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Rumor: Ray, Rondo for Rip, Tayshaun & Stuckey


Via Yahoo! Sports (courtesy's Jess Camerato):

The Celtics offered Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo to the Detroit Pistons for a package that included Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey , league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Boston general manager Danny Ainge and Detroit’s Joe Dumars never
spoke, but rather the Celtics had a lower-level executive make the
pitch to a Pistons official over the past weekend, league sources said.
Detroit immediately rejected the idea, and it never advanced to the two
top executives speaking about particulars.

Boston is unlikely to re-sign Allen to a long-term extension next
summer, and there is belief around the league that the Celtics have
hesitancy about committing a long-term, expensive contract to Rondo.

For the Pistons, this deal makes little sense, unless they wanted to
let Allen’s expiring deal gain even more salary cap space for the
free-agent class of 2010. The idea of trading his three best returners
for an expiring contract and one good young player wasn’t worth
considering for Dumars, sources said.

Wow, that's quite the blockbuster rumor and one I would absolutely pull the trigger on were I running the Celtics.

It annoys me that Ray Allen is being labeled as simply an "expiring contract" in this deal. Yes, his contract situation is attractive but let's not forget he's the best player in this proposed trade.

If the Celtics continue to be this aggressive shopping Rondo, they will eventually find a taker.

And the latest Kobe-bashing comes via With Leather:

I’m not saying that the Kobe should never leave his house; I’m just
sick of the jock-sniffing that ESPN heaps upon him, seemingly ignoring
what everyone else saw during the playoffs: another petulant athlete
that tries way too hard to look like a good guy whenever a camera’s in
his face. And the Monolith, with its multi-year contract to broadcast
NBA games, can’t seem to shove enough cameras in his general direction.
They’re happy to do whatever they think will make Kobe look like a good
guy, which is the second-best reason to suspect that he isn’t. In fact,
ESPN would seem content showing Kobe mowing his lawn, brushing his
teeth, or doing anything that doesn’t resemble anally penetrating a
20-year-old woman in a ski lodge. And yet, whenever Bryant pops up on
my TV, that’s the only thing I see…

Well said.

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  • did you say you would pull the trigger on this?
    um, again
    Actually no, a resounding FUCK NO
    again, unless we are getting dwyande wade there is no reason to trade our starting backcourt

  • for all the little people that like to nitpick everything rondo does….I HAATE RODNEY STUCKEY…HATE HIM
    why the hell do we all of a sudden want to become last seasons pistons? um? really? no thanks…god damn these rumours are ticking me off, and there better be 0 truth to this

  • Okay so I just turned on ESPN and they are talking about this trade, and chad ford is sitting there spreading more rumours about rondos attitude, his chemistry with this team, questioning whether he fits with the team??? what the fuck? I am so gdamn sick of hearing these rumours…anyone else with me? ever since that Jackie mac article quoting doc from his rookie season, people just ran with it.
    he does fit with this team? um…. really? hes been the starting PG for a team thats won 128 games in the last 2 reg seasons, won a championship, and averaged nearly a triple double in the playoffs this seasons…have you ever seen Garnett have better chemistry with a PG? I havent..
    this is ridicoulous…. why isnt rips attitude and character being taken in question? this guy has been a jerk for a few years this season and flat out quit this season…whatever the celtics will regret trading rondo if they do ( again unless theyre getting dwyane wade)
    it may already be too late, there are so many rumours out there that if he isnt traded the teams chemistry might ACTUALLY be ruined now…its completly dumb of danny to be proposing trades like this…what is he a moron?

  • rcry

    Did you listen to Mike Gorman on last Sunday’s Celtics Stuff Live podcast? He says all these attitude rumors have been blown way out of proportion, and that Rajon gets along fine with the team. And this is coming from a guy who travels with the team and gets to see the players when their guard is down.
    I don’t think these rumors will ruin the team’s chemistry, if what Gorman says is true and that the players truly like each other. What I do worry about, is that these trade rumors will distract Rondo from working on his jump shot.

  • Wow-that would’ve been a serious trade. I am a bit offended by Ray being referred to as an “expiring contract” as well. Ray brings so much to the table; dedication, clutch shooting, a great knowledge of the game. And I know he has downsides too; defense, age- Now I do have to agree that Rip is younger, not by much though, and other than that, I don’t like that deal too much. You get Tay who is long, a shot-blocker who can also drill the short to mid-range J and we know what Stuckey has done the last couple of years. But I STILL believe that you don’t want to break up the 3 Party yet-they have great chemistry and I think a few tweaks are needed here, nothing drastic. But I’m not the GM so…

  • I don’t like the trade from an emotional standpoint. I can’t imagine liking Hamilton and Prince. And I love watching Rondo embarrass defenders a couple of times a game.

  • BigMck

    We aren’t getting D-Wade so can you please give it up?
    Opposing defenses wouldn’t leave Stuckey like they do Rondo…and Rip can hit jumpers. Imagine seeing Prince as our 6th man?
    Yes..I’d hate to see Ray and Rondo go, but if they do, this is the type of deal I’d approve.

  • AMP

    Here’s my big problem with all the rumors…they do not address our weaknesses. We had a team ready for banner 18, and our bench, lack of a big man, and injuries failed us. Lets work on the bench!

  • Chuck, we would be giving up the two best players in the deal. No question about it.
    We’d be getting three good players, but you cannot give up the two best players in a trade. I don’t like this deal at all.

  • Have ya’ll seen the incredibly AWKWARD segment on the JImmy Kimmel show with Ariza, Pau, Kobe, and Fisher? Fisher is the only normal one.

  • Prince makes 11 million a year….um he would be a nice player to back up pierce, no doubt…but not worth breaking up starting 5 by any means whatsoever…
    get a matt barned for crying out loud
    this trade is has 4 years left on his contract and I just cant stand stuckey
    And im somewhat joking about Dwyane Wade, im just saying thats the only way id trade our starting back court

  • yep, we would be getting alot worse, wouldnt have a true point guard..
    woo we would an 11 million dollar man to fill the posey role
    no thanks

  • JD

    I completely agree, the bench is the only thing that needs work.

  • Thaaaank you-jeez.

  • Uncle Leo

    Again just another ridiculously silly rumor, would you please stop reporting stuff concerning the starters and try and find hints at who they are certainly looking for to come off the bench?

  • Me, or Red’s?

  • Uncle Leo

    obviously red’s you knucklehead.

  • Lakerhater

    I think Danny’s just screwing with people again. Say what you want about Danny, the boy knows how to run a rope a dope. Its one of the reasons I like Danny (besides being sentimental about him from his playing days), he keeps it interesting.
    Odds are he will add some free agent help to the bench, draft something for the development league and play the hand he has. If we stay healthy our starting five is the best in the league, no question.
    And no, I could never see myself rooting for prince or little Rippy and his splatter sheild.

  • Then you should reply to the post and not my thread of comments, knucklehead.
    Anyway, how could they not post about the rumor? They’re trying to give you an idea of what’s happening this off-season. They’ll report everything because we want to read about it.

  • BigMck

    Rondo is not better than Hamilton or Prince…yet. He certainly has the most potential of the bunch. Just imagine how good those guys would be playing next to Pierce and KG.

  • Big Mck

    Detroit had some decent success with Rip and Prince as part of their core. No reason to think they wouldn’t fit in here.
    According to HoopsWorld, Rip has two years left.

  • Big Mck

    If you don’t want rumors, read the Globe.
    We bring you everything and anything related to the Celtics.

  • Um youre overrating prince…big time

  • we have won 128 regular season games and a championship in the last 2 seasons with ray allen and rondo
    no thanks

  • There is no WAY Prince is a better player than Rondo.
    NO WAY. You’re losing more and more credibility every time you say it.
    Hamilton…. you could make the argument but I still think Rondo is the more efficient player at this point in his career (and that’s not even going by age or potential, simply on efficiency).

  • Uncle Leo, did you forget to take your meds again?? Grandmaaaaa!!!! lol..

  • Uncle Leo

    Leave grandma alone she’s on a very fixed income.

  • IanD

    I am with you Mack. I don’t want to see Rondo go but he is at the height of his trade potential right now, and will be expensive to resign.
    I would only say ok to a Beckett – Hanley Ramirez type trade. Hate to see them go but you get worth and value in return.
    That trade would have fit the mold, oh well lets make a run with the big 4 + perk

  • Ha! That’s the Uncle Leo we know & love….

  • who da guy

    i think all of this trade talk is hilarious. No body’s going anywhere, except if someone outbids big baby or steph. Period.

  • nick

    I have a great trade scenario..Ray Allen,Rondo, Bill Walker and Scal to the Warriors for Cory Maggette,Monta Ellis, and Jamal Crawford. Before you get all crazy and say I am stupid just look at how explosive our offense would become. All 3 of the incoming players are 20 points pergame scorers. It would be lopsided in our favor, but we could probably do ity because we could convince Don Nelson to pull the trigger because of Rondo. We could have a roster that looks like this. KG,PP,Monta,Crawford,Maggette,Perk,Marbury,J.R Giddens,Jeff Adrien, Glen Davis, Chris Wilcox,Matt Barnes,Leon Powe, Gabe Pruitt, Adam Morrison. Does anyone like it?

  • Nick i’m lost, drunk or both what are you saying??how the h%ll do we get all tose guys???

  • I don’t like your trade only because we give up Rondo and don’t get a true PG. Also, I can’t see Crawford and P2 both getting the # of touches they want. I do however like your Matt Barnes and Chris Wilcox additions…

  • I guess Ellis is really a 1 but not a great distributer..