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Celtics 1, Rumors 0

"Look Rajon… it's not that we don't like you.  Ok….  I think you're a bit of
a d-bag… but Danny likes you.  Well….. Danny thinks you're kind of a punk
but I'm pretty sure the guys like you.  Ok… you know what… just go
take some jumpers, will ya?"

I'll admit… I was a little bit worried as I watched the NBA draft that we'd hear about some kind of Celtics trade.  As much as I didn't believe any of the rumors, you can't help but think something is brewing after you're inundated with rumors.

But we're not out of the woods yet.  All this quiet means is the Celtics didn't want to trade higher up this draft.  Looking at all the picks that were made, I can't think of a single player, other than maybe Blake Griffin, that I really would like to have on this team.  As for the Lester Hudson pick at #58, it seems like Danny got the best possible guy at that spot… at least according to Chad Ford:

Analysis: Danny Ainge didn't have a lot to work with (the
Celtics' first-round pick was sent to Minnesota in the Kevin Garnett
trade) and drafted a guy who put up huge numbers in college. Hudson is
a combo guard who can shoot, score, pass and rebound. He is old for the
draft and hasn't played against great competition, but at No. 58, you
usually don't find players with his ability.

As for the rumors, Danny came out and reiterated his desire to keep Rajon Rondo

“We’re not trading Rondo,” Ainge said. “We love Rondo. We always have.
He’s not perfect. He’s a young player that has to get better. We just
don’t like it when you’re late.”

Same song for Danny there… lots of love for Rondo, followed by a little dig.  This is all about head games.  But Danny did sort of admit to Jessica Camerato that some discussions have been taking place.

“There was many rumors that had my head scratching a little bit,” he
said. “Most of them are either made up or completely distorted or three
weeks late.”

When something is completely distorted or 3 weeks late… that means there is some truth to it.  I don't care that the rumors were reported 3 weeks after they happened… the fact is, the Celtics have been actively pursuing some kind of trade with someone.  Maybe not to the extent we think, but it has happened.

As for the rest of the draft, two things of note.  First:  Ricky Rubio might opt to stay in Spain rather than report to Minnesota.  Second:  San Antonio is absolutely killing it so far in the off-season.  First, they turned 3 nobodies into Richard Jefferson.  Second, they eagerly snapped up DeJuan Blair in the second round… getting a first round talent that might be able to contribute immediately.  No team has done more to improve themselves this offseason than the Spurs. 

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  • I really hate the attitude of many Euro guys… getting to pick what team you want to play with is a bad habit that comes from soccer and totally negates the essence of draft.

  • Jeff George, John Elway, Eli Manning…. This comes from Europe and soccer?
    I agree, it’s lame and I’m not necessarily defending soccer but it is an era of ‘spoiled athletes and agents’ more so than influence from Euro, soccer, or any one thing over the other.

  • what do lester hudson and JR giddens have in common?
    they are both older then Rajon Rondo..
    Oh and props to rondo for not lashing out on danny because of the public criticism….i can think of any other 23 yr old player that would
    best news on draft night = no news

  • Jon

    “But we’re not out of the woods yet. All this quiet means is the Celtics didn’t want to trade HIRE up this draft.”
    ….seriously, I read this site religiously but how stupid are you with hire over higher! Call me if you are looking to draft new talent for the site.

  • I feel ya’. I think they really take things for granted, from what I see anyways. But hell, Rubio’s been a star and been in the media’s crosshairs since he was 14. If I had the kind of fame and $ he did as his age, I’d be a bit cocky too.

  • Spurs have made excellent choices this off-season so far. If Ginobli and their nucleus stay healthy, they will once again be a formidable foe out West.(and in the “L” for that matter) Felt bad that Tyrese Rice didn’t get drafted. I’m sure with his talent he’ll get invited to a summer league or someone’s camp. Ok, back to work..

  • FSantos33

    I am with you there man “No news is good news” for now…. After July 1st is a different story.. to be continued….

  • 11rings

    …seriously, how pretentious are you with your “…”

  • 11rings

    And apparently you’ve never made a typo in your whole life. Have you won a medal for that?

  • Sorry. I wake up before 6am to make sure this site has fresh content in the morning and I made a mistake.
    It’s been fixed. Thanks for calling me stupid though. You’d better not ever make a spelling error in any of your future comments.

  • Orb

    Red’s- We appreciate your work, and most of us aren’t such Dicks. I apologize for Jon’s behavior.

  • No need to apologize for him.  He's a big boy.  He can speak for himself.

    By the way, I hate making mistakes like that.  We try to be thorough and when something gets by… I do get upset.  But what I don't like is being called stupid for it. 

  • Don’t get me wrong. There’s always someone who doesn’t want to play with some team… but in particular, young Euro stars tend to do this; for example, last year it was Gallinari who went with “New York, New Jersey or nothing else”, now Rubio refusing Memphis, allegedly OKC, and Minny. I know they played for some of the best Euroleague teams and they want the best they can get in America too, but the NBA is different, and it tends to give everyone a chance, unlike Euroleague (or soccer, for what matters) where the richest teams will always win.

  • nick

    The Green have got 2 invite Jeff Adrien and Tyrese Rice to their summer league team just in case one of them can stick. U just never know. We all want some vets but our team can’t completely be compromised of 31-34 year olds. Lets see if we can have 10 vets and 5 youngsters. Giddens, Walker,Lester Hudson, 2 men not named Pruitt. Semih Erden is a faget, Y can’t he play for our summer league team? U play in fuckin Turkey dude, just get your ass over here and show us what U got.

  • joseph freze

    Hi celtics. im your biggest fan