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Rondo’s Agent is Pissed Off


Rajon Rondo hasn't responsed to the criticism Danny Ainge threw his way yesterday, but his agent clearly isn't pleased:

“I am just surprised that Danny is speaking, even if he considers it
constructively, in a public setting [about Rondo],’’ agent Bill Duffy
said in a phone interview. “I don’t think that it’s appropriate to say
that about one of your top players. Even if it’s spoken constructively,
I don’t think it should be done in public. I don’t think [Ainge] would
like it if [Celtics managing partner] Wyc [Grousbeck] was talking about
him in public.

Duffy said Rondo learned about Ainge’s interview after working out at
the Celtics’ practice facility in Waltham. Rondo declined comment. As
of last night, neither Duffy nor Rondo had spoken to Ainge. When asked
how Rondo felt about Ainge’s comments, Duffy said: “He knows. He’s all

When asked if Ainge’s comments affected Rondo’s contract situation,
Duffy said: “It doesn’t sound like a glowing endorsement. You say you
love him and then you are critical? You’re certainly not recruiting

Rarely do I agree with agents, but Duffy is absolutely right. Rondo did nothing (that we know of) to warrant criticism from his boss. And it's not Rondo's fault these trade rumors are dominating the media landscape.

For the first time, Ray Allen has commented on the trade rumors:

"I'm happy where I am — I love Boston," Allen said. "The city has been
great to me. Honestly, we can win another championship this year, and
that's what I look forward to doing, and that's where I want to be."

"I spoke with [the Celtics] and for right now there is no desire to move me," Allen said.

"I obviously think my contract is attractive to a lot of teams that
want to get money off their books from the following year. It's part of
the business."

"Anything can happen. I've been traded twice in my career," Allen said.
"Being part of an organization where you're a cornerstone, anything can

There may not be a "desire" to move Ray, but the Celtics are definitely kicking the tires. Ray gets it anyways, he knows the deal and his comments reflect that.

The Cavs have finally pulled the trigger on the Shaq deal (I'm not a fan) and there's talk they might pursue Rasheed Wallace.

Peter Vecsey has the scoop on another potential blockbuster; Tracy McGrady, Carl Landry and Aaron Brooks for Amare Stoudemire and Leandro Barbosa.

We'll have more on the Celtics potential draft picks throughout the day (I'm so bored with this draft. Wake me up when free agency begins).

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  • Come on. Look at where Danny’s tenure landed us in 2008: a freakin’ title! Granted there were some side steps along the way, but if you look at the complete picture since 2003 and it all culminated to gutting a team, rebuilding a team, changing the philosophy of the team, and winning a title in 5 years. 5 years. That is incredible.
    My comment from a previous post, but worth bringing up again (I also believe something is brewing for tonight: whether or not it happens, who knows, but some crazy stuff around the league might be going down tonight):

    Look, I love Rondo more than any of you. But here’s a crazy idea: if Ainge and management don’t have any intentions of signing Rondo after 09/10, then they can shop his name around as much as they want just to test the waters…if he can get something crazy because a team is willing to get a young, cheap player, then maybe Danny takes the offer. Ainge and Doc start leaking little things to the press and rumors start flying about potentially moving Rondo, which clearly will upset him and his agent. Rondo is obviously the type of guy that will move elsewhere not only for the money but to a place where he is wanted and he feels he is trusted. Rondo then goes into this season knowing he is going to move on after 09/10— meaning he is in a contract year. In a contract year, for a cocky guy that knows he’s worth some money in this league, he will play out of his mind and do whatever he can to boost his real estate even more— another title, phenomenal play, etc. If he boosts his resume even more, he’ll get an even bigger payday. Maybe, just maybe, this is the kick in the ass Ainge wants to give Rondo to make him focus, play night in and night out, which is what Ainge’s biggest problem with Rondo and where Danny feels he needs to mature.
    And maybe after next year they’ll think about making him an offer, but that might be too little too late… But then again, maybe Ainge only sees Rondo has part of the picture for 2009 and no more.
    As much as I love Rondo, I’d rather see banner #18 raised than #9 handling the ball.

  • Trust and respect between all players and coaches is more important to strong championship play than a public “kick in the ass”. Ainge needs to check his media skills and the C’s need another abroad training camp to get the mojo back for this year..a healthy KG doesnt hurt either
    ps. shaq is a scrub talk about riding coat tails

  • agreed with rondos agent
    And you know what doesnt add up?
    rondo has always been ainges guy, ainges beloved player, he has spent 3 years selling him to us, he did what it took to get him in the draft, he wouldnt involve him in the ray and KG trades by any means, he made the 2nd year rondo the no questions about it starting PG of a championship team, no veteran or any PG could threaten him for his job…and rondo has done nothing but get better and better and better
    and now this? makes no sense…danny just doesnt want to pay rondo the money he and his agent will be looking for, or is trying to take a shot at rondos ego(dumb dumb dumb)

  • Oh and lebron james and the cavs are getting desperate..
    doesnt lebron want a legacy that doesnt involve shaq?
    Kobe just spent 7 years hearing he cant win without shaq, wade is gonna hear it for another 7….what is lebron thinking?

  • Of course it is, but if the front office doesn’t have any intention of re-upping Rondo, then they will give him the kick in the ass in any way shape or form. If the kick in the ass has been happening behind closed doors, which is seemingly beginning to come out a bit, then maybe this is their next step.
    Perhaps Danny and Wyc want the chance to a max contract guy in 2010. Unfortunately, if Pierce picks up his option and with KG still around, they can’t resign Ray for anything remotely near what he earns now… meaning the next valuable piece is Rondo. Resigning Rondo leaves no possibility for a max contract guy.
    Rondo is the piece that they are going to wait on… So maybe this public ass spanking is their last attempt to get him to focus night in and night out, and to play every game like his next paycheck depends on it… which it may very well.
    And yes, Shaq is a douche. Always has been.

  • Great point about Shaq and LeBron’s legacy. But that is something he’ll deal with after winning a title.
    As a C’s fan, I’d rather see Shaq than Varajeao…he was a major pain in our ass.

  • 11rings

    I disagree BigMck. Rondo did do some things to get publicly criticized:
    1. He turned down open looks over and over in the playoffs. If he would have taken them and missed that would be one thing, but he didn’t even try – strange for a guy that otherwise exudes confidence. Rondo was supposed to develop a decent jump shot last summer. So whatever motivation Rondo had to develop his J wasn’t enough to get the job done. Public criticism is probably Ainge’s last resort on that front.
    2. He gambled incessantly on defense during the playoffs and got burned repeatedly, turning himself into a liability on both ends of the court. The coaches must have told him to stop, but to no avail. Public criticism is probably Ainge’s last resort on this as well.
    I like Rondo but it’s time for some tough love. If Rondo is aspiring to be a max contract guy then he’s got to pay the cost to be the boss, that is, make the necessary sacrifices to develop his J, gain confidence in it, and up his coachability.

  • I’m already starting to choke on my own vomit thinking about all of the pre-game antics that Lebron and now Shaq will create…
    What’s worse than this? Mo Williams is going to continue to think that he is better than he really is. With Shaq and Lebron in his corner, the little engine that could is going to really own the part of playing the little sidekick to the big bad bully.
    God help me now…

  • FSantos33

    Yup, I knew his comments would backfire. I said this yesterday.
    FSantos33 said…
    Good write-up John. I see this backfiring on Ainge. If I were Rondo I would be pissed off my Boss is publicly criticizing my game and character.
    Reply June 24, 2009 at 12:15 PM

  • 11rings

    By the way, since when did it become necessary to win a championship without other stars on your team to be considered great? I’m no fan of Kobe, but I won’t knock the guy for failing to win a championship without strong teammates. My beef Kobe about the Shaq thing is that Kobe didn’t find a way make it work. Shaq was to blame for that also.
    So I guess now that your teammates have to all be terrible for your championship to count that means Bill Russell’s 11 rings don’t count. Who wants to tell him to trade them for something authentic?

  • Danno

    I couldn’t agree more.
    All you guys playing patty cakes and being nicey-nice to Rondo need to cut the crap. the guy has talent, but is far from perfect. He has a number of issues to work on ON THE COURT, and now we’re finding out about his issues off the court.
    Should Danny have said those things publically?
    Is Rondo refusing to talk contracts with the Celtics unless he gets Max Money? I’d be more than willing to bet he is, and if that’s the case, given his less than perfect track record on and off the court – then Rondo & his agent will have to deal with those realities and lower their price, or deal with another team.
    I don’t have a problem with this at all.

  • noone is saying rondo is perfect
    noone in the NBA is perfect
    sorry if we like our starting pg danno
    oh and criticizing him for turning down shots is pointless, moot, and ignorant…if he didnt turn down these shots and he missed he would be criticized for shooting too much

  • That was just as much shaqs fault, if not mostly shaqs fault..
    just look at every relationship shaq has had, everytime he leaves he rips his sidekick, coach and GM…somehow this fat tub of goo gets away with it in the eyes of the media…noone else would

  • Oh and the only people who need to cut the crap are people like yourself who have already left rondo out to dry…friggin tool….you already jumped off that bandwagon and clap yes to any trade rumour you here
    way to stick up for your guys danno, hell of a fan bud…lets just trade our guy away because ficticious rumours for a bag of balls

  • Oh and look who once again is the mature one in thi situation
    none other then rondo
    he has no comment to the public criticism from danny ainge – ainge looks like the immature one here….saying bogus things such as rondos prescense hurt us in the orlando series
    we wouldnt have even been in the orlando series without rondo – not to mention he had highlights of 18 assists, 14 rebounds and a couple 20 pts games in that series.. what about ray allen getting abused by JJ reddick? i guess we should make this rondos fault as well.
    danny spoke like a bitter GM the day after a tough loss – and rondo just took it in stride

  • This is not the Shaq of 2000-2002. This isn’t even the Shaq of 2006.

  • oh and why cant danny focus on gettin actual guys with character issue off this roster
    hey danny, dont add marbury to our roster and then talk about rondos immaturity…seriously? what are you doing?
    dont talk up tony allen and keep him on this roster when hes getting death threats in the middle of a playoff series he cant even contribute to….what are you doing?
    yeah, this is all about money…if it was about character and maturity danny wouldnt add idiots like starhead

  • 11rings

    Rondo hasn’t said anything true, but his agent certainly complained.
    Look, I don’t mean to be too hard on Rondo. I don’t think Danny would have publicly criticized him for missing shots if Danny was satisfied with Rondo’s approach (training, attitude, etc.). Ray Allen shot poorly during much of the playoffs but you don’t see Ainge on his case. Ainge might well have criticized Rondo for missing shots, but I think only if he wasn’t satisfied with Rondo’s approach.
    I like Rondo and want him to succeed but that doesn’t mean we should coddle him. Starting point guards in the NBA need to take the occasional jumps shot and make some of them, and if they aren’t doing this, they need to work on their game, hard, until they are doing it. That goes double for any starting point guard playing with 3 future Hall of Famers. And if the Celtics lose game 7 at home after being up 3-2 then the man at the helm (Rondo) needs to look in the mirror to see what he can do to help the team win next time. It wasn’t all Rondo’s fault but he’s got take his share of responsibility if he’s going to remain a Celtic.

  • 11rings

    Rondo hasn’t said anything, true…

  • That mcgrady trade might be the most bogus thing I’ve heard about in a long time. Always used to love Mcgrady’s game but let’s take a look here. Since he’s been in Houston, he’s played 70 games twice in 5 years. And one of those years he barely broke 60. You basically can classify him as a slashing (MAYBE) three point shooter. He’s thirty and there’s just no way he’ll ever be the prolific stud scorer he had the potential to be. I’m not saying Phoenix shouldn’t trade Stoudemire, but his value is well beyond Mcgrady’s. Love Brooksy though…too bad what Houston really needs to do is start rebuilding. Yao is honestly too large to stay healthy and we already talked about the fragile Mcgrady. If those are your stars, start unloading baby.

  • If any moron really thinks that Ainge was pivotal in bringing KG to Boston, you’re actually worse than a moron.
    McHale brought KG to Boston.
    Ainge is showing his true prowess as a GM. Check the numbers, drafts, free agent pickups, Pre-KG. There is absolutely NOTHING there, besides Powe in the 2nd Round.
    win totals since Ainge took over as GM:
    03-04: 36
    04-05: 45
    05-06: 33
    06-07: 24
    07-08: 66
    08-09: 62
    WHAT??? you think Ainge suddenly became a better GM during the summer of 2007?
    This is your General Manager. The GM of Panic. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing in the front office. He was a smart player in his days, but not a bright GM.
    Fortunately for Celtics fans, losing Rondo probably isn’t going to hurt that much, unless he decides one day to develop a 20ft jumpshot.

  • Just curious – who brought in Ray Allen, Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo, Glen Davis, PJ Brown and James Posey – all of which were key contributors to the 08 title?
    For the record, the Gasol trade was more ridiculous than the KG trade. At least Minny got a legit 20/10 guy in Al Jefferson.

  • Lakerhater

    Very good post, you hit on the head. My take on Rondo (who I like very much) is this:
    Look kid, you want max money? you want your tail kissed like a superstar? No problem, play your ass off and show the GM your irreplaceable. In the mean time shut up.

  • Jp

    OK I’m late to the party, I know. But I just finished reading the “transcript” of the interview. What did Ainge say that was so awful?
    My summation:
    He’s young
    He’s very talented
    He needs to mature, but IS maturing
    He needs to work on his jumper (duh)
    It’s unacceptable for a player to break a team rule (being late)
    Did I miss something?

  • d

    Well said. It seems that a lot of fans want to treat rising stars like royalty and are afraid to criticize them. It’s like an abusive relationship…

  • What did Ainge give up for Ray Allen? Seattle wanted to dump salary, not get equal value back…
    Kendrick Perkins is just a goon with no skill set, a poorman’s version of Charlie Vill. No scouting skills to pick him up (I’m not sayin Perk isn’t valuable to the Celts…)
    Rajon Rondo was very very good at Kentucky, but attitude problems dropped him further down the draft board and IIRC, Rondo was the best available when Ainge went up. I think you’re seeing Rondo’s attitude surfacing now, don’t you?
    Glen Davis??? You serious? He’s a poorman’s Corliss Williamson at best. Look, the smartest move Ainge can make with Big Fat Baby is to say “we’ll match the best offer you get in FA” and let him realize that no other team in the NBA (and Israel, Europe) has a need for a 6’5″ 439lbs “forward.” I’m looking at John “Hotrod” Williams (google Clippers) for his future.
    James Posey, PJ Brown, Sam Alien all went there to win a ring. Ainge only opened the door for them. No GM skills for that.
    As I said, getting Leon Powe was probably the best true GM move he made, but looking at the overall body of work, I’m thinking he got lucky. Although, I just couldn’t believe Powe fell out of the first round. I had him going in the low 20’s… You’d think someone would watch Pac-10 basketball?
    And I agree with you on the Gasol trade. It was worse than the KG-AlJeff trade. But don’t tell me that McHale didn’t give a gift to his former (current?) team and friend. Ainge did nothing to get that trade done, other than maybe blackmailing McHale with skeletons in his private life 😉

  • but throwing him under the bus on the radio??? is that the way to want to handle Terrell Ow… Rajon Rondo?
    Ainge should have handled it better. He should have just used the same scripted phrases:
    “I’m looking for Rondo to step up and become a leader.”
    “Rondo is a hard worker and I see him improving everyday.”
    “the reason why Rondo is the way he is, is that he wears thongs that are 2 sizes too small.”

  • Danno

    For Ray Allen Ainge he gave up Cleveland’s current Starting point guard, an all-Star Shooting Guard who was a bit long in the tooth, and a #4 draft pick in the person of Jeff Green.
    Honestly – Seattle made out pretty well on that deal. It’s not Ainge’s fault they moved to OKC and traded those guys to Cleveland.