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How Does Danny Really Feel About Rondo?


Danny Ainge was on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan show this morning. Here's what Ainge had to say (courtesy the Globe and WEEI):

On being late:

"We expect him to play by the rules and be a leader as a point guard.
We need him to be more of a leader," Ainge said. "There were just a
couple situations where he was late this year, I don't know if he was
sitting in his car, but showed up late and the rest of the team was
there. We have team rules and you have to be on time. He was fined for
being late, he said he was stuck in traffic, and it's just

On the playoff series with Orlando:

"As we saw in the Orlando series, they left him wide open," Ainge
said. "His presence hurt us in winning right now because his man went
and doubled onto Ray [Allen] and Paul [Pierce] and made it difficult
for us."

On Rondo's attitude:

Ainge said Rondo wasn't "that disruptive of a player," but that he still hasn't fully matured.

"He's got to grow up in some cases, and I think he is, too," Ainge
said. "Slowly but surely Rondo is maturing. He's getting a little bit
more control over his emotions and he's responding in a more positive
way as he gets older and more mature in the league."

On his contract situation:

Not right now, I don’t think that Rondo’s a max contract player. I
think it’s a good goal for Rondo to have from a monetary standpoint, to
be that kind of player that warrants a max-contract player. I certainly
don’t see Rondo as a max contract player today.

On signing LeBron or Dwyane Wade:

It’s something we’ve discussed, and it’s something we’ve actually set
ourselves up for, to have an opportunity to think along those lines.
This year, it’s a tough call because we’re trying to win now. If we try
to improve our team this summer, it could prevent us from having an
opportunity to be in the stakes for a big superstar in 2010 unless it’s
through a sign-and-trade. A sign-and-trade might be a more viable way
to get him than through cap space.

You’re at a disadvantage with cap space because you can’t pay them
within $30 million of what their team that they’re currently with can
pay them, and you can’t pay them the length of the contract for the
same amount of years. So it’s better and more likely to get a superstar
free agent, in most cases, through sign-and-trades.

That’s probably our best opportunity. You also have to be an
attractive team, and a team that has some value. You can’t just have
the money. You have to have other players that will allow that player
to win. With KG and Paul and the contracts that reamin going forward,
that may be the attraction. We may not have enough money, but if you
have some assets to trade for that superstar, that may be your best

One day after Danny comes out and says he's not unhappy with Rondo, he gives this critical opinion of his point guard.

You know what this whole thing reminds me of? The KG injury fiasco. Sometimes I wonder if Ainge really knows what the hell he is doing. At the very least, he needs a media relations course.

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  • Danno

    Hey ruins. This is what I was talking about.
    It’s not rumor. It’s fact.

  • FSantos33

    Why the F’ is Ainge saying this if he is trying to trade RR. This shit is really puzzling.

  • Danno

    He can’t package Rondo with Ray if Rondo’s value is too high.
    The point of trading ray is that the team getting ray gets an expiring contract. If you send an expiring contract with an unsigned guy who is going to demand Max money, it defeats the purpose of getting an expiring contract.

  • whats fact?
    this is a bad attitude?
    wanting a max contract is a bad attitude?
    then whats kevin garnett, satan?
    rondo being late for a couple of games, oh my, oh no…hes a terrible person
    this is all blown way out of proportion, theyre going to rip a guy for being late, when there are other nba players smokin weed, drinking and driving and giving 2 shits about winning or losing?
    um, danny ainge should shut up
    Okay, so the gameplan on the celtics, or any team is to give there worst shooters open shots….pretty sure the celtics defended the magic and alston the same exact way…
    rondo game-to-game in olando series
    Game 1: 14 pts/8assists/10rebounds
    Game 2: 15 pts/18 assists/11 rebounds
    Game 3: 15 pts/6 assists/5 rebounds
    Game 4: 21 pts/3 assists/14 rebounds
    Game 5: 6 pts/5 asts/9 rebounds
    game 6: 19 pts/6 assists/16 rebounds!
    Game 7: 10/10/6

  • I don’t think he’s trying to trade him. He wouldn’t say this if he is. I think he’s being somewhat honest in assessing Rondo and telling us what he does and doesn’t do.

  • Danno

    “Danny Ainge should shut up.”
    Who let this moron out of his cage?

  • celticslove

    All of the trade rumors surrounding Ray and Rondo are ridiculous! Sure they might be real but I think they both should stay!! Ray Allen has the contract issues next year but he is part of the new “Big Three” and thats not good marketing to just get rid of him in that regard. He is a great shooter and look how many times last year he saved us!! Then look at Rondo. He’s young but the kid is amazing! I don’t care about the attitude things! They are probably being blown out of proportion and even if they are true–he’s still young and I believe is one of the elite pgs in the game! Keep Ray and Rondo! We need them!!

  • and also, if you want to get into who really have the bad attitudes, you may want to do some searching behind the scenes of KG and Paul Piereces careers…you idiot

  • another tim.

    I was also wondering why Ainge would say this if he was trying to trade RR. You’d think that he’d want to drive up Rondo’s value to get max trade value. I think you make a good point about why Ainge might want drive down RR’s value to drive up trade value.
    I’m still hoping this is all so we can extend Rondo for less money. I still feel like all this ‘Rondo is an asshole’ talk came out of nowhere.

  • Danno

    KG and Paul Pierce have their attitudes overshadowed by their ability to play, shoot, and do what’s best for the TEAM.
    Rondos numbers in the Orlando series are the whole key here, dummy.
    When he showed up to play, we won.
    When he didn’t – we lost.
    We lost because he didn’t show up when we needed him to.
    We can’t have that kind of inconsistency if we expect to win a Championship.

  • Nick

    I agree that he’s not elite.Until he can shoot he will never be elite. He is however NASTY! The best rebounding PG in the NBA and at worst I think he would be at 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 9 assists per game next season AT WORST! I still however want to trade him. We need to accumilate as much talent as possible to win it all next year. here’s my scenario and please comment on it. I want to trade Rondo,RayAllen, and Scal to the Warriors for Monta Ellis Jamal Crawford and Cory Maggette. Before you guys reject it just look at how sick our TEAM WOULD BE.KG,Perk,Pierce,MontaEllis,Crawford,Maggette,Matt Barnes,ChrisWilcox,LeonPowe,Jeff Adrien,Steph Marbury,RobertSwift,,J.R Giddens,BillWalker


  • I’ve come to the conclusion that Danny is negotiating Rondo’s extension through the media….. and not trying to trade him. All the downplaying talk about Rondo and his game… all the “we’re willing to move the guy” just to put some doubt in the minds of anyone who MIGHT want to overpay him down the road.
    I think Danny is trying to lock Rondo up at something less than the Max… which is what Rondo will be looking for…. so he’s cutting him down a little behind the scenes.
    it would explain all the leaked “rondo’s attitude sucks” stories. Knock him down a peg or two publicly.. let other GM’s hear that he might be a malcontent… and then extend Rondo when the market for him sours a little.

  • D

    Hypothetical… Ray, Rondo and Tony Allen for Baron Davis and Marcus Camby?

  • That wouldn’t be bad. Camby’s hurt alot though, but B.D. is a beast..

  • Who knows what’s going thru D.A’s brain..?? I hope all this talk today about Rondo is not a precursor to some really dumb deal involving RR tomorrow night. Probably not, but have to agree with those commenters above (i.e. Danno) who have the “where there’s smoke….” menatlity.

  • By the way, are we gonna get to finally hear the voice of the mysterious Danno tonight on the call-in show…?? Whadda ya say D..?

  • Right on BigMck. I was thinking the same thing about the KG injury situation. I think their statements are too erratic to have any hidden agenda.

  • G4L

    I think you’re right.. & honestly its genius!

  • G4L

    Since people are throwing out Rondo trade possibilities how about Rondo & Allen to Utah for Deron Williams & Korver/or Brewer.

  • You make a really good point here.

  • We all feel the same way I think.

  • Monta Ellis is my favorite player in the league not on the C’s.
    I would LOVE to bring him to Boston. I don’t think people realize just how good he is. If he stays healthy this year, he can be a top 10 player in the league. Easily.

  • i dont like the being honest strategy, that sounds like more like wade phillips than it does bill bellicheck
    i would of appreciated the honesty when we were dealing with the whole KG thing but now its a little frustrating when we are in a situation in which we could very well be trading our point guard
    on the other hand if you give rondo endless praise it makes it a little too obvious that you are trying to improve his trade value

  • Ray Allen was terrible in that entire series
    KG and PPs attitude problems were much more severe then rondos, who is confident…I guess in a bad way..
    Paul Pierce never did what was best for the team until last season, his 10th in the league
    KG Punches teammates, held a franchise hostage and ignores young fans who want autographs, refuses to sit on the bench when injured like every other player in the league, but when hes forced too, he sits there and taunts the opposing team in a suit..the list goes on and on with this egomaniac who has such a fake image its sickening
    we didnt lose the orlando series because of rondo, thats epic bullshit, we lost the orlando series because of the inablity to guard rashard lewis and ray allen playing like a complete and utter scrub, KG and Powe were injured and the bench was the worst bench in the playoffs
    Inconsistency? again, who was more inconsistent then pierce and allen in the playoffs? answer? NOOONE

  • Actually, danny ainge should shut up…. you dont publically criticize your own players… they would never do that to KG or Pierce, who have done much worse things in their career

  • JD

    Maybe Rajon’s sleeping with Danny’s wife?