the summer league right?
    and i dont think they need a veteran backup at point, if hudson can keep his turnovers down, provide some bench scoring and defense and show he can play the point for around 10 to 12 minutes a game i think him and eddie would be fine to back up rondo
    its all about whether hudson can get on the court though, he kind of sounds like JR after the draft last year, all the right tools to fill a spot that we need BUT giddens could not get on the court we’ll see if hudson can

  • i think if we can find a way to add matt barnes and zaza to our bench, i like our chances for next year

  • nick

    Here’s am idea…Lets lock Lester Hudson and Gabe Pruitt in a steel cage and let them fight to the death..The winner makes the squad..Same thing with Tony Allen and J.R Giddens except lets put them in a ring of fire surrounded by barbed wire. I would say just release TA but he’s under contract so w.e.. My only locks for this roster as of now are the starting 5 and Bill Walker for his potential. Scal Fucking Blows, and Eddie Mansion is too 1 dimensional. lets COMPLETELY revamp the bench. Then we will surpass the Orlando Fagic and the Fagaliers. and like I always say, lets get Matt Barnes 1st and foremost.

  • FSantos33

    Just a wild guess… Hudson seems like the type of player that would put everything on the line heart and soul and will not be passive like Pruitt – Every time I see Gabe step on the court looks like he is walking his dog through the local park.

  • I like the idea other then getting rid of eddie, he was actually extremly important to this years team and I like his chemistry with the team

  • dean

    why wouldnt we value rondo more than any team in the league? is that some sort of backhanded compliment trying to say noone offered you enough for him?
    Um, you made him the starting PG of this team and all hes done is get better and better, stop your whining and better the bench and make sure KG is healthy

  • Nick

    Hmmm.. ZAZA is tough but the skill just isn’t there. Him replacing Powe or BIGBABY is a bit of a downgrade in my opinion. If we have got to replace Powe(injury) and BigBaby(money) then I feel that we should get a legit 6’11 7’0 player. We have been after one for so long Ainge might as well just do it and then add Joe Smith maybe who I like better than ZAZA because y ou know he is a safe bet. Personally I’de like one safe signing such as Birdman or Average Joe Smith, and then one big risk such as Shelden Williams or Robert Swift.

  • I dont think zaza replaces big baby or powe, he is 6’11 so what he does give us is height off the bench at the center position which we desperately need
    and i believe that out of the three guys you just mentioned zaza is the best fit for this team, you know what your getting out of him, size, willingness to play physical in the post, and rebound, and you know what you are not getting from him shot blocking, and great weak side help
    the reason i say he is the best fit for this team is because anderson, will get overpaid in denver because of his play this past season and the fans love for him, so if you sign him you have little to no room left for a guy like your boy matt barnes
    and smith, besides not showing much of anything for cleveland last year, is an inch shorter than zaza and has a much skinnier frame; which bothers me when we now have to go against shaq and zadrunis
    and im not sure why you say that zaza’s skill is not there he is the best offensive threat out of any of the guys you mentioned, with maybe the exception of robert swift lol, he has a good 15 foot jumpshot, the ability to beat slower centers off the dribble from the corner of the free throw line, and a decent post game, not much more you can ask from a backup center