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Wizards – TWolves in 5 player trade

…. Aaaaaaaaand… THEY'RE OFF!!

The pre-draft trading is suddenly getting hot… with the Wizards and Timberwolves swapping 5 players and the #5 pick in the draft, according to Sports Illustrated.

The Wizards and Timberwolves have agreed in principle to a trade
involving Washington's No. 5 pick in the draft, a league source told
SI.com on Tuesday.

The Wizards would receive Randy Foye and Mike Miller while the Timberwolves would get the No. 5 pick, Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila and Oleksiy Pecherov.

deal would leave Minnesota with the Nos. 5 and 6 picks in the lottery.
The Timberwolves also have the 18th and 28th selections in the first
round of Thursday's draft.

The trade was awaiting final
approval by both sides. If consummated, the deal would enable new
Timberwolves general manager David Kahn to make any number of moves
leading up to the draft, whether he decides to keep the picks or
package some or all of them to move up to No. 2 in an exchange with
Memphis that could bring Ricky Rubio to Minnesota.

Part of me thinks it's great that Minnesota has managed to secure FOUR first round picks in the draft.  The other part of me thinks it's typical that Minnesota manages to pull that move off in what many people are calling the worst draft ever.  While I don't think it will live up (down?) to that hype, Minnesota has managed to make a big splash in what's probably going to be a muddy puddle of a draft. 

Sorry 'Sota… I'm really pulling for you.  I hope the Ricky Rubio thing works out.  Maybe then you can have a team that matures into a contender just before Al Jefferson retires.

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  • Good move for the Wiz, and I agree-this draft is not going to be one to write home about. “Muddy puddle”, eggs-ACT-ly. I think the Wizards made a smart move. I don’t think there would have been much better offers out there. Now Minny will pick-up 4 or 5 underachievers or as you said, suck for another 3 years or so until Rubio blossoms (if he ever does). Who knows, maybe Minny has some promise from another team to get a marquee name for a couple 1st round picks..?? Probably not though..lol.

  • Uncle Leo

    Oh god the wolves are trying to trade up for rubio, watch them convince the grizzlies to take the fifth and sixth for the number two pick

  • I’m not so sure this is such a weak draft. It is weak in wing players but in big men and especially in point guards there are several interesting prospects. One player I would love for the C’s is DeJuan Blair, maybe we can trade up for him in the mid first round. For the Wolves, they can get two top prospects with picks 5 and 6, I’m not so sure they’ll go for Rubio. Think James Harden to take Millers spot at the 2 and then there will be several PG options at the 6: Most likely all but one of Holiday, Curry, Evans… I think they don’t have to trade up.

  • another rondo trade rumour out there this morning
    rondo and scalabrine for mike conley and rudy gay
    wtf? no thanks, and whos trying to run rondo into the ground? these rumours are becoming too much for me and I would like someone to slap danny ainge and power slap everyone leaking whats going on behind the scenes about rondo constantly….theres obviously a ton of trade discussion going on with every team, but the one in the spotlight is rondo rondo rondo rondo..
    and in every trade that has been mentioned, players like amare, rip, stuckey, rudy gay….its known as the rondo trade, rondo this, rondo that….what about these other players? lol, they dont matter?

  • can anyone figure out why rondos character or maturity come into question, when 33 yr old kevin garnett sits on the bench, cusses out opposing teams, and when he does play is constantly cussing at the crowd pounding his chest etc etc etc…
    cant quite figure that one out…have the views on being mature changed?