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Did David Kahn just outsmart the NBA?


All of the buzz about David Kahn is about how he stocked up on a bazillion point guards in the draft.. and how dumb he seems to be for doing it.

But is he really?

He said this morning on ESPN Radio that he had extensive talks with Ricky Rubio.  Rubio’s father said today that Ricky could come back to Spain and play a couple more years. 

So if Rubio really does go back to Spain, the TWolves now have options.  There’s some talk about Jonny Flynn being the most well rounded guard in the draft, and he has the potential to turn into a triple double threat.  Meanwhile, Rubio will probably continue to grow and get better against pro competition in Europe, only enhancing his reputation. 

If Flynn does mature into a team leader, then the Wolves have Rubio just sitting there gaining value.  At least a couple of the other point guards picked up in the first round will become busts.  At that point, Kahn can flip Rubio into NBA-ready players to help fill out some needs that pop up over the next two years. 

If Flynn is one of those busts, then he can be ditched at the end of his rookie deal, and then a more mature Rubio can slide in and take over at the PG spot.

Yes, it’s a big gamble.  But the entire draft is a big gamble.  One thing Minnesota has is time.  They’ve got a roster full of young talent and they admit that they’re not winning a title in the next 2 or 3 years.  They’re building and they know it.  Their moves last night were confusing… until the possibility of Rubio returning to Spain came up.  Then it all snapped into place.

If Kahn knows something we don’t about Rubio… then he might have just pulled off the slickest move of this year’s draft.

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  • FSantos33

    I agree – I don’t know much about Rubio except for his fancy no look passes – Kahn might have just hit a Grandslam by using Rubio as his own baseball version of the AAA Farm player. If Flynn is a bust then bring Rubio back in couple of years. Maybe by then he’ll actually look like a player and not a 3rd grade girl playing hopscotch (Pic Above).
    So far the Spurs have outsmart everyone too. Jefferson and Blair… if their big three comes back healthy Manu, TD and TP they are right back in business. I don’t want to knock Ainge yet because I know he has to wait until July 1st to make things happen. But man, I am getting impatient.

  • I wouldn’t say he outsmarted the NBA. Just before the Draft Rubio said he negotiated a buyout and was ready to come over to the NBA. Then Kahn picks both Rubio and Flynn and talks about how he envisions them starting in the backcourt together (wat?) Sure Minny can wait on Rubio, but I think it’s just posturing on his part to try to force his way elsewhere (like Jianlian unsuccessfully tried a couple years ago).

  • Who wants dibs on the freshly opted out Turkoglu?

  • Nick

    Out smarted the NBA?? He is a fucking moron..He already did his trade to get the 5 pick. If there was any inkling that Rubio was going to go back to Spain he should have drafted Curry and Flynn to be his starting back court for the next decade. This Kahn guy is a bafoon, he just makes me sick with all of his stupid interviews about how Flynn and Rubio can play together in the same backcourt! Against who Spud Webb and Mugsy Bouges?? What a disservice he’s done to Big Al surrounding him with garbage pieces.

  • JohnKWeir47@aol.com

    Moron with a capital “M”. This guy is going to have to deal Rubio (and fast) before the other interested GM’s make alternative plans in free agency. I doubt he will get more than a reserve/future 2nd rounder for rights to Rubio now.