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LeBron James communicating via T Shirt

Lebron-james-tee LeBron James is the domino that will start a huge chain reaction in the NBA next summer.  Everyone is waiting for some word on what he's going to do.  Where's his head after this year's disappointing man-handling by the Orlando Magic?  Will he just sign an extension now and end the 2910 drama? 

No one seems to know yet.  And the only signal LeBron seems to be sending is via T-Shirt.

Yes, that's a "Check My $tats" shirt LeBron is rocking (TMZ)… which really doesn't mean much but will really inspire some crazy speculation. 

"Does he mean $tats as in money?"
"Does he mean the loss wasn't his fault?"
"Does he's still better than Kobe?"

Who the hell knows?  I'm not so much interested in the next shirt Kobe's going to wear as I am in the wild overreaction to it that will be coming from the Around the Horn crowd.  I can't imagine how local sports talk radio is reacting.

The first shirt in this new thing LeBron is doing was the "LBJ/MVP" shirt seen below (also TMZ)… which is done up too look like the Run DMC logo. 

LeBron has been accused of being a bit of an egomaniac.  This message-through-shirt binge isn't exactly going to change that perception.

Lebron james tee 2  

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  • FSantos33

    Lebron is losing it man LOL How immature

  • IanD

    egomaniac?? you think? you have to be to get “chosen 1” tattooed across your back

  • Kid Rock – Wasting Time
    “I’m a pimp,
    You can check my stats”
    * doubtful LBJ plays Kid Rock.. but I think Chamillionaire has a song called ‘Check my Stats’

  • That One Guy

    and u think kobe was bragging about himself at the parade? this is clearly more than what kobe done, i’m not taking up for kobe, but it sounds like u are just a hater on kobe, not being an asshole, i’m just sayin thats what it sounds like when LeBron is clearly bragging more than Kobe