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Say Hello to Lester Hudson

Chuck - Red's Army June 25, 2009 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Say Hello to Lester Hudson


With the 58th pick in the draft the Celtics select…..Lester Hudson.

Hudson is a 6-3, 190lb shooting guard who averaged 27.5 ppg for Tennessee-Martin.

Strengths (according to

Talented combo guard with excellent NBA potential … Prolific scorer,
(over 25 ppg) … Has a quick first step and a killer crossover
allowing him to blow by defenders and get into the paint … Does a
good job of creating baskets for himself and others … Has precision
passes for ally oops even from well beyond the three point arc …
drives exceptionally well, with defenses collapsing on him … Has a
great shot off the dribble, and is able to hit it going straight up or
fading away … Has a terrific body for a point guard with size, length
and strength … Can put points up in a hurry. Advanced mid-range game
… Shows excellent vision and passing ability … A great defender. A
bigtime ball hawk, fourth in the nation in steals … Shows great
anticipation and his quick hands and feet make him a tremendous on ball
defender … Gets good lift on his shot and shows a solid shooting form
… An excellent shooter with 3-point range and consistency on his
shot. Shoots threes at a high volume and great efficiency … His form
and strength should allow him to step back 5 feet and hit the pro three
with consistency in time … His body strength allows him to finish
after contact, play physical and also helps his range … Knocks down
free throws at a high percentage >80% … Solid rebounder for his
position. Plays bigger than 6-3 with his long wing span … Unlike many
prolific scorers, Hudson is unselfish getting teammates involved
offensively, creating easy baskets for them … Clutch player who comes
up with big shots when his team needs them … Highly competitive …


Has not played at a high level of basketball, with
just one season of Div 1 under his belt at UT Martin … Playing in the
Ohio Valley Conference, his exploits are questioned … It's tougher to
project him for the next level playing against lesser players … Ends
up playing off the ball a bit because hes so effective scoring … He
shows quality passing and ball handling ability, but can he run a team?
…Must develop his point guard instincts, controlling tempo and
overall PG duties … Still needs to prove himself as a floor general.
Very creative passing the ball, but will need to cut down on turnovers
… Not incredibly explosive. He's a strong athlete without question
but is quicker and stronger than he is explosive … Will turn 24 in
August, which diminishes his intrigue some … His long road to Div 1
basketball is a story of perseverance, but also leaves scouts with
cause for concern … Having lacked structure and discipline for a few
years following high school, Hudson appears to be a changed man with a
new found maturity …

According to ESPN, Hudson recorded Division I's first-ever quadruple-double: 25 pts, 12 rebs, 10 asst, 10 steals.

For more on Hudson, check out this article from from 2008.

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  • i wish they would have drafted dionte christmas, jerel mcneal, or josh heytfelt
    hudson being drafted doesnt bode well for gabe pruitt
    danny definitely has some work to do to improve our bench, we need to get need a post player with some height

  • FSantos33

    Hudson looks like a really hungry guy – We can all see him perform during summer league. I have a good feeling about LH.
    Like P.Irish said Ainge has lots of work to do to improve our bench. No doubt about it.

  • i doubt hudson makes an impact next year or even the year after danny is going to have improve the bench through trades and free agency but right now it feels like we are behind the eight ball
    but the offseason hasnt really started for us yet, its coming soon though and im a bit nervous because championships are definitely built in june and july

  • FSantos33

    That’s what a guy like Hudson would like to hear are doubts… that’s what probably drives him. People probably doubted him all his life.
    I too am feeling the urgency to fill our bench as soon as possible – I hope Ainge isn’t waiting until last minute like he did prior to picking up Marbury and Mikki Moore.
    That turned out to be a bad move. Now he has to deal with the drama with Rondo and his agent. Big Baby’s extension, Powe, Ray… ETC.
    Nothing is happening right now so I guess we all have to be patient and just let it play out because as fans we have no other choice.

  • FSantos33

    As of draft day our Celtics are falling behind… Look what our big two rivals have done so far. Cavs (Shaq) and Magic (VC). Soldiers on this blog have said Shaq is over the hill or VC is a poison but in my opinion they are still upgrade to their teams. Our starting five can beat any team in the NBA but our bench sucks. An upgrade to our bench MUST be done or else we won’t be able to compete.

  • Short clip at my blog:

  • who da guy

    i don’t think vince is an upgrade. Hedo was their glue guy, and so was courtney lee. I think i would much rather have courtney lee then vince carter in this stage of their careers. Vince’s one great attribute was his explosiveness, and he started to loose that last season. He is not nearly as good a player without as he used to be and his knees are getting old fast, i don’t see that as much of an upgrade in my opinion.
    And i don’t think shaq will do good in the cold, he is 37, and i just think it looks like too desperate a move.
    So i agree that we need help on our bench, but that is nothing that can’t be fixed. Hopefully danny does the smart thing. And lester’s video looked pretty good, nice fluid stroke.

  • that espn story is pretty good, quite similar to the one they did on bill walker a while back; seems he has some similar qualities to one leon powe

  • Nick

    Guys that need to go..MikkiMoore,GabePruitt, Scalabrine,TonyAllen, Let’s sign Matt Barnes to combat the Rashad Lewis’s Vince Carter’s and Lebron James of the world. How great would it be to have him backing up Pierce&Ray. Then we’ve gota get 3 BIGS. Im assuming Powe IS TOO hurt to help us and that BIG BABY will get overpaid elsewhere. So here is the 15 man roster I’de like to see next season! Lets trade Walker and Giddens to the Pacers for Marquis Daniels also…Pierce,Ray,Rondo,Perk,Kg, Matt Barnes, Marquis Daniels,Lester Hudson,Steph Marbury,Robert Swift,Joe Smith, Shelden Williams,Gerald Green,James Singleton,Lindsey Hunter
    What do My fellow Celtic feens think?

  • FSantos33

    I like Matt Barnes but I think you are putting way too much stock on him.

  • tommy hoosier

    the two moves we need to make this off season are signing grant hill and antonio mcdyess if we bring them in we will hang another banner up. They will be hungry and everyone on the team will want to win one for them

  • But if this cat can contribute and (please… please) replace TA, then it’s a good move.