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Danny’s not trying to trade Rondo, he’s trying to keep him

"What is Danny Ainge thinking?"

It's the question of the hour.  We've heard trade rumor after trade rumor after trade rumor.  Every single one of the involves Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo.  Ray we get.  His contract is expiring so we can see how that becomes a trade piece.  But why Rondo? 

And if he's trying to trade Rondo, shouldn't he be pumping him up?  All we keep hearing is how Rondo has a bit of an attitude… how he was late for playoff games… and how the Orlando series showed he still has a ways to go before joining the "elite" class of point guard.  For someone trying to trade a guy… he's certainly going about it the wrong way.

Unless… he's not trying to trade Rondo at all.

My opinion… and this is merely an opinion based all all the wild speculation that I've seen lately… is that Danny Ainge is really trying to negotiate Rajon Rondo's extension this summer, not trade him.  Rondo's a restricted free agent next year, and the Celtics have until the end of October to negotiate exclusively with him without having to worry about matching someone else's offer.

So suddenly, all the talk that would bring Rondo's value down makes sense.  The trade talk sends signals to the league "hey… we don't think this kid is worth all the money you might think he's worth…. so we're willing to include him as part of a deal."  All the talk about the attitude and the tardiness reinforces it.  It says "sure, he's shown flashes, but this shiny little apple actually has a few bruises on it." 

Rondo has said he wants to be a max guy.  Danny doesn't want to have to pay the kid max money.  So now comes the big song-and-dance.  The Celtics are in the process of bringing his value down from behind the scenes.  Outwardly, they're singing his praises while still being "honest" about where he stands in the NBA right now. 

I use "honest" in quotes not to insinuate Danny is lying.  I think he's telling the truth.  But he has no other reason to come out and answer the media's questions honestly.  GM's of major sports franchises don't just come out and freely offer that kind of stuff for no reason. 

We've been saying all along… where there's smoke, there's fire.  And there's definitely fire when it comes to all of these Rondo rumors.  But it's not the kind of fire we're expecting.  All the talk about Rondo going away actually seems to be a way to keep him in Green. 

Now… let's see if it works.

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  • FSantos33

    Good write-up John. I see this backfiring on Ainge. If I were Rondo I would be pissed off my Boss is publicly criticizing my game and character.

  • yeah this makes alot of sense
    the bottom line is they dont want to sign him for what rondo wants or thinks he wants, but theyre going about it the wrong way
    publically criticize the player on live radio?
    um….. thats dumb, sorry

  • what if they traded they made that deal and replace conley with the second pick, then traded it to minnesota for the 5th and 19th picks and then selected curry or jordan hill, and terrence williams with the 19th pick

  • FSantos33

    Exactly – If John’s assessment is accurate Ainge is definitely going about it the wrong way. If other GM’s have a brain then they will know exactly what Ainge is up to.

  • You think Memphis would trade the 2nd pick AND Rudy Gay for Rondo?
    I doubt it. Anyways they would have no place for Conley if they got Rondo so they’d want him in the deal.

  • JoePD

    I’m convinced that Rondo’s got to go. For me it’s simple: Paul Pierce vs Rajon Rondo.
    Both are considered franchise-type players (by us anyway). But look at what Paul went through during his career. Losing after losing and having to play with guys like JR Bremer, Sebastian Telfair, Raef LaFrentz and so on. But when was the last time Paul showed up late to a game let alone a playoff game? Hell, you always heard how Paul was always the first one at practice throughout his career! Rondo OTOH gets to play with three HOFs, won a ring in his second season and yet still shows up late to a PLAYOFF game while the whole team waits??? How can you put the franchise in the hands of a player like that? Rondo may be oozing with potential, but the Celtics are bigger than Rondo. Rondo may go on to do great things in his career, but if we can get something like Conley and Gay for him now, Danny needs to pull the trigger and re-sign Marbury. Guys like Rondo don’t change. Deal him while his value is high.

  • I really don’t think this is Ainge’s strategy.
    Rondo is a really stubborn guy. Stubborn people hold grudges. People who hold grudges don’t sign deals for less than they want with the people they hold grudges against.
    I don’t buy it one bit.



  • Once again, a very intelligent statement by a Lakers fan.
    You know, I’d really love to argue your point, but you just brought such a strong analysis to the table that I simply can’t deny your argument.

  • FSantos33

    Did you see that Small Yellow bus pass by?

  • celtified

    Not necessarily doubting it but where did Rondo say he wanted max money? I hope we can sign him long term for 8-10m per year which might not seem realistic but decent given the way the economy is heading.

  • Danno

    Could also be damage control for the Fans who will whine about it if Rondo does get traded. It makes people feel less like it’s a bad move if the guy they just traded was a jerk.

  • Lakerhater

    Guys like Marbury don’t change either.

  • true, but anyone who watches every single game….hmm i dont remember once thinking rondo was a jerk, i dont remember once arguing with doc or a teammate…not even 1 single time this season..
    meanwhile unless youre blind KG carries himself with no class whatsoever and is over 30…yet rondo just needs to grow up
    lmao…makes no sense

  • If you want rondo to learn from his surroundings and his elders, hes surrounded by 3 of the biggest egos in the NBA who all have max contracts, and are immature, in rays case hes just stuck up
    sorry, but if can get into rondos personaliry for no reason, why not degrade all of em?

  • Danno

    You have absolutely no idea what’s going on in practices and in the locker room. Just because CSN doesn’t show it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
    KG’s penchant for the F-Bomb, and not being a fan of signing autographs hasn’t ever once affected his play on the court.
    Rondo’s attitude changes form game to game, and so does his level of play.

  • Danno

    You really area a complete fucking idiot.
    Please just shut the fuck up already.

  • You know what…. I would actually argue that he is surrounded by three of the classiest superstars in the league.

  • Um, Kevin Garnett is not classy…how does this guy act like a complete jackass and somehow get glorified for it?
    pierce and allen do have class, but they have giant egos as well

  • derick


  • derick

    Dude, just go to youtube and listen to a rondo interview, and then go ahead and listen to a KG interview, or even his laugh out loud embarrasing post game after the finals and come back to me and tell me who needs to grow up
    rondo is the most mature level headed 23 yr old ive ever seen
    KG is mentally unstable and gets glorified for it

  • derick

    You do know what goes on in practices? lmao
    KG is a total jerk, he taunts weaker players, he cusses at fans, beats up teammates, makes them cry and then shrinks when its really time to perform
    and since when does rondos attitude change from game to game? it just doesnt, thats a lie…his level of play does, but whos doesnt?
    sorry but his attitude doesnt change slightly throughout an entire 82 game season…hes consistently calm and levelheaded

  • derick

    If those guys are classy, whats rondo?
    what makes rondo unclassy? hmmmm I think hes actually pretty damn classy actually, better spoken then any of those guys

  • G4L

    I know people that have met all three and they said Pierce is ok, Ray Allen is really down to earth, & KG is a Nut job. But they all do have big Egos but that is part of the game at this level.

  • What??? I didn’t say anything about Rondo’s attitude. I was only commenting on the other three. I have no problem with Rondo’s attitude.

  • Jon

    My theory is that maybe Rondo does have too big an ego or too much stubborness relative to his years in the league. Maybe the Celtics are thinking some public criticism and trade rumors will soften that a little. I really don’t think they’re seriously considering trading him. They traded for him, he’s awesome and really could be one of the best PG’s for years to come. Unless we’re getting Deron Williams or Chris Paul, you just don’t trade young, upper-echelon, pass-first PG’s simply because of their attitude.

  • Wow-nice story. This brought out alot of good, bad and just plain ignorant opinions and statements (IMO). That’s reason #354 why RedsArmy.com is the best website on the planet-excellent writing and passionate readers.

  • 11rings

    I like Rondo and I’m rooting for him but it’s time for some tough love. I think Danny has at least two good reason for criticizing him and they are:
    1. Rondo needs to TAKE open shots and HIT them at a decent percentage. He doesn’t have to turn into Ray Allen or Eddie House. He just to has be decent from outside.
    2. He needs to stop the incessant gambling on defense.
    Last summer was when Rondo was supposed to develop a decent jump shot. After this year’s playoffs, when teams were leaving Rondo open even more than in last year’s playoffs, it was evident that Rondo’s J just wasn’t there yet. Ainge must have really not liked what he saw – why else would he come right out and actually say that Rondo’s presence on the floor was hurting the team. Let’s just say Ainge is giving Rondo some extra motivation, since whatever Rondo motivation Rondo had before just wasn’t getting the job done.
    And all the gambling on D was a terrible strategy that he kept up even after getting burned over and over. The coaches must have been telling him to stop and that may have precipitated all this talk about stubbornness and un-coachability.
    Rondo should be humbled after this year’s playoffs and in the gym working concentrating on improving his shooting. Instead he was galavanting in China and by his own admission putting on a little weight. If he needs to be taken down a few pegs through the media so that he will improve his game and listen to the coaches so be it.