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Jamario Moon?

RedsArmyAdmin June 25, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Jamario Moon?

WEEI's Jessica Camerato brought up an interesting name in last night's call in show when we asked her about potential free agent signings: Jamario Moon.

Here's why it makes sense:  He's cheap (he made $700k last year), he fills a need (at 6' 8" he can back up Paul Pierce) and he's versatile (could play the 2 or 3 if the C's wanted to go big). 

No, he's not going to set the world on fire, but he can play well in stretches.  And on the right team with the focus on other people, he can probably improve on his 7.8 ppg/5.4 rpg averages over his 2 year NBA career. 

Bottom line, the Celtics could double his salary comfortably and still have a huge chunk of their mid-level to play with. 

I'd like to thank everyone who called in to the show last night.  We had a great time talking to all of you and we think it was a great show.  Thanks especially to Jess Camerato who was awesome.  We know the stream cut off right at the 1-hour mark, but we still kept recording and the rest of it is available on our show page.  You can download the whole show, or just play the end right on the page.  Next time, we'll give you a little warning that the live stream will end.  It seemed a bit abrupt.

Our next show is coming up in 2 weeks, Wednesday July 8th.  Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog.com will be joining us at 9pm.  I'm looking forward to it.

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  • Don’t know a ton about Moon, other than he can fly. How is he as a defender though? Obviously he’s athletic but that doesn’t always translate into a consistent, hustling defender. I honestly think that’s what we need coming off the bench. Someone to match up with bigger guys at the 3 position.

  • I think he’s a guy that will do whatever you ask him to do if it means he stays in the league. Remember, at 29, this is only his 3rd year around. He’s hungry.
    I think he’ll do a fine job.

  • another tim.

    wasn’t he the one that had played in like 8 different leagues in like 5 years, including the d-league, europe, and the globetrotters?
    if that’s him, i remember liking him when we played toronto. i vote yes.

  • He played a great game against us this spring in the C’s loss to the Heat, he started too I believe. Hit some 3’s and grabbed some boards. I think the analysts were talking about his history and he sounds like a very coachable and hungry guy.
    Bring him aboard, sounds like a steal.

  • Me am fan

    The need at that back up position should be the “Posey template” – Stong D on the other teams 3 (maybe 2 depending on the matchup) and the ability to hit a spot up 3.
    Is that Moon? I don’t know much about him.

  • idaho_jim

    Fantasy wise the dude is money in the hustle stats. Steals and Blocks big time for a SF. I would say the questions surround his jumper not his D. I’d love to see this guy in Green, he’s not gonna score off the pine, but 6’9″ and able to adequately guard a couple of positions is always good. Plus that’s more of our price range.

  • nick

    Listen my Celtic brothers..Jamario Moon is a combination of Gerald Green and Kedrick Brown. If that don’t make you regurgitate your food I do not know what will. this guy just ain’t the answer, Nice try though Jess from WEEI. Theres a reason he just broke into the NBA.. He can fly 4 sure but the intangibles and savvy d aren’t a part of his package. Let’s just FUCK OFF with the Moon and Anthony Parker nonsense lets put a pic of Matt Barnes on the site’s homepage with a bulls eye around his head. Ainge better sign him up.